Kye School Work: Fall 2017

When Kye first started school I struggled with what to do with ALL of the work he’d come home with. Keep it all? Toss it? Display it? Hide it away? I found a wonderful compromise that works awesome for our family! We go through the kids’ work as they get home each day and toss what they don’t mind tossing then keep what they would like to keep. At the end of each semester we sit and take photos of them with the work pieces they wanted to keep. These photos go in a blog post which then get made into blog books so they can ALWAYS look through the books and enjoy seeing their past school work projects. As they take the photos they go through the work again and get to set aside a small pile to keep for real. I have a folder for each of them for each school year that we stick the “favorites” in and the rest gets tossed! It’s been a GREAT system and one I plan to continue doing throughout school!

Kye has really been enjoying third grade this year. Third grade is such a HUGE step to me because it’s the first school year where I personally have true, hardcore memories of and where I feel like you really start learning some tougher stuff!

This was Kye’s first time having a REAL report card! Both for his first and second 9 weeks he made all a’s and all “s’s” for conduct! It’s been a really great year as his teacher does not believe in homework so he’s been able to come home from school and unwind which I LOVE. I totally am 100% all for the no homework thing and it’s been a great fit for Kye and our family as a whole.

His teacher gave him wonderful comments and said he’s always patient and kind towards others and always gives his best which makes this mama proud!

Here are Kye’s favorite pieces of school work from this first semester:

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