Kye’s 8th Birthday Letter {From Mommy}


I have LOVED the year of 7. I read somewhere that it’s the “golden age of childhood.” While I agree that it was wonderful with you, I also believe life with you will only get better 🙂 You are so smart. So kind. and SO FUN. I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it and you are truly so special to me!

This year was filled with many “tough stuff” moments for our family. It has made me appreciate you in an even deeper way than before. You are always steady and are such a shining light for us all. You step up when needed and just have this easy way about you where you can feel a room and understand what is needed to make a tough moment lighter, or a hard spot easier. When life got stressful for Mommy at times you’d always hop right in to help without even having to be asked. When Daddy had his back surgery and was struggling with other health concerns later in the year, he never had to worry about you taking care of us girls 🙂 You are the man of the house when he’s away and you wear that hat beautifully. It’s almost like a peak into the future and the man you will become. Your future wife and children are so blessed! 

Just as much as you may act mature beyond your years, a more silly side of you has really come out this year. I remember looking at boys your age now and thinking about the CRAZINESS that this stage of life would mean for us with a boy at home! While you aren’t nearly as hyper and silly as many of the boys your age, you do have that wild streak and it’s so funny when that side of you comes out. You enjoy making us laugh and have a lot of energy! You are much more into sports now (and have announced that football time is here…ahhh!) and still have that very competitive spirit. While you are very active, you also still very much enjoy your solo time. You are proud of being an introvert and need your time to yourself. You love to read and it’s a hobby I hope you always continue to enjoy! 

I love all of our quality time together. We have our nightly chats where you always confess any poor choices you’ve made throughout the day. I’m not sure why you started having these nightly “confessions” but it makes my heart so happy that you know you can tell me anything and that you feel comforted by sharing those things with me. Of course 99% of the time they really aren’t anything major, but I want you to ALWAYS know you can share your heart with me ANYTIME. I’m here to listen and to love on you. Even if I may not agree and even if there are consequences to decisions you make…I’m here. 

You have grown so much this year. You’re now in the current size for your age and aren’t “the shorter one” in class anymore. You started age 7 with all of your baby teeth and now your smile has completely changed as you’ve lost your top and bottom front teeth and have replaced them with adult ones. You are growing up on us and I’m not too sure I like it 😉 I still picture you with those chubby baby hands and that paci in your mouth along with that bald head! You are still, and always will be, my baby. My first born. My special boy! 

You are SO thrilled about our decision to adopt a baby brother. You have always wanted a brother and I cannot wait to see you in this roll. You will be such a great example for him and someone he will admire and look up to. I know it’ll be a special bond. You are such an awesome brother for your sisters and I know you are ready for the house to be more balanced 😉 I can’t wait to see you with a little baby again. The love you instantly had for Tess when she was born was just so precious and I can only imagine the sweetness to come when we add this last baby to our crew. You are so good with all children and  are always looking out for your sisters. You are especially protective of Tess and are constantly saying “Oh Mom, she’s SO CUTE.”

I am thankful for all the fun memories we made this year together. Our solo trip, just us, was special time but it also showed me that you really are growing up. You have your own interests and they line up with Daddy’s in a lot of ways more than they do with mine. And that’s okay! It’s wonderful to see you have such a strong bond with your dad and I know how much he hopes you share a similar bond to the one he shares with his dad. I love seeing you together and love that you guys have such a blast! I’m thankful you and I have our “date” time. Our froyo. Our talks. I know our bond is strong and that it’s something we’ll always share. We think in such similar ways and our minds work in a way that connects us and always will! It’s so neat to have someone “get me” the way you do and I know as you get older you’ll also be thankful to have someone who understands your perspective the way I can! 

You continue to amaze me with your school work and how learning comes so natural for you. You enjoy learning but you especially enjoy explaining things to others and helping them learn too. Most importantly you have a passion for teaching God’s Word to others and that has made me SO PROUD. You have such a strong faith and have no hesitation about speaking to others about that. You are bold and unashamed. You wrote out verses about baptism to share with your class at school. You gave a lesson to the ladies of our church and have spoken from the pulpit a few times now. You LOVE public speaking and are SO good at it too! I cannot WAIT to see how you use this amazing talent that the Lord has blessed you with! You make Daddy and I unbelievably proud! 

As we look to the year ahead I am only excited. I’m excited to, hopefully, finish our family. I’m excited for you to hold that baby brother in your arms. I’m excited to have trips to Disney and the beach and maybe even skiing. I’m excited to see you enter 3rd grade! A grade that has so many great memories for me. I’m excited to watch you look out for Britt at school and see how much you will continue to grow and change this year. I have no doubts that you and I will continue to be close and that you will only continue to grow closer in your relationship with God. You are an example to SO many and I’m so thankful that you are our first child. It’s a true blessing to have you lead your sisters down such a positive path. You aren’t just an example for them, but for ME too. I look up to YOU in many ways. Especially in your faith!

I am honored to be your mom. I thank God every night for the gift of you and never take a single moment of it for granted. When I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be a Mommy but being your mom has surpassed even my most wonderful dreams of what motherhood would mean. You are a light and a joy and I savor every second of your childhood. It’s hard to believe that we are halfway to you DRIVING!!! While it’s easy to look back and be a little sad about letting go of my baby boy, I’m only excited for the days ahead. I know you will continue to shine and make us proud and that you will ALWAYS be connected to our family unit (you still say you plan to live next door…and I’m not complaining! ha!). You can do ANYTHING your heart desires. You are worthy of love and of the happiest life this world can bring. I cannot wait to see where your path takes you. As long as you continue on the path for God then you will be storing up those treasures heaven!

I love you so, so much Kye and am so blessed to be you mom!


Mommy xoxox

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