Last Day of School 2018

All of the kids had a great year this school year! As a mama I had a good bit of “mommy guilt” this year as with us getting matched with Mama E right after school started I feel like I wasn’t as involved as I’d have liked to have been in their classrooms. I felt like I didn’t really get to know their teachers or their school friends because I spent the first half of the school year traveling to Jax so much and then the second half of the year with a newborn at home!

Tess had a MUCH better year in K3 than K2. She really blossomed and was more outgoing and had so many friendships and did so well with all of her participation and learning. I am SO sad about her starting K4 in the fall because it means she’ll be gone every morning! I love our two days a week together but I know she’ll do awesome and will continue to love school so much.

On her last day they had Water Day which she was looking forward to!

She had a BLAST and loved all the “mega fast slides”

Flashback to the first day…she’s grown up so much!

Britt truly loved kindergarten. The transition for her to a new school and to all day school was very, very smooth. She loved being with Kye, riding the bus, and making tons of new friends. She’ll tell you her favorite thing about school was all the work! She had a fabulous year. It was so odd though that she got pink eye the second day of school and had to miss…and then I got a call from the school nurse on the 2nd to last day of school that she was running a 103 temp. 

I went and picked both her and Kye up and got home and her temp was down to 97. SO. WEIRD. She def didn’t feel well but then woke up the next morning feeling 100 percent better. Guess it was a short lived virus? Since the last day was only a half day and since she’d had that high temp the day prior she just stayed home and started summer a day early! 

She says her new smile is squinting her eyes and that it looks cute haha!

Flashback to the first day…when she also still had all her baby teeth!!!

Since Britt skipped the last day, Kye just opted to stay home too. His best friend wasn’t going to be there so he was down to just miss and also start summer a day early! I look back on my school days and some years stick out as super awesome and some as just “ok.” I think 3rd grade was a “just okay” year for Kye. He took awhile to really make any close friendships and I don’t think he loved it the way he did 1st and 2nd. I’m hopeful he gets a new mix of classmates for 4th grade and that it’s a more exciting, fun year for him! 

Also less adult teeth when he started the year 🙂 

We’ve had a tradition now for a few years to go out to eat on the last day of school. We don’t eat out very often as a family so it’s a special treat. It’s a great way to celebrate the school year ending and to reward the kids for their good behavior/hard work during the school year. 

All the kids did great academically but we’re THE most proud that NONE of them pulled a SINGLE clip this school year or had a SINGLE disciplinary issue!

For the record Kye hasn’t had any notes home/pulled clips since kindergarten, Britt hasn’t had ANY EVER (c-razy right?!?!) and Tess has had the most of all the kids combined and got them all last school year haha She did great this year though and never moved from green once!!! So, so proud of them for making those good choices and being positive role models to their peers!

Zaxby’s for the win!

Zach and I got new phones so we dropped off our old ones to be swapped out while we ate dinner 🙂 

Frostys for 50 cents? Perfect dessert! 


We are pumped for summer! I’m all about being balanced and this summer I did kinda a bad job of it because we are booked SOLID with trips!!! Lots of travel and the times we’re home are going to be filled with unpacking, repacking and making sure Spear sticks as hardcore as he can to his schedule. So excited for the FUN to come and so proud of the year behind us! I wish summer could last forrrreveeeerrrr so my babies can just be home with me all the time 🙂 

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  1. GiGi
    June 12, 2018 / 2:10 am

    Every now and then I catch a glimpse of Mrs. Charlotte in Tess. I know she is your twin but just every so often I see your sweet MIL in her. I think it is precious. I think I have mentioned it before but wanted to say it again. Your girls are beautiful and your boys all handsome and I can see where they get it all.Love and hugs xxx000 GiGi

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