Kye School Work – Spring 2014

I know these posts aren’t very well liked and that’s okay 🙂 I blog for the main goal of keeping memories for my children and having them collected in my blog books and this is one of those posts that is for that purpose! 

Kye was truly blessed with a PHENOMENAL teacher and experience this past school year! He loved school and learned so much! I was very proud of all of Kye’s achievements this school year and for sure feel confident he will continue to excel this coming year in kindergarten. 

A big thing for Kye this year was that he never, not one time, pulled a clip! I kept waiting and waiting for the day to come where he would have pulled one. I was prepared to have a big talk with him and use it as an opportunity to teach him that no one is perfect. But, of course, that day never came! I’m proud that he had such wonderful behavior all throughout the year but it does make me nervous for when the time comes this year! I’ve already prepped him about it and have told him that we all make mistakes and when he does pull a clip at some point we will discuss it and learn from it. I just don’t want him to put too much pressure on himself to have some unattainable goal of perfection, ya know? 

At the end of the school year they sent home an evaluation and Kye did wonderful in all areas!

  • He has mastered all of his personal information that they covered this year including his first name, middle name, last name, parents names, age, birthday, and name of school
  • He has mastered speaking in complete sentences as well as expanding his speaking and vocabulary
  • He has mastered all of the areas of development including: controls a pencil, controls crayons, controls scissors, and understands his left from his right
  • He has mastered identifying all of his colors
  • He has mastered identifying all of his shapes
  • He has mastered knowledge of all of the days of the week
  • He has mastered knowing all of the months of the year
  • He has mastered being able to name all four seasons
  • He also has mastered recognizing the calendar measurements of yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • He has mastered identifying all of the letter sounds, all of the upper case letters, and all of the lower case letters
  • He has mastered writing his first and last name and is considered right handed in his writing
  • He has mastered writing both complete words as well as complete sentences
  • He has mastered the consonant/vowel blends
  • He has mastered his entire sight words list and can read all of these words: yellow, on, green, it, five, orange, nine, two, at, with, black, brown, three, ten, as, seven, had, a, either, and, the, yes, did, dog, blue, has, purple, in, for, four, cat, to, is, was, red, no, I, six, me, am, are, can, white, my, not, gray, we, pink and one
  • He is considered a progressive reader, needing occasional help
  • He can orally count to 69 without any error
  • He has mastered his rote counting (? no clue what that means) including 1-5, 1-10, 1-20, 1-30, and 1-40
  • The only number he could not identify from 0-40 was the number 12
  • He mastered the order numerals from 0-40
  • He can also write his numbers from 0-40 (he does do several numbers backwards)
  • He has mastered demonstrating all of the original numbers including first, second, third, fourth, fifth, first, middle, and last

Isn’t that a great evaluation? I really appreciate that the school takes so much time and effort to let the parents know how our kids are doing! Of course my favorite part is always the teacher comments. This time his teacher said “Kye has been such a blessing to have in our class! He is a very kind and compassionate little boy. He did very well on his evaluation. It is so exciting to watch him read. He takes a lot of pride in his work. I know he will do great in kindergarten.”

We are so proud of Kye and can’t wait to see the amazing things he will learn this coming year! Here is all of his work from spring, including some of the things we did over the summer. Child loves crafts and drawing and really loves taking pictures of everything after he finishes. He has asked to look through the blog books many times to look back at his old work 🙂 

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