Little Family Birthday Celebration

We left early Monday morning to get home from Orlando and I was looking forward to celebrating my birthday that night with my little family!

I felt so sorry for Zach…he drove all the way back from Orlando (3 hours), unloaded the car, wrapped my gifts then ate lunch on the road to go work! He got home around 5:30 and surprised me with dinner from Aligatu! I LOVE it!!!

We had a nice little family dinner then moved into the living room to open presents. I was excited to be with my husband and baby on my birthday! Zach bought me a funny card and even had Kye sign it 🙂 It was strange having 2 people there with me yet only one could actually sing Happy Birthday!!!

Baby Boy and his Birthday Mama!

AMAZING ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!

Pretty Presents!

Helping me open (good practice for Christmas) don’t we look alike here?

This year Zach and I PROMISED each other that we’d stick to our budget. Every birthday and every Christmas we had a budget we are supposed to follow by but we never do. Well our spending last year was just out of control. Zach spent 3 TIMES the budget on my birthday! So then I, of course, went waaaaay overboard on him for Christmas to make up for it and it landed us with a not so great financial start for Jan! We don’t want that this year so we both did a great job sticking to the budget!!! It’s hard but rewarding because it forces you to look for coupons and hunt for deals 🙂

Even with the budget, Zach was able to get me a beautiful Coach bag! My favorite EVER for sure! I’ve been needing a big black one and this one is perfect! He did great, as usual 🙂

As a gag (but yet for real) gift he got me a SNUGGIE hahaha I really did laugh out loud when I opened it! So random and funny!!! (Kye looks like he wants one!)

I loved all the gifts he got for me. He ventured out of the norm and bought me some clothes and did great with them! Several of them were things we saw together so he knew he couldn’t go wrong but I’m excited to wear it all! I also have been needing a jewelry holder to fit more jewelry for when we travel and this one from Vera Bradley is awesome! It has a million little spots in it which I need so my stuff doesn’t get all tangled 🙂

We decided to let me put the Snuggie to good use and we’d rent a pay per view movie and snuggle up (or should I say snuggie up haha). Turns out our pay per view system is super strange and it records the movie before you watch it so it wouldn’t be available until late. We ended up just watching the real world road rules challenge and I fell asleep on Zach’s lap at 9! haha LAME I know but whatever Disney and a time change baby wore me out 🙂

I actually woke up and I guess was still asleep b/c Zach said I had a conversation with him with my eyes open but I was talking about something to do with making a hard choice and not knowing what to pick because octopuses have too many legs haha RANDOM!

modeling my Snuggie!

It was perfect with the cat on me b/c I feel that Snuggies are a Cat Lady thing haha

funniest part was the box…Scott from Real World REALLY became some kind of model huh?!?

Even though I may have fallen asleep early I still had a nice night with my little family and loved all the presents Zach got for me. It makes me excited for Christmas as Kye was pretty into the boxes and things as I opened them so hopefully he’ll be lots of fun when Santa comes!

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