Kye Monthly Summary ~ October

My sweet boy and all the fun he had during the month of October!

Seminoles: It’s so cute to me what a BIG Seminole fan he is! He will pray at night for the Seminoles to win their game and he will say “we gotta do our chops” in his prayer and do the chop while praying. It’s hilarious. He had Spirit Day at school and, of course, wanted to represent his favorite team!

School: Kye is LOVING school still. He takes it very seriously and comes home so proud of all of his work. He had his first homework this month! Practicing writing his Hs. I wish he could stay this pumped about homework forever haha!

He came home this month with work where he practiced writing his own name on it. I know it’s SUPER common for kids to write backwards. I remember growing up my best friend wrote backwards for a long time. She’s a college graduate working on her masters now…so I’m not worried about it being some long term issue or anything πŸ˜‰ You know the first thing Zach noticed was how his “Y” looks like a field goal post!

For behavior issues at school they sent home a daily report. A sticker means that Kye had a perfect day. If they pull a clip they move to “green” then to “yellow” then to “red.” I have NO CLUE what happens at red (nor do I plan to find out!!!). Up until this month Kye had never pulled a clip. In fact he comes home every day and gives a report on the kids who do pull them! When I went to pick him up on Wednesday Oct 17th he came out crying saying he’d pulled a clip. I talked to his teacher about it and a few kids were playing and being a bit too wild during a song so she separated them and made them miss out on the song. Kye got SUPER upset about it and that’s what caused the clip to be moved. That’s something we are working on with him. Teaching him it’s okay to be upset but you have to be upset in the proper setting. School is not the place for it. He was DEVASTATED about pulling the clip and Zach and I agreed not to have any further punishment that time. They give out treasure box toys at the end of the week for whoever didn’t pull a clip so we assumed he wouldn’t be getting one that week. I was SO proud of how he handled it. He said “I’m not gonna get a treasure box this time but I will be a big boy about it!” He actually did end up still getting treasure box (1 time pulling the clip during the week is okay) He also did pull it one other time that month (on Halloween…adding to my already bad day…) and that time it was for throwing mulch. He did get a spanking for that. He KNOWS better than throwing mulch! So far he’s only pulled the two clips and has only moved to green. Hopefully we’ll only see stickers from here on out!

Fireplace: This month we had a few chilly days and decided to go ahead and get our fire up and running. I LOVE having a gas fireplace. We use it all the time. Seriously! Every morning we typically turn it on and sit by the fireplace to warm up.

With the “chilly” weather Kye has become in love with jacket wearing. He always wants to wear a jacket and wants to wear the hood up. I’m thankful Courtney has passed down all of Colt’s old stuff for us. Jackets aren’t cheap and it’s a blessing to already have several!

We live in South Ga…when he rocked this jacket it was probably in the high 50’s to low 60’s outside haha

Helper: I feel like I’m a broken record when it comes to talking about Kye and how MUCH of a helper he is! He has such a strong work ethic and I’m so proud of that. Zach put stone around our back porch this month and Kye stayed outside and helped him for 2 hours STRAIGHT. With no breaks and no complaining! He loved helping and was SO excited to show me their finished product!

He did take a pee break. Haha!

Sister enjoyed watching him work (and yes, he got so hot he ended up in his underwear haha)

He’s going to be SUCH an awesome husband someday. He not only helps Daddy with the “man work” but he also enjoys helping me in the kitchen! He knows where all the dishes go and will help me unload the dishwasher!

New Shoes: Kye LIVES in Crocs. Which cracks me up as I have always despised them…but when your kid has fat feet you don’t have many options. Now that the weather is changing he needed some new shoes that he could wear with socks. I hunted and hunted but he STILL needs an EXTRA EXTRA WIDE shoe. I did go get him measured and he’s only wearing an 8 1/2. Technically he’s still in “baby” shoes. I ended up ordering him shoes from Pediped. I used to go Stride Rite but the Pedipeds were on sale (buy one get one half off…I still had to fork over $72 for TWO pairs of shoes. SO RIDICULOUS!). While they were expensive…I am SO impressed with the company. When they arrived they had sent us the wrong size (a 9 instead of the 8 1/2). I called them and they told me to text them a picture of the size in the shoe with my order number and they overnighted us new shoes in the correct size and told me to keep the bigger ones. So he now has shoes for his next size too! Score!

Crunk for new shoes!

