Kye School Work Fall 2013

Kye really takes pride in his work from school and I’m so glad I decided to start doing these posts every fall and spring. It makes it SO easy to be able to have the memories of the work he brings home, without having to actually keep it all! Each morning (typically) we take pics of him with the work from the day before then I sort it into a “keep” and “trash” pile. As he gets older there is less “keep” stuff but he will have ALL these pictures in the blog books to look back on and get to have his special work projects forever!

This is his first year going to school every day. Up until now he went only three days a week. I love the program he attends. It’s a private half day preschool that used the Abeka program. I LOVE that it’s all Christ centered! We have decided to go ahead and keep him there for kindergarten next year as well. Yes, it’s half day kindergarten. But I have heard from MANY teachers at local schools that the kids who attend this kindergarten program end up being way ahead of their classmates in all day first grade! Really though y’all, it’s kindergarten. I am not overly concerned with what all he learns. I want his school experience to be fun and to provide him with social opportunities outside the home. My main goal as a parent is to raise my children up in the Lord. I love that he will be at this school another year where Christ truly is the center! And I love that the half day program will allow him to still be at home for lunch, naps, and get to spend that family time together in the afternoons. I’d do half a day forever if it was an option 🙂

I was nervous about how the transition from three days to five days would go, but it’s gone well so far for us! Kye does have days where he doesn’t want to go. But I think it’s hard for him to see Britt get to stay home and play and I think her going next year (three days a week) will make him be happier about going everyday too! He LOVES his teacher and his classmates and he is a typical boy who just loves recess and running and playing outside. 

I was blown away impressed with his progress report!!! He has MASTERED everything included on his report!!! All the things listed include:

  • writing his name
  • identifies written name
  • knows the letter sounds for: A, E, I, O, U, T, B, M, N, L, H and S
  • identifies capital and lower case letters for: Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo, Uu, Tt, Bb, Mm, Nn, and Ll
  • sounds out consonant-vowel blends
  • identifies numerals 1-10
  • orders numerals 1-10
  • writes numerals 1-5
  • he can count to number 29
  • the days of the week
  • months of the year
  • all four seasons
  • all colors including: red, orange, green, yellow, black, brown, blue and purple
  • shapes including: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond, star and heart

Being that he is my first child and this is our only experience with preschool I don’t really know if that’s the norm for kids his age to be learning or not but I do have a friend who teaches at a local area public school (in a different county) and she said that the stuff they cover in Kye’s class is far beyond what is covered in her class of the same age. So that’s reassuring that we picked a good school 🙂 

His teacher left this comment on the bottom of his progress report: “Kye is such a sweet and kind little boy. He always wants to do what is right. He did great on his evaluation! I thoroughly enjoy having him in our class. 

I know most parents look at the academic side with school stuff but for Zach and I the “he always wants to do what is right” comment FAR outweighs all the academic areas he has mastered. Everything I do with Kye (and Britt too!) is in hopes that he will learn to make good choices and stay on a righteous path throughout his life. It is a huge blessing to me to know that even when Mommy and Daddy aren’t watching, he is still making those good choices 🙂 

In further reflection of that, Kye has YET to pull a SINGLE clip at school! Not once! While that is awesome, and def says he’s making those good choices, I also am dreading the day he does pull one. Whew, that child is gonna be heartbroken! But we ALL make mistakes and NO ONE expect Jesus is perfect so Zach and I have talked a lot about when that first clip gets pulled and how we will handle it. I really want it to be a learning opportunity for him to understand more about grace and forgiveness and that it’s okay to mess up every once in awhile! 

We have truly been blessed with Kye as our son. He is such an example for his peers and I am so thankful that his younger siblings will have his footsteps to follow in. I’m very proud of him!!!

Here is ALL the work (some from home or church as well since Kye wants to get pictures of those too!) Kye did from August – December of 2013!


  1. Christine
    February 13, 2014 / 3:11 pm

    Wow, do you really have to post pictures of every little doodle he does? And now you're going to pop out another kid too?? A 3rd?? Come on.

  2. Katie Fowler
    February 13, 2014 / 6:15 pm

    I love this idea to keep a memory of all the work without having to keep physical copies! I am definitely going to do it for my kids!!

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