Kye’s Christmas Shopping

Warning: Daddy don’t read this post! 🙂

Zach and I both LOVE to buy presents. We go overboard for each other for pretty much every holiday. We may not be big spenders majority of the time (in fact, we’re considered “cheap” by many…) but we simply love to go all out at the holidays. We both want our children to have that same love of giving and started a tradition early on with Kye to take him shopping to pick out a present for both Mommy and Daddy.

Since I had the goal of being DONE running all errands prior to being full term, Kye and I did an early shopping trip for Daddy this year. We spent a solid 2 HOURS in Target! They give you 10% off when you finish buying the items on your baby registry and I had a lot of things left to get. One of the wonderful things about being pregnant with my second baby is I KNOW what I need. I stocked up on mylicon drops, infant tylenol, mittens, lansinoh cream, etc etc. The girl behind the counter also let me register for everything I bought meaning I got the extra 10% off of my entire purchase. I also signed up for the Target debit card and it’s AWESOME. You get 5% off on all your purchases and free shipping online (if you ever shop you KNOW shipping is ridiculous) plus it’s a debit card so it comes right out of my checking account. With my discounts and my gift cards I turned a $250 purchase into a $150 one…score!

Once I got everything I needed I let Kye get out of the cart to do his shopping. Just like last year I let him run free in the Men’s section. He REALLY had a great time and looked over every single item in that section to see what he would like best for Daddy.

He did take a little shopping break for some hiding though too!

He ended up at the hat section again like last year but I kinda vetoed that since Zach still hasn’t worn the hat Kye got him then!

In the end Kye ended up going back to the first thing he liked when we arrived in that section – a Toy Story Alien t-shirt. He was SO excited and we made sure to find Daddy’s size and put it in our cart!

We also went through the toy aisles and I pretty much picked out what he’d get for Blitzen. Toys and toddlers don’t mix too well and I knew if I let him run free we’d end up being there for an hour hearing all the things he wants from Santa. Next year I hope for both kids to pick out things for each other but this was a good start and he’s very excited to give Isis the keys he picked out for him or her!

After the LONG shopping spree we totally deserved some treats 🙂 Target, hands down, has the most AWESOME cookies. They are only $1 and are HUGE and are soft and are YUMMY. It’s been my favorite treat this pregnancy and, I’m assuming, this was the last time I’d get to have one since once Blitzen arrives I’ll be Weight Watchering it up! Kye and I have shared one of the choc chip ones from there before (big mistake…wayyyy too much gooey chocolate!) but this time we each got our own (sugar one!). I wasn’t about to share!!!

He LOVED it!

Not as much as he loves his Mommy though 😉

It was SO funny how excited Kye was about his presents he picked out. The next morning he woke up and ran into the bedroom and announced to Zach “I got you a shirt for Christmas!” He’s told him about the shirt like a million times even when we tell him he’s not supposed to say anything! It always makes me laugh so much though that I’m probably only encouraging him to do it more!

I also had Kye help in the wrapping process…he especially enjoyed using the tape

In case you can’t read toddler writing it says “to Daddy love Kye”

His present for Blitzen/Isis

I PROMISE he has now had a hair cut since then…

I’m SO excited for Christmas morning as I know Kye will be adorable this year. I think he will LOVE giving his presents to Daddy and the baby and I’m excited to see what he and Zach picked out for me too! He’s done a better job not telling me what he got me 🙂

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  1. Ashley Troutman
    November 28, 2011 / 4:55 pm

    I may need him to come help me wrap!:)

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