Labor Day with The Parkers Part II

Sunday we got up and went to church. Kye did really well as it was the longest time he’s been up in church without eating (we have to take him out of church each Sunday to feed him solids and everything!). After church Mr. Rusty and Zach went to play golf and the rest of us went back to the condo.

Kye and Payton playing together
I didn’t go back out to the beach during the day. By the time we all ate lunch and everything there wasn’t really time to go down there before I’d have to come back again to shower. I spent most of the time helping Mrs. Charlotte look for Courtney’s keys! She lost them somehow on the trip and NEVER found them. They had a locksmith come and get into her car but the keys weren’t in it either! They ended up having to spend like $200 to get a key made so they could drive home…very crazy situation and of course Mrs. Charlotte was kinda freakin’ out about it a little bit!

To help, Mr. Rusty IRONED HIS OWN CLOTHES! I’ve never, in my 5 years around this family, have even heard about Mr. Rusty ironing. Duh, I had to get a pic of this!

While I didn’t want everyone to feel like they had to revolve their trip around Kye’s schedule I did get them all to be okay with leaving the condo right when he woke up at around 5:30 for dinner. Since we were all ready before then we got some pics of the view! I wish Zach had been there so we could have gotten one together but he was busy golfing!

A great one of the Fleming Family

Us ladies! And if you like my dress…guess what? It was Nana’s!!!

Since we got stuck watching football and grilling out for Casey’s real birthday we ate where she wanted Sunday night. We ended up at Margaritaville which is where Zach and I ate with Gage and Ashley last time we went. We would have rather gone somewhere else but we rolled with it. There was a long wait so we took up time doing, what else, some picture taking!

All the guys! Jordan, Brad, Colt, Mr. Rusty, Kye and Zach!

Me and my baby boy!

Kye with his G-Mama and Big Papa (it’s still super hard for me to call them that though…I wonder if it will EVER feel natural? haha)

We brought along the portable high chair b/c Kye isn’t really comfortable in restaurant style ones yet. It was his first time eating solids in public and he did awesome! It was LOUD in there too so I was pretty impressed with him 🙂

After dinner Mrs. Charlotte volunteered to stay with the babies (Kye was already asleep so he wasn’t any work for her so I didn’t feel bad about it) while the rest of us went to play putt-putt. Zach LOVES putt-putt but we never get to go b/c it’s too hot during the day and at night Kye’s asleep so early! I was excited to get to go for him!

Me looking like a true pirate 😉

We decided to do teams of couples which made me nervous. If anyone knows Zach he is VERY competitive and takes EVERYTHING seriously. If anyone knows me I’m not competitive at all and I suck at most stuff anyways. Probably not the best combo for a team! I was so so so worried that I’d mess up and make him mad and he even “warned” me that as long as I actually tried and had fun that he wouldn’t get mad at me!

It was still a lot of pressure especially since all those stinkin’ Parkers are ALL competitive! I didn’t have ONE person there who would suck with me (oh how I missed Katie!!!). Courtney, Brad, Mr. Rusty and Zach all even made holes-in-one!

While they were all members of the “hole-in-one club”, I was the sole member of the “hole-in-five club” haha

It was still pretty hot for being night and on top of that it RAINED. But we kept on playing and actually had a good time. The most annoying part? How at the end they all HAD to sit down and figure up the score. I’m not kidding, it took like 20 min. So hilarious. And they didn’t just add up the scores, they did this whole one over, one under, thing that I guess you do in real golf? Speaking of real golf did I mention that Zach and Mr. Rusty both brought their OWN REAL putters to the putt-putt course? So lame!!!

Even though I had the WORST overall score (63) Zach had the best one and Mr. Rusty had to put his together with the average of the women’s scores since Mrs. Charlotte wasn’t there so Zach and I ended up WINNING! I was so happy because that meant I didn’t lose it for us like I thought I would have!

It was a really fun way to end the trip. While I was a bit nervous about the whole weekend it went better than I expected and was probably the most fun I’ve ever had with Zach’s family! If we do it again next year though I really hope Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte splurge and rent a house or something 🙂

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