Kye Monthly Summary: September

Here is everything Kye was up to in September!

Crazy Hat Party: For Casey’s birthday we hosted the 2nd annual Crazy Hat Party. The kids were SO PUMPED about their hats! The day ended up being a little different than we had originally thought (all the men had to leave for a men’s meeting at their church) and the whole party was over before poor Britt even woke up from her nap haha! Luckily I took some pics of the hats they chose before the party started πŸ™‚

It rained during the party so the pool fun didn’t last long but the three big cousins enjoyed some quality cuddle movie time!

Most of the party people (I was so rushed I never did find myself a hat to wear!)

School: School is going okay. Kye does NOT love it the way he loved it last year. I think it’s for two reasons. One it’s a LOT more “work” and a lot less “play” now that he’s in kindergarten. And two his teacher last year was above and beyond in the sweet department. His this year is more of an “all business” type personality. I think that’s hard for Kye to adjust to as I’m pretty lovey dovey as is Mrs. Charlotte so it’s just something he’s never been around before. He gets upset sometimes in the mornings about going to school because “it’s hard.” I have had talks with him about it and basically told him that we spend a lot of money to allow him to go to that school and that next year he will be at a new school so he needs to enjoy and appreciate this last year at his current school! 

Working on homework


He loves Football Friday where the kids all wear their team gear!

Speaking of football Zach and Kye started a new FSU game day tradition. Zach let’s Kye stay up a little bit past bedtime and have popcorn while they watch some of the game together πŸ˜‰
They also invented a “touchdown game” here’s a video

He had his first progress report and I was surprised to see actual letter grades on it! I was even more surprised to see a B in social studies?!?! I think it’s because they hadn’t done enough social studies work yet at that point. He had some projects after the progress reports came out and made greats grades on them so I assume that it brought that grade up. It was strange to me to get letter grades for progress reports but then actual report cards didn’t have letter grades? I missed open house due to having a brand new baby and I bet they explained it all then and I am just out of the loop!

Kye’s school gets out at noon every day. They offer a “lunch bunch” two times a month where you can pay $3 and send a packed lunch for your child and they stay until 1:00. They eat with their friends and play for awhile. This is something we’ve never done. Really we haven’t done it because of our schedule. Kye naps at 1 and I’ve had Britt who also naps at 1. Plus we already spend money to send him there. Spending $6 a month isn’t something I think makes a lot of sense. However, right now Mrs. Charlotte is helping pick up the kids from school. Britt doesn’t go on Tuesdays and that’s the day they have lunch bunch. With Kye not loving school and with him dealing with a newborn at home I thought it’d be fun to allow him to go to some of the lunch bunch days! He was THRILLED the first time he got to go! We talk about it and he knows it’s not something he gets to do every time but the few times he’s gone he’s really enjoyed it!

Naps: Kye doesn’t nap often anymore. I still am continuing to have him stay in his bed for about an hour and a half. That way he has the opportunity to sleep if needed (it still happens once or twice a week where he does sleep!) and he is getting rest and reading time if he can’t sleep. We keep step 1 readers beside his bed for him to read and usually that’s what he does. 

He does crack me up at the way he sleeps. He ALWAYS sleeps this way. With his head facing up and his mouth open. He usually looks super uncomfortable!

One afternoon I checked the monitor and saw that he was FOLDING his clothes instead of napping. He was opening each drawer and taking everything out then folding it and putting it back in. I have never folded his underwear (who folds underwear, right?) but he is hardcore about having them folded in his drawer. Ever since he moved up to boxer briefs he takes a lot more pride in his underwear collection haha!

Here’s a video!

He needs some lessons in how to fold socks. He unfolded them all and redid them like this. 

Neat underwear!

Folded PJS!

Party: This month Kailyn turned 6 and her mom texted me about her party. Instead of a traditional party they were taking a few friends to see a movie. Zach and I talked a lot about it and decided to allow Kye to go. We go to church with Kailyn. We know her whole family and trust them and we also know the other families who would be at the movie. I researched the movie (that dolphin tale 2) and it was very age-appropriate for Kye and the content appeared to line up with our family values. I was nervous about the idea of him riding with someone and going in public without us, but I thought he deserved to have fun and would enjoy the time with his friends. At first he was THRILLED about it. We wrapped her gift and he colored a picture. We got him all ready to go and then about 20 min before they were going to pick him up he got upset. He told me he just did not feel comfortable going somewhere without us. We talked about it with him and I am PROUD of him for voicing his concerns. He chose not to go and I did NOT force it. I want him to trust his instincts and if he doesn’t feel comfortable about a situation then I don’t want to push him. Her mom was super understanding and he didn’t really have any regrets about not going! He just gave Kailyn her gift at church and said he might feel comfortable when he’s older. πŸ™‚

Quality Time: I get a LOT of one on one time with Britt since she only goes to school three days a week but it’s important for Kye to get that special time too. Now that we have three kids it makes “dates” with our kids trickier since we can’t just each take one! I had to go to the grocery store (we don’t do our monthly shopping trip when we have a new baby…so we do a bunch of random quick trips for awhile) so we let Kye skip nap and come with me. It gave us some time together and we had a wonderful time!

