Kye’s First Legit Haircut

Wayyyyyyyy back in February I gave Kye his first haircut. It was more of a trim but it counted 🙂 Since then I’ve been trying to get Zach to let us get him a real haircut and it’s been a battle. I agree with Zach that the name “Kye” sounds so surfer and when you hear a surfer name you think of a shaggy type hair style, not some “little boy” haircut that every other kid has. I totally think with his blond hair that Kye would look cute with longer locks but the reality is that his hair is very fine and is still lacking on top so it just doesn’t work. I’m not saying it won’t ever work…he just needs his hair to grow in more first ya know? 

It has been driving me NUTS because the kid sweats a ton so his hair in the back was always a sweaty, curly, crazy mess. Grrr. Zach finally agreed to go get it cut so we decided to go two Thursdays ago as Mom was coming to town that morning to visit and it’d be neat for her to get to be there for the big moment. There was no doubt that we’d be taking him to Jordan’s Salon for that special first cut as Penny Jordan is not only the BEST in town but she’s also the sweetest!

Once we made the appointment I gave Big Daddy a call to invite him along. I remembered back when Colt got his first haircut that Big Daddy made a big to-do about the whole thing and took him to get it cut. Isn’t that sweet? It’s just a Big Daddy thing I guess! Even though Zach and I wanted to take Kye to get his first cut, we wanted Big Daddy to be included too. He said he’d come up there if he had time and I wasn’t really sure if he’d come or not so I was pleasantly surprised to see him there when we arrived:)

 so sweet

ready to get this thing going

Ms. Penny is ready too

first cut

Checking out his former hair

he did AMAZING

once we gave him a water bottle he was happy as could be just spraying himself (and everyone else) like crazy with it

how many kids are smiling during their first haircuts?

Big Daddy with Kye’s sweet baby hair

keeping the baby happy was a two person job

he even ENJOYED when Penny used the trimmer on his “side burns”

proud parents of their well-behaving boy

time to go!

all the pictures with Big Daddy are too precious not to put up 🙂

showing Kye his hair

this is Big Daddy’s “you’re gonna get a whippin’ boy” face haha

proud Gramma!

I was beyond proud and impressed with how awesome Kye did! I don’t think any of us quite knew what to expect and Penny said it’s unheard of for a child to behave that well, not cry the whole time, and to allow her to use the clippers like she did with him! He only got fussy towards the end because it was getting close to lunch time and because he had hair all over him and it was itchy. But for the actual hair cutting part he was a little angel! I am SO SO in love with his haircut! It looks GREAT and makes him look so old to me. It kinda makes me sad because I miss my sweet baby 🙁 He’s a big boy now, there is NO denying that! I think one of the few things that is more expensive with having a son are the haircuts. I know this will eventually be an every-couple-of-weeks event but we’ll see how fast his little kid hair grows, maybe I’ll get by with monthly? If he behaves this well every time then it should be a breeze! Maybe someday he’ll be able to sit still while I get MY hair done so I don’t have to ask someone to watch him 🙂 It took a couple of days but now Zach has even admitted that he loves Kye’s hair and that it looks BETTER than it did when it was longer. I think it looks thicker, fuller, and overall adorable.

Thanks SO much Penny! We love you!

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