Lion King: We have watched The Lion King before with Kye. But we watched it again when Kelly and Rhyan came to visit. For some reason that time watching it changed things. He noticed the whole Mufasa death scene more than ever before and started asking a lot of questions about it. I just took it as an opportunity to share about Heaven and even though I’m not really sure if lions will be in Heaven I went with it haha. He will ask me ALL THE TIME…”but Mommy why did Simba’s Daddy have to die?” I remember my mom telling me that she would always answer any questions we have honestly but as briefly as possible. In this situation I just told him that Scar made a bad choice by pushing Mufasa down. And when he asked more I told him more. We die because our bodies only live for so long and God made us to only be on earth for a little while. No, Simba’s Daddy wouldn’t wake up or come back. Once we go to Heaven we stay there forever and ever but the good thing is that we get to wait for everyone to come with us! I tried to focus on the POSITIVE end of things πŸ™‚ I did tell him that Simba was sad b/c he’d miss his daddy until they would get to be together again and that it’s okay to be sad when people die. He did go through the list of everyone we know and how they will all die and go to Heaven so I did talk to him a little about how we get to Heaven and make sure we get to be there someday together. I think I handled it okay? It’s one of those scary parenting discussions!

Dressing Up: Kye’s imagination is REALLY shaping! He gets so creative and silly. I love to hear his stories and watch him in his play mode. He often will go back into his room and come out with some interesting attire…

He wanted to wear the sock on his hand ALL day and kept making it talk πŸ˜‰

He LOVES wearing pjs and is really into the character type ones as he can pretend to be the characters!

Prayers: It seems like every month I always have a lot of cute things to say about Kye when it comes to his prayers so I thought I’d lump them all together!

  • He prayed “thanks for mommy’s hair it is so beautiful” it was SO SWEET b/c my hair was in a straight up pony tail. 
  • He said a WONDERFUL prayer that he has prayed again since and I LOVE it. He said “thank you for this wonderful day. Some days are good days. Some days are bad days. But thank you for today.” Shouldn’t we be thankful for EVERYDAY like that? So inspiring to me πŸ™‚
  • One night before time to pray he said “hold on I can’t pray yet. I am very upset. I got very bad news today. I have drainage.”
  • When he says his prayers he says “we gotta hurry” then he continues to
    say a SUPER long prayer but breathes really heavy during it as if he’s
    running? So random.

Play: Of course most of our free time is PLAYTIME around our house!!!

Kye is still enjoying making play-doh creations!

And he loves creating art

Pretty impressive fish, right?

He LOVES letters (notice his name!)

And playing choo-choos (thanks Daddy for the awesome track set up)

And making his shake and go cars race!

Here’s a video of him…it cracks me up to watch him shake ’em!

I have noticed a change in Kye’s play this month. He wants me to play more with him and actually lets me play. Typically before he’d mostly just want us to watch him while he played. Now we get to play too! He has a lot of fun with his car mat and I get to choose a car to play with πŸ˜‰ What is funny to me though is that he doesn’t think it’s the cars who are talking. Whenever we are going to school or somewhere with the cars on the mat he parks the car and then uses his fingers to pull an imaginary person out of the car and makes them go inside. Growing up I would always play cars with my brother and we were pretending the cars were talking so it’s neat to me that Kye’s mind thinks differently! I think he’s more of a realist and not as big on the imaginative side πŸ˜‰

He is also a stickler for only the CARS being on the mat. He doesn’t sit or lay on it and doesn’t want us to either!

