Kye School Work: Spring 2017

Kye had such a great year in 2nd grade! You can see his fall school work and report cards here.

I knew I wasn’t going to buy Kye’s spring school pictures so I didn’t even attempt to dress him for them. He looks like a straight lumberjack in the woods haha

Kye’s report card was flawless. We couldn’t have asked for a better report. This was the last time he’ll receive a 1-2-3 sort of scoring and in the fall he will start having actual letter grades. He ended 2nd grade with all 3’s across the board and the top possible scoring for conduct too. 

The reading scores are so interesting to me. His performance on the reading test is comparable to that of a 4th grader after the 9th month of the school year. He can read 148 words per minute (whhhhat?!?!).

Kye has been blessed with a-mazing teachers and we have loved his 2nd grade experience this year. We are so proud of his hard work and achievements but, most of all, of his choices. Hearing that our children are kind makes my heart the most happy! I know Kye will do awesome in 3rd grade and I’m so excited for him. Third grade is the first year I have legit memories of and it always stands out to me as special. I hope the experience is the same for him and I’m sure it will be 🙂 

I’ve gotten some rude comments in the past on these posts and always like to explain my purpose behind them. The kids come home with a TON of work and want to keep it all. In order to cut down on all the stuff we have in our home I let them choose through what they bring home. Some stuff they throw away and other things they save. At the end of each half of the year we go through the saved items and take photos of them with those items. Then we sort again and majority of them go in the trash. Having these photos allows the kids to still enjoy their school work as they love to sit and look through my blog books 🙂 They each only get to keep a few items to pack away. 

Kye is funny because he is the most devoted to this. He loves looking back on his life so far and he loves to have all the pictures of his work!


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