Kye’s 4th Bday Letter: From Mommy


I cannot even begin to express how much I love you and cherish you. This past year has really been such an adventure and it’s been incredible to see you grow into your own. You are KYE PARKER and you make sure we know that you aren’t anyone other than you. I love that you have your own personality. Your own likes and dislikes. It’s so fun to see you become an individual and to know that I helped shape you into who you are. 

Being the first born, everything starts with you. I pour so much of my heart and soul into raising you as I know you will lead your younger siblings. You have surpassed all expectations I have ever had of you thus far. You are SUCH a leader and take pride in being that positive influence on Britt. You love to teach her things and to help correct her when she’s in the wrong. You are also a strong leader with your friends. You do not enjoy being around children who are making poor choices and you’re quick to tell them when they aren’t being like Jesus. You lead by example and I have had so many adults complement that trait in you. I’m so confident that you are going to help bring a lot of people to the Lord and more than anything else, that makes me shine with pride. You are a soldier for Christ and you are proud to say that you are fighting Satan!

It’s such a blessing to already see so much of our hard work paying off with you. You still require discipline at times but it’s few and far between. You know right from wrong and you know when you make poor choices. It breaks my heart when I do have to discipline you but I also love how you are quick to pray and ask the Lord for forgiveness. Having that soft, repentant heart is such a wonderful thing and I pray you allow the Holy Spirit to continue to guide you throughout your life.

While we are still working on your picky eating (can’t wait for you to grow out of this phase!) you are a fabulous sleeper and you love your bed. I can’t imagine when the day will come that you no longer want to nap, I can see that being an issue when you get to all day school someday and I’m thankful we won’t have to cross that bridge for awhile still. 

Britt is at an age now where she truly adores you and chases you around everywhere you go and constantly wants to play with you. I know it’s annoying. As an older sibling myself I can remember often getting annoyed with my little brother. You do a great job handling it though and have never hurt her or been overly mean to her about any of it. You simply go in your room to play and close the door when you need some alone time and I think that’s great! It makes me even more thankful that we stuck with independent playtime since you were a baby because you are completely content playing on your own. You also do a great job playing with your sister and hearing the two of you laugh and laugh together warms my heart more than anything else! You LOVE each other and I love that you always are quick to defend her when she’s made a poor choice, worry about her when she’s gotten hurt, and protect her when you fear she’s in danger.

I hope your daddy and I can help foster the friendship you share with your sister and I pray that you both marry spouses who get along with each other and that you will share a lifetime friendship. Someday Daddy and I will no longer be here and it’s so important for you to have that close bond with your sister, to have family forever! It can be tricky when you grow up since you are opposite sexes and so much of your adult relationship depends on the relationship you each have with each others spouses. I have confidence that our family will always be close even into adulthood and one of my main goals as your mom is to create that family bond that cannot ever be broken. 

You love anything Lightning McQueen. You love football and running, tackling, making up plays, and tossing the ball. You like for us to cheer for you (you’re such a Parker haha) and want to be called Kye Flash Lightning McQueen Parker. You want to be just like Daddy and it is a constant reminder to me that I def made a great choice in the man I married because I’d be more than happy for you to end up just like him! You love to sing and play guitar and put on shows for us. Your favorite song is “Life is a Highway” and you love to sing it at the top of your lungs when we’re riding in the car. You keep us all laughing at your funny jokes and I love our long talks about different things, you especially enjoy talking about Heaven and what it will be like someday.

Some of my favorite memories from this last year were our little dates together. It’s so fun to get special time just the two of us and I feel like it gives me a chance to really listen to you, share with you, and know you on a deeper level. I hope it’s something we can always be sure to take time to do! You love those special times with just Daddy or just Mommy and as Britt gets older she is starting to really enjoy the solo time as well! Of course our travels to Disney were some of my favorite times with you this year too. You have such a love for it just like I do and I love how we can talk and talk and talk about Disney World and never get tired of it. We’re two Disney junkies for sure 😉 

I know as you are getting older that my sweet boy probably won’t let me hold his hand, kiss on him, and cuddle with him for too much longer so I try to cherish those moments as much as I possibly can. I love how your skin is still soft like it was when you were a baby. I love that you want me to scratch your back and sing “Lean on Me” to you each time you go to bed. You have such a big heart and you have fulfilled my dreams of motherhood in every way. I cannot imagine my life without you in it and can’t remember how I possibly lived before you were born.

With some things that have gone on recently I’m reminded that I can’t shelter you from everything. No matter how hard I try I can’t always protect you. I’m so thankful that we are raising you to stand firm in your beliefs when you go out into the world but I know that there may be somethings that happen to you that will test your faith. Life is not fair and there are painful times and hurtful times. No matter what happens to you or what choices you make I am here for you. I love YOU. Every single part. No matter what. Never, ever doubt that or question that. You are part of me and who I am and nothing in this world can change that. 

There have been some tougher moments this year and you’re at an age now where I know you understand things on a deeper level and that things will shape who you are in the future. I know you have had some hurts and somethings are very hard to explain right now to you. Some “why” questions are difficult to answer. But one day when you read this I hope you know that, as confusing and complicated as it may all be, Daddy and I make our choices based off what is BEST for you and your sister (and future babies). Our children are THE most important thing to us and we will do WHATEVER it takes to protect you and surround you with the true, unconditional, unwavering, constant love you deserve. 

I cannot believe that you are already four years old. I remember so vividly when I found out I was pregnant with you. My fears of the kind of mother I would be, my excitement to hold my baby for the first time. It has been the best four years of my life. I know that the best is yet to come and that we will only continue to make so many fun, happy memories together. I want you to get to experience so many things and have the happiest childhood I can possibly provide for you while focusing on raising you to be a Godly man who will lead his family to Heaven someday! 

This coming year is going to be so wonderful. Britt is old enough now where things are easier. I felt a lot of guilt this past year that she required so much of my attention and that most of your days were spent hanging out at the house due to her napping. Thankfully things will be less about Britt’s schedule this year and more about our entire family as a whole! I know as we have more children in the future that you will be the one to have to sacrifice the most for your siblings and the first year of their lives when their schedule has to come first. But I know we’ll get through it and that you will be understanding of those times! 

I’m SO excited for our beach trip this summer! Last year’s was pretty rough with some sleeping issues but this year we have such a cool place booked and I can’t wait to play play play on the beach with you guys! I’m also super pumped for more Disney fun and spending many lazy days swimming in our pool this summer. I am very mindful that you will be starting school in the fall as a four year old and therefore will go to school half a day every day. I’m not ready to be without you every single day yet! I know you will do great with it and will continue to shine academically as well as socially, but I will miss you so very much!

You couldn’t possibly make me any more proud to be your mommy but some how each yearly letter I swell up with more pride than the year before. I pray we can continue to lead you on the path you’re on and that this coming year will be even better than the last. I have so much faith in you and what God will do in your life. Always continue to look to Him in all things and you will continually be blessed. 

I love you so, so much my sweet boy! I love you more,


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