Letter to future pregnant self

Recently someone went and commented on a picture of me on facebook from when I was 9 months pregnant which made it show up on my notifications (thanks Kim! haha). At the time the picture was taken I thought I was lookin’ goooood. Now…omg I was HUGE. Looking at that picture made me realize how warped our minds are. When I was pregnant I felt fat and gross but everyone kept telling me how wonderful I looked so I kept eating and not worrying about weight gain. Then I had Kye and everyone said how great I looked then too. Liars! Now that I’m 100% back to being Emily I can look back and see when I actually DID look good and when I didn’t. I know whenever I get pregnant the next time my mind will go back to the pregnant way of thinking. I’ll pig out b/c I’m “feeding two” and I don’t want to do that. I thought a letter to my pregnant self would help to keep her in line! No, I’m NOT pregnant. No, I don’t plan on being anytime soon (hellooo we’re building a house here!), but the idea came to me so why not write it now?

Dear Pregnant Emily:

Right now you’re feeling fat and ugly. You’re telling yourself that those size 4 pants in your closet should just go to Good Will because they’ll never go over your fat butt again. I’m here to help! I’m the post-baby #1 and pre-baby #2 you and I’m a reminder that you WON’T be fat forever. That you SHOULD watch what you eat and how much you gain, because you don’t just drop weight from breastfeeding like people say you will. It takes you WORK to lose the weight. Do you really want to have to go through all that work again? No. So slow down on the ice cream. Chill out on the baking. Make it a goal to gain 25 lb or less. Do weight watchers and stick to it throughout the pregnancy. Do your Bradley Method exercises. Swim and walk daily. Stay in shape. Drink lots of water. It’s a pain, I know, but in the long run it’s SO worth it. Don’t you want to pop out this baby and feel GOOD about yourself? Look in the mirror and LIKE what you see? I’m the you that is overall happy with her appearance and let me tell you it’s WAY better than hating what you see! Here’s a little visual reminder of some of the ways you’ve looked in the past. For some, they are a reminder of what you can be again. For others, they are to motivate you to NEVER look the same!

about when Kye was conceived (4lb higher than goal weight)

Cancun end of May 2008

the day Kye was born (39 lb higher than goal weight)

March 4, 2009

 heading home from hospital 20 lb lighter than the day before

March 5, 2009

8 weeks after birth (0 lbs lost since leaving hospital, still 19 lb over goal weight)

end of April 2009

Back to goal weight but still nursing

July 2009 (4 months after birth)

done nursing – goodbye boobs, hello lowest weight since wedding (about 4-5 lb under goal weight)!

March 2010 (1 year after birth)

18 months after birth – still around goal weight

September 2010

To me, out of all the pictures you look the best at Kye’s birthday and that’s when you were no longer nursing. I know it’s frustrating to be doing the best thing for your baby and nursing him/her but don’t get discouraged. Yes, do Weight Watchers. Yes, walk. Yes, swim. But remember too, that once you’re done nursing you’re body will naturally drop weight. You are the type of person that holds onto weight while you are nursing your babies. Enjoy the big boobs because they will be gone when the weight goes too! DO NOT wear a bunch of your pre-pregnancy stuff because it’ll only stretch it out in the chest and ruin it for when you stop nursing. Don’t invest in a ton of nice bras either because they will only be replaced by bigger ones and smaller ones along the way. Keep up with the spray tan, getting your hair done, wearing cute clothes. These things help you to feel your prettiest and you deserve that. Heck, treat yourself to a freakin pedicure every once in awhile! Soak in a bubble bath! RELAX. SLEEP. The more rest you get the better you feel and the better you feel the more beautiful you’ll look 🙂

More than anything else…please don’t just give up…don’t stop caring. Now that you’ve got two kids don’t become a “mom.” Stay in style. Stay up to speed on the trends. Make it so when people look at you they can’t believe that you’re a mom of two!!!

Enjoy this pregnancy more than you did the last one. Savour each precious second that the little baby is growing inside of you. Enjoy it, but don’t forget about me either, because I don’t want to have to wait a YEAR after this baby is born to make an appearance again! When in doubt remember: nothing tastes as good as skinny feels (including ICE CREAM!) 😉
With love,

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