Lock Up Your Daughters

When Kye and I went shopping last week I saw a shirt I couldn’t resist! It was PERFECT for him to wear to Seth and Crissy’s Saturday!



Isn’t that too cute? And don’t worry, even though it was from Gap it was only $4 (Here’s a link about how I get free money cards to spend at Gap!)! And I like how it’s not Valentine’s Dayish so he can wear it again! We weren’t able to get many cute pictures of him in it though. He just wasn’t in the mood!!!

He was just ready to go see the ladies 😉

I was pretty excited for him to have time to play with other kids without me being right there. I also liked that there would be three babies there (their friend April was over with her baby girl too) as it’s good for Kye to have the experiences playing with lots of kids in a group. When we got back I could tell he had an awesome time! Crissy took several pictures so I could post about his fun night without Mommy and Daddy!

He better not be wanting a little sibling yet!


it’s so cute how they have boys clothes already just in case 🙂

they went on walk around the new neighborhood

doesn’t it look like Crissy could be Kye’s mom?


he had a GREAT time

On the way home Kye was SO happy! He was laughing and playing more than I’ve ever seen him do in the car! I’m so glad he had fun with everyone and am excited for our turn to keep Neela and Stevie so Seth and Crissy can have a night out!

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  1. Crissy Megow
    February 19, 2010 / 5:22 pm

    It was a lot of fun, and he was such a cutie with the girls, I think Neela was his favorite, I guess boys these days just like a "thick woman", lol!!

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