Kye’s 2 Year Professional Pictures

Now that Kye is two we stop with the every-three-months photo shoots (Zach is PUMPED about that!). How often do all of you do photo shoots of your children? I’m thinking one per year around his birthday? Then a family shoot at Christmas? That way when we have a bunch more kids we’ll always get good ones for Christmas cards?

Of course I was an idiot and planned his photo shoot during the whole paci-transition. So he had been going for about a week with little sleep at naps…not good! I was pretty nervous at how he’d do, but honestly it was the BEST shoot he’s EVER done. He was in an awesome mood and the location was fabulous! This time around with used Autumn and she did great. She’s so creative and willing to try out all kinds of fun ideas. It makes for a good time and great pics! She has some family friends who live on a beautiful farm and let us use it for the morning. I had a super cute outfit picked out for him to wear but when we woke up it was COLD again outside! The outfit I had planned was shorts! We had to go to a “Plan B” so I just went with it. Our new house colors are blues, grays, and white so I wanted him to wear those colors for decorative reasons 🙂 

I LOVED so many of these it was hard to pick…but here’s my favorites (42 of them…haha):

lost his shoe but kept on runnin’

 couldn’t resist one of him in the tree!

 I couldn’t decide between the color and black and white 🙂

 attention whore daddy!

 he loved being outside so much it was hard to make him stop for pictures

 love this one

 the owners have this super cool historic house we got to explore

 if you haven’t noticed, toy cars are a theme in our photo shoots

 we used them in practically every one he’s ever done!

 I had her get several of Kye and I because I feel like it’s ALWAYS Zach and Kye in pictures

 he loves his mommy

 my favorite

 another theme in our photo shoots with Autumn…

 we always like to do something a little dangerous

 another of my favorites

 yes…he was high enough that DADDY couldn’t reach him!!!

 such a cool swing

 my personal favorite of the day!

 I’m holding on for my life!

 barefoot boy

 SO many favorites 🙂

 Def my favorite family photo!!!

We had an absolute BLAST that morning and didn’t want it all to end! We probably could have stayed out there enjoying that farm for the entire day. Visiting places like that always makes me wish we lived on lots of land…then I think about all the work and I change my mind 🙂

I’d love to know which ones you think are frame worthy for our house!!!

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