Kye’s School Work: Spring 2018

Kye had a wonderful third grade year! I remember 3rd grade being a “big year” of learning and that was true for Kye as well. He continued to excel academically.

Each day when the kids bring home school work they sort through and decide what to keep and what to toss. What they keep we then go through and take photos of and sort again: toss and keep. The keep pile is VERY small and something I organize based on school year.

This year Kye chose very few items to take photos of…another sign that he’s really growing up!

I don’t know if this a country-wide thing but Kye does a reading test each year at the start of the school year and end of the school year to see what his reading level is and how it’s changed throughout the year.

Kye was ranked at a reading level higher than 96% of other students nationally in the same grade. He achieved an instructional reading level score of 6.3 which means he’s at least 80% proficient at reading 6th grade words and books.

This was his first year with number grades and it did cause him a bit of stress. I know some school districts start with number grades in the beginning and I wish they did at his school as I think it’s easier to understand when it’s what you’ve always known!

Kye had all A’s and S’s for conduct across the board. This year he also had to take the state milestone test (another HUGE stressor for him #eyeroll). He received level 4 for distinguished learners in both areas of the test.

His teacher said even as skills got harder during the school year that Kye continued to do a great job. That she enjoyed having him, that he’s a hard worker and an excellent helper both to her and his classmates (yall know that makes me most proud!).

Kye is ready for SUMMER and FUN! I am a big believer in relaxing and enjoying life. While we will continue to have LOTS of reading this summer I don’t plan to focus hardcore on keeping up with any of his skills from this school year. He needs a break! I did LOVE that his teacher this year was anti-homework and I hope we get that lucky again in the fall with his 4th grade teacher too!

So proud of our boy and his hard work!

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