  • More that Kye was up to this month:
  • FINALLY Kye is starting to use the “big boy” covers in the bed. He still has his blanket but we pull the other covers on top…I’m hoping this will slowly lead to doing away with the blanket πŸ˜‰
  • He and Daddy “fight” over me and whose wife I am. Kye always says “well…we can share wives!” (this is fine while it’s Zach’s wife they are talking about…it will not be okay when Kye has a wife haha)
  • Kye said “I don’t love you Mommy” this month πŸ™ Broke my heart! He then came back and said “I’m sorry Mommy. I always love you even when you are mean” πŸ™‚
  • Kye’s hair has gotten SUPER thick now (which is so funny to me b/c poor kid was BALD for so long!) and we bought a thick hair shampoo to use on him
  • While playing with his toys he said “I’m going to pick one or two toys to play with because taking more out makes me nervous”
  • I don’t think much about Kye and his vocabulary. To me…he’s just Kye. But people comment CONSTANTLY about the range of his vocabulary and how he uses words properly (like he’ll say “well” instead of “good” stuff like that). I’d say people comment on his language skills almost more than they comment on how cute he is πŸ˜‰
  • He always wants to read a “big story” at bed time
  • We now say our favorite things before bedtime. It gives us a chance to have a few minutes of quality Kye time before he goes to sleep πŸ˜‰ We each say one thing that was our favorite from that day!
  • Kye was drinking water at the sink and looked at me in the mirror and said “Mommy. Let me see your smile. That is SUCH a pretty smile!” I think he just knows exactly what to say to make my heart happy πŸ˜‰ 
  • On Oct 7th he RANDOMLY puked ALL over the table! I was laying on the couch doctoring my foot and Zach was feeding the kids dinner. It was the first time Kye legit legit threw up like that. It must have been a short tummy bug b/c he was fine! 
  • He started struggling this month with saying things he doesn’t mean. He’ll say “I don’t wanna put Britt nite nite” then if we go ahead and start doing it without him he runs in, upset, saying “i do want to help!” I’m not really sure how to fix this? We tried ignoring it. Tried telling him he couldn’t do that thing (or we weren’t going to…like when he says “I don’t want you to kiss me nite nite” or something). Right now I’m trying telling him too bad that he HAS to do whatever the thing is he says he’s not going to do. I tell him that I’m the boss and that he will put Britt nite nite/kiss me goodnight/say prayers/etc. We’ll see if it works!
  • He must be going through a growth spurt. He started eating a TON at breakfast. I make him smoothies on days he doesn’t have school (fruit and veggies blended up!) and he drank the whole thing and ate his normal breakfast (skim milk, 1/2 banana, cheerios and two prunes) then also ate a stick of cheese, goldfish, raisins and more fruit!
  • Kye said when he grows up he’s not going to have lots of babies because “they make me angry. they are too expensive and i don’t have hammers to make enough rooms for them” haha
  • He also said that he wants to grow up really big so he can take care of his babies like mommy and daddy do!
  • Here is a video of Kye saying the pledge of allegiance and another video of him singing “Woody’s Round-Up”
  • I have always had vivid dreams and so has Kye. One dream kinda scared me as he said he dreamed that he was riding in a car and got hit. He broken into a bunch of pieces but then Jesus came and fixed him. 
  • Kye is still a great big brother…he LOVES to play with Britt! Here’s a video of their new favorite game “fetch” and here they are playing with his cozy coupe!
  • When I was at the grocery store I ran into a sweet friend from church and stopped to talk. She often teaches Kye in bible class and she went on and on about him. I’m talking a solid chunk of time! She talked about how impressed she is with him and how mature he is. How well-behaved and how seriously he takes his prayers and learning about God. She said that her mother has been struggling after losing her son last year and that church can be especially difficult for her but that Kye is her little shining light. She said he often catches her eye during services and waves and smiles to her and that that makes her day each Sunday. It was SUCH a blessing to me to have that conversation. I’m so proud of Kye but it’s wonderful to hear other people seeing such great things in him and it makes me so so happy that he’s being a blessing to someone else! πŸ™‚

Here’s some more Kye pictures from this month:

He cracks me up…literally πŸ˜‰

My sweet nieces sent us these shirts they picked out for the kids! Aren’t they too cute? They loved them!

Big Daddy sat all three big kids down for a chat about four wheelers of course πŸ˜‰

Kye was SO PUMPED for Halloween and couldn’t wait to get to use his treat bag…he was making a mean face like the bag has haha

This month was one of THE toughest I’ve ever had. But God continued to remind me of all the many ways I am so blessed. Life isn’t always easy. We are faced with many difficult decisions but when I look at my children I KNOW I’m doing my best and that I’m making the best choices for them. Kye is such a joy to me. I am so so blessed by him on a daily basis. He has such a big heart and truly wants to give his love away to others. He is a huge help in every way and he makes my days easier. Who would think that a 3 year old would make life easier? Haha! But he does! I pray that all of our children grow up to be the wonderful example of Jesus’ love that Kye is! 

I look at Kye and see my sweet boy but know, too, that he’ll grow up and become a man someday. I’m doing my best as his mama to prepare him for that time in his life. He will spend majority of his life as an adult so it’s my job to make him ready! I look at him and think about things I will know as his mother than no one else will ever really know about him. My favorite feature Kye has is this little freckle by his ear. To his wife someday it’ll just be another freckle. It will go unnoticed. But to me, I know it’s his FIRST freckle. It’s my freckle πŸ™‚


  1. Sara Watkins
    December 4, 2012 / 3:58 am

    Girl, we've had The Lion King chat in our house, too. I tried to go the whole Circle of Life route. I think he kind of took it in. Who knows? Sounds like you did a good job to me! And also, coming from a preschool teacher…Kye holds his pen perfectly! A couple of kids this year actually came into my four-year-old class not knowing how to do that. Good for him!

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