Kye School Work: Fall 2016

2nd grade has been a great fit for Kye! He’s well adjusted to his school and we’re used to the flow of public education. I have always felt that the odd number of school years are tougher, at least it seemed that way when I was a student in school! I feel like next year may slam us, but this year has been pretty easy so far. Kye does not have as many close friends this year in his class. No little girl friend and I mostly hear about drama from the playground when the boys play football. There hasn’t been really any bonds he comes home talking about and I do feel bad that he’s not making those close friendships this year. However, I also know those things come and go every school year and that next year hopefully the mix of kids in his class will be a little more favorable towards friendships for him! Kye is very focused on his school work and he makes us very proud with his decision making. He is a big helper for his teacher in the classroom which is always a blessing to hear!

His class uses a point system for conduct and Kye hasn’t ever lost a point this school year and usually earns multiple points each week (it’s a positive reinforcement type of conduct). He also doesn’t get actually number grades this year. I believe that will start next year! Instead his grades are done on a scale from 1-3. 1 being that he’s made limited or minimum progress, 2 being progress towards mastery and 3 being mastery (consistent achievement). Of course in the beginning of the year you’d expect mostly 2s and then by the end of the year I’m sure the goal would be 3s.

For the first 9 weeks Kye had all 2s across the board with the exception of read and comprehend grade level text with accuracy and fluency and fluently add within 20 from memory. In both those areas he had 3s. For the second 9 weeks he again had mostly 2s. The 3s this time again being in those two areas as well as: fluently subtract within 20 from memory, understand place value in whole numbers up to 999, read and write numerals to 100,  and for his performance level in gifted and talented program.

He excels in both reading and math. Whew yall this reading thing is going to be an issue for us! As a second grader his reading level is that of a 5th grader half way through the school year. He recently checked a book out of the library and read it and didn’t realize until he got back to school that it was a 6.5 reading level (meaning halfway through 6th grade). He STILL made a 90 on his AR test for that book. It awesome he’s such a great reader (and even better that he enjoys reading so much). But reading at that level at his age? Stresses. Me. Out. I’m really really hoping for some solid recommendations for books at the 5th and 6th grade level with CONTENT appropriate for a 2nd grader. Good luck right? If anyone can suggest any book series or other good books please do! Right now he’s sticking to Star Wars related stuff which seems to be okay with content. I just worry about how we’re going to keep up with him!

I tried to get the kids to limit what they kept for pictures and to cut down the amount we save for the future as well. They had a harder time with it this time! They wanted pics of a lot and wanted to keep even more 🙂  Here are the pieces of school work from Kye’s 1st half of 2nd grade that he chose to get photos of for the blog books:

As always, we are so proud of our boy!


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