Kye School Work ~ Spring 2015

I know these posts are mega boring for people who aren’t myself or the child whose school work is being showcased ๐Ÿ™‚ When my kids ask to see the blog books though THIS is the post they want to find and look at the most often! 

Kye had a GREAT year in kindergarten but I especially saw a big change in him during the spring. Everything with reading just CLICKED with him and we have a 100% reader! He loves to read and is very good at it. I know he’ll continue to blossom in 1st grade this fall! 

His class gave out midterm reports as well as a final report card. He did great in all areas and we are so proud of him. But of course we are the most proud about his behavior and his representation of Christ. I’m excited to see how his light will continue to shine in his new school! 

Kye had one time of any disciplinary action the entire year. He went to yellow (which is one step down from where he should be each day) and it was something where we felt he also needed additional discipline at home. Talking once, a mistake. But talking twice? Not okay. It was a disruption for the teacher’s day and that’s not something we take lightly! He was very, very apologetic and upset when I got him from school that day and he wrote a letter to his teacher also expressing his regret and apology. 

Of course the comments make me the most proud!

Kye agreed with me not to take photos of all of his work from this year. He would go through what he brought home and decide what items were “picture worthy.” After taking the picture, most of the items go to the trash. A few get displayed in our playroom and some go in a file for his school year to keep. 

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