Kye’s School Summary: Spring 2020

Kye’s School Summary: Spring 2020

Whew. It hit me in the GUT when I looked back at Kye’s fall summary post!

So much excitement for his fifth grade year and we had NO CLUE what was coming and just how much would change so quickly.

Even though the school year was cut short the kids still had a lot of their work they wanted to showcase in order to have in their blog books to reflect back on (these posts are my way of TOSSING THE SCHOOL WORK). Nothing to keep since it’s all documented here, right?

I already did an overview summary about the end of school here.

Academically Kye did wonderful this year. Our school year officially ended on March 13th. We picked up his report card at the end of May but the grades stopped in March.

I want to also point out that I got ROBBED out of the kids attendance policies. I’m usually right on that line of getting in trouble for them missing too many days and this year they only ended up missing 4 days total. Can I bank those extra 6 days and use them next school year? okay thanks 😉

Kye had excellent grades and conduct scores across the board. Scoring in the upper 90s in every subject. In fact his lowest grade was a 95.

I’m pretty sure this will be the LAST of Kye’s school work summary posts as I highly doubt he’ll have much to show off in middle school. But if he does you know I’ll be posting it!

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