Kye Monthly Summary: September 2016

This is about Kye’s September!

I LOVE that Kye has so many themed days at school. Zach always jokes that it’s super overkill but it’s fun and usually pretty easy to fit each theme. They had homecoming spirit week this month and we did our best to dress up each day!

Day 1: Twin Day

We didn’t know about the dressing up until Friday afternoon and they were supposed to dress up as twins on Monday. This was my only negative experience with dress up days. How in the world can a 2nd grader find a friend to be twins with without advance notice? It felt like something that could EASILY be clicky and leave kids out. Thankfully G-Mama saved the day with the idea to dress like a stuffed animal!

Old Man Day!

Character Day

Kye was ALL about some Mickey Mouse!

Britt wanted his autograph 😉

This was the best day. It was supposed to be Decade Day. As in like 60’s or 80’s or whatever…I asked Kye what decade he wanted to dress like and he said “Jesus’s day.” At first he wanted to dress up LIKE Jesus but we talked about how that might be a little inappropriate so we went with Moses instead. I was pretty proud of myself for putting this together (especially on the day that Zach rushed home from out of town to see the eye dr about his vision stuff)

Decade Day!

Of course, Spirit Day!

So fun that his fellow classmates and even teacher go all out!

The very next week was Cow Day. Which they didn’t tell us about until the night prior. Skills for coming up with this on the fly!

I love that Kye’s school is SO fun! He got to hold a baby kangaroo!!!

And his teacher makes learning fun too. I love this pic she shared with the class of them making moon phases with oreos!

This month Britt stayed late for school for Lunch Bunch and Tess and I surprised Kye for lunch at school. She was CRUNK about it!

He won some prize for this drawing. I’m not sure what or why the prize was given but you know me, I took a picture of it 😉

I LOVE seeing this happy boy get off the bus each day!

Sometimes we have friends meet us on the porch too 😉

Our rule from EARLY on in our parenting has been that we will NOT push our kids into sports. We have done several camps in the summers that our kids CHOOSE to do and we use those camps as an opportunity for them to explore sports/activities they are interested in. Honestly, I’m all about waiting as long as possible to start up sports. Ideally it’d be GREAT if all my kids could be old enough to be flexible with the crazy schedule a sports life brings. But Zach and I agreed as our kids expressed desire and true interest that we’d never stifle that.

Kye has entered the age where he WANTS to play sports and asks to play and understands the sacrifices they mean and thinks it’s worth it. He loves both golf and tennis so I found a local tennis skills class that meets weekly and our golf club has a weekly kids lesson as well. We are alternating weeks (tennis one week, golf the other) and it’s worked out well! The tennis is in the afternoons for an hour and it’s at a local park so I just take the girls to the playground while he does his thing! 

Cheerleaders 🙂

Tennis is one of my personal favorite sports. IF I played a sport, tennis would be it. I LOVE the way the ball sounds hitting the court! It’s so neat to me that Kye approached us out of nowhere with such an interest in tennis and I’m happy to see him enjoying it so much!

 Y’all know we’re so proud of Kye with school and now sports too. But most of all we’re proud of his desire to learn more about God and lead others to Him. Kye is SO honored to be asked to lead a team at our church in our Bible Reading Marathon. Kye takes it EXTREMELY seriously. He reads the given verses every night and reads additional verses from other tracks of the Marathon materials. It’s been so inspiring to ME to see him so devoted to his readings, he’s a great example to his whole family already and I know he’s inspiring others as well! Go Team Alpha!

Kye made the decision this month to start transcribing some of the Bible. Rather than play with his sisters after church one Sunday he chose to sit and continue to copy verses!

More About Kye:

  • Kye has been reading a Devo for Boys at night and one night he came downstairs after reading it and told me he needed to confess something to me. It was something small and silly (he said he had “lied” to me when he told me he was smelling a air freshener thing I have and he had actually been touching it) but since then he has continued to confess things to me. Anything that might weight even slightly heavy on his heart he will talk to me about. It’s really awesome!!! 
  • Zach was out of town on a Sunday night when we had split services. The women went to an area of the church and the men went to another. Kye joined the men and I heard from so many of them that he paid super good attention, took notes and that he even said a prayer request for our government, country and community. So proud!


I adore this grown up, handsome BIG KID!


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