Kye Monthly Summary October

Here is everything going on with Kye in October!

Field Trip: This month I joined Kye and his class on a field trip to our local post office. His teacher had each student write a letter to someone and they got to mail it while we were at the post office! I thought it was such a cute idea and Kye loved writing to Grandpa and Grammie ๐Ÿ™‚ When we got there I was really surprised at how SMALL Kye’s class is. Since having Tess I haven’t been able to be as involved with school as I usually am (or as I like to be)…he only has SEVEN kids total in his class!!! How crazy is that?!?! I think it’s great as it allows Kye a lot more one on one instruction from his teachers. But I also think it’s gonna make for a big adjustment for him when he goes to a new school next year and has many more kids in his class. 

Ready to buy his stamp

Mailing off his letter

Such cute kids!

It was neat to go behind the scenes at the post office. However, the post woman didn’t do the best job explaining everything to us! I thought it’d be some neat info about how a letter travels…but she just walked us through and pointed at stuff haha. I tried to ask questions to get her to tell us more in-depth info but it didn’t work too great. At least the kids had a good time and I enjoyed being able to spend some alone time with Kye!

Date: Also this month Kye and I had our solo date. Back in Sept, Britt and I went on a date and Kye and Zach did. So this month we flipped it! Kye and I went to Toys R Us where he made his Christmas wish list. Britt had been really into looking at everything but didn’t want to put a lot on her list. Kye was a little more “list happy” but constantly asked how much stuff cost before he added it. When we first walked in the store he wanted to add three toys that were all more expensive than his entire Christmas budget! I explained to him that we only spend a certain amount and that’s it’s smarter to spread that money out into lots of gifts rather than just one big one ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

After we shopped we went to Steak and Shake and then The Mix. Kid likes some routine and since we’ve done this same date in the past, he wanted to do it again ๐Ÿ™‚ We had a great time together!

Not being pregnant kinda stinks when it comes to the amount of Froyo I can eat haha!

Walt Disney: Kye had a project for school where he got to choose a famous American and learn more about them. He chose Walt Disney, of course, and we had a great time putting his project together! Since he was being Mickey Mouse for Halloween it tied in perfectly. He dressed up like Mickey the day of his presentation and then put all of his information into a “book.” He wrote the book himself and included all the info required about Walt along with pictures from our Disney trips. He was so thrilled about it! 

Activities: Kye reminds me SO much of myself! I don’t know if it’s a birth order thing but I LOVED to play school as a kid. And, duh, I was always the teacher. Kye has started setting up “activities” around the house for Britt and I to do and he charts our progress and gives us grades ๐Ÿ˜‰

Growing Boy: It’s hard to keep up with how much each kid should be eating at their ages. I think I tend to give Kye smaller portions than he should have because I’m just so used to him being a “little kid”! But he’s a growing boy and he’s started cleaning his entire plate at most meals. One night he said he was hungry and I assumed he was trying to get a treat out of me…so I told him if he was hungry he could eat a banana. And he did! Kid ate the entire thing! 

Sweet Brother: I remember when Kye was a baby and we’d be at playdates or out around town and I’d see older boys playing and I remember being terrified. Boys always seem so WILD and crazy and into everything. I’m so, so thankful that Kye isn’t that type of boy (at least not yet! don’t jinx me!). He has such a tender, sweet, kind spirit and truly loves his family so much. I ADORE watching him with his sisters. It’s precious! Here’s a video of Kye and Britt playing so sweetly together. 

One morning before school he wanted to fix Britt’s hair for her!

More About Kye:

  • This month the kids and I were allll about Mary Poppins ๐Ÿ˜‰ We were singing the songs so much that I joked that I am the real Mary. Kye said that I can’t be the real Mary Poppins because she has prettier dresses and prettier hair than I do. But that I should be glad I’m not her because he loves me more than he loves Mary ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Kye enjoys teaching the girls…he talks to Tess all the time and was teaching her how to spell words. I told him he’s a very good teacher and he replied “I know!”
  • Here is a video of Kye teaching Tess and here is a video of him helping her learn to spell!
  • We had some issues the month with Kye crying before school. Which really, really gets under my skin. Zach and I are spending a lot of money for him to be able to go to this school this year and he’s so blessed to only go half a day! He should NOT be whining about going! We talked about it and he said he doesn’t know why he gets upset but that he just doesn’t like school. I explained to him how lucky he is to have such a small class and to only go half a day. I explained that school is like his job and by going to school it allows him to do the things he DOES like to do. 
  • Kye was telling me about a girl in his class who had lost 4 teeth. I asked if the tooth fairy had visited her and he said “She totes did” haha
  • Kye is very protective of Britt and walks her to her class every morning at school. They told him he’s not allowed to do it anymore and it broke his heart!
  • During his field trip I thought it was so interesting to kinda sit back and observe him with his peers. I was surprised by how easily he is embarrassed! He made a joke and people didn’t hear him so they asked him to repeat it and he totally clammed up! It’s surprising because Kye is usually the one