We even ran into Jolee working at Publix πŸ˜‰

We had a couple weekends in a row without any plans before we went to Hawaii so we decided to divide up the Saturdays. One Saturday Zach would go with Kye to have some one-on-one time and I’d stay home the the girls then go out with Britt that afternoon. And the next Saturday I’d go with Kye in the morning time and he’d take Britt in the afternoon. It worked out great!!! The guys were going to go golfing but Kye didn’t want to and I was SUPER proud of Zach for not forcing that πŸ™‚ It was Kye’s special day and they did what Kye wanted to do! They went shopping for a birthday gift for me and they also got TCBY at the mall and even went to the Fun Factory πŸ™‚

And, of course, they ended up watching football together too πŸ™‚

Photography: Kye has had a kid camera for many years now and loves to take pictures. Since he’s getting older I let him try out my camera a little bit this month. When I have the 50 lens on it it’s very light and easy to handle so I figured it is a good chance to let him start practicing on it. He took these two pictures before I made him stop haha! Small steps πŸ™‚

Feast: Something Kye LOVES is having “feasts.” It’s where we eat in the dining room for dinner. Haha. Literally that’s all it is. But he thinks it’s a huge special treat and it is really fun πŸ™‚ Zach cooks and we all get super pumped about it. He had been asking for awhile to have a feast so we had one on a Saturday and it was delicious and fun!

Big Brother: I feel like Kye has a LOT on his shoulders with being the oldest child. Especially being a big brother to two girls! He is SO great with both of them. Loving and patient. He and Britt have such a blast together! Here’s a video of them exercising πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait to see how he is with Tess as she gets older. I wonder if she will idolize him in the same way that Britt does? His poor wife is in trouble because this boy is used to having the girls in his life pretty much worship him haha!

I love this πŸ™‚

Kye is even sweet to his mama πŸ™‚ He has such a loving heart and truly likes to please others. He knows the way to my heart is playing with my hair!

Play: We took a family afternoon trip to the park and it’s crazy watching Kye and how much he’s changed. He’s all over the place now and we just let him do his thing. He loves to play with other children and poor Britt…he found a girl his age and they played “capture my sister” haha! She was a good sport about it!

He also just randomly took off running and ran around the track!

are still a HUGE hit in our house. If you’re looking for a christmas gift idea…these are amazing! Kye loves to come up with new creations and always wants me to get pictures of them!

Kye still also really loves his wooden train sets. They can totally take over our foyer so I suggested making the track under our dining room table. Such a good daddy squeezing under there haha!

With Tess eating her bedtime nursing session at the time we usually play games with Kye in the evenings, I tried to have him and I play games together before Britt woke from her naps. I want to make sure Kye gets that special time with me!

Dress up is fun too πŸ™‚

And, of course, he loves to draw and color!

More About Kye: 

  • Kye says “yogrit” instead of “yogurt”
  • He started saying “totes” haha
  • He is his mother’s child. He’s not a “goofy” or “silly” type of kid. Britt is VERY silly and jokes all the time and makes everyone laugh. So Kye will occasionally attempt to be silly and it’s so obvious that it’s not natural for him that it’s almost awkward πŸ˜‰ I remember being a kid myself and thinking that kids who acted silly were being annoying. I was just always very “adult” as a child and more interested in adult conversation and more of a serious type kid. I often didn’t feel like I fit in with my peers and would choose sitting with the adults over playing with the kids at playdates. Poor kid gets it honest! I also had a younger sibling who was the center of attention all the time and who had the personality people were always drawn to…I think this will bond Kye and I a little extra because I “get it” πŸ˜‰
  • The highlight of Kye’s school day is recess. He came home one day and told me that he got a new friend on his “team” on the playground. He said all the girls in his class were being mean to one of the other girls in his class. She was crying “to the death” so he told them all that they shouldn’t be mean and that being mean is NOT what Jesus wants them to do. He then told her she could play with him and that she could be the special princess on his team πŸ™‚ He makes me so, so proud and truly lives his life for the Lord!

My handsome boy! 

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