Kye’s 5 Year Old Photos

Every year we have had pictures of Kye around his birthday…this year was the last year we will do professional photos. While y’all know I would do them every year forever, Zach and I talked it out and since we do take SO many other professional photos throughout the year and since Kye is at an age where he doesn’t grow and change as much as quickly, I am okay with the decision 🙂 We will always get a couple solo shots of each child at all the shoots we do anyway so he will never lack for photos haha! 

Of course we worked with Lindsay from Captured by Colson for these pics. It’s crazy we’ve been working with her since Kye’s 18 month photos!!! She knows us SO well and came up with the most perfect location for us EVER. Here are the pics of our big 5 year old boy!!!

I cannot get over how stinkin’ GROWN my baby boy is now! He is def a legit “kid” and there is no more baby left!!! Get ready for a couple more posts from these AMAZING photos!!!

Here’s a fun look back at each of his yearly photos:

4 years old

3 years old

2 years old

1 year old


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