Our family wants to thank each and every one of you who have ordered shirts to help with our adoption fundraiser. We are excited that so many will be rocking the shirts and can’t wait to see everyone wearing them (remember to post with the hashtag #teamparkeradopts!).

The campaign is ending TONIGHT!!! I wanted to do one final post as a reminder in case anyone has last minute orders they’d like to place! As I’ve mentioned before this is the only public fundraiser we’re doing (we are having a local garage sale in the Spring as well). If you’d prefer to make a direct donation that can be done via PayPal using my email ([email protected]). If you select friends/family then there aren’t any fees either 🙂

Be sure to get your orders in before midnight!!! Once again here is the direct link for the shirts:

I also always make sure to mention that there are several style and color options available! Sometimes it’s easy to miss the drop down menu option 🙂 

Of course I have plenty of cute pics of our kids rocking their shirts to share and we can’t wait to take pics of them with Tab in their laps rocking his someday (I wish they had a baby onesie option!). 

Thank you SO MUCH again!!!

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