Kye School Work ~ Fall 2014

Kye started kindergarten in August of 2014. We decided to keep him in a half day program this year. He goes to school every day but is done with school at noon rather than at 3ish. I am SO glad we made this decision. It’s a lot for Kye, but I think he will be better prepared for all day school next year due to his experience this year. The program he is in teaches both common core as well as ABEKA. So it’s no joke! They have to fit a lot of material into a smaller amount of time. He has a very small class size (started with 12 and due to military moves he now only has 6) and is able to be at home with us every day for lunch, “nap” (typically just a rest for him), and plenty of playtime. 

His teacher does do letter grades for midterms to give us a clear picture of where he is at. His report card grade is a number grade. 3 meaning he’s meeting the standard for his age. When we started him in school I really thought he took after me, but this year I’m seeing more and more of Zach in him. He’s MUCH more interested in play than he used to be and he will often come home with entire sections of work missing because he was in a hurry to finish. We have started having him go over all of his incorrect answers at home and also are teaching him to SLOW DOWN and CHECK his work! 

Kye is really excelling in his reading and he has the BEST handwriting! This common core math stuff is no joke and I can see where we will be frustrated in the years to come while trying to help him in his studies. I LOVE that he has bible verses to memorize each week, that he attends chapel at school, and that Jesus is the focus of everything in his classroom. 

Midterm Grades

Awesome report card!

Zach and I aren’t “hardcore” when it comes to academics. What’s the most important to us is our children’s hearts. I love reading the wonderful comments from his teachers and I’m very proud of his work ethic, manners, and his servant heart!

Kye LOVES looking through my blog books at all of his school work. We don’t take pictures of everything but he loves these posts so I will continue doing them 🙂 Here is most of his work from the fall! 

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