Kye’s First Pool Parties

It isn’t even officially summer yet and I already LOVE having a pool!!! Not only do I enjoy laying out by it (almost) everyday, but Kye loves it too. It’s also great to always have something fun to do when people come over. Already we’ve had two “pool parties” and I know more are to come!

The day we announced our pregnancy, all the Parker clan came for a swim and dinner. The kids all loved it and even after Colt fell in (giving all of us our first pool scare…) everyone still had a great time!

Kye and Payton

Splash King

I was inside cooking when Colt fell in but I guess he was done swimming and they took off his floaties and he fell in and it took a second for everyone to notice. He handled it like a champ though and when he was pulled up out of the water he was calm and had held his breath! It made me SO thankful that we were doing survival swim lessons (HUGE post to come on that!) as they are so vital. Thankfully everyone was okay and no one sued us 😉 Seriously though…should we have people sign waivers before they swim???

Payton’s fist pumpin 😉

Another evening the Megows came over for dinner and were dying to test out the waters. To me it was TOO cold but the kids didn’t mind a bit! Even Neela with her wal-mart bag covered cast had a great time!

Such a good Daddy playing with his girls

Stevie was ALL smiles

Kye loves to jump to Daddy!

When are yall gonna come swim again? We have fun floats now too!

Our pool loving boy!

I’m so thankful that I was able to convince Zach into getting the pool and that we are able to have a fun place to hang out with all our friends during the summer. The MAIN reason I wanted it was because I want to have the “cool house” where the kids WANT to come play. If they are all hanging out at our house we are able to monitor things better than if Kye is always asking to go to someone elses house ya know? Especially the teenage years when temptations for worldly things will be EVERYWHERE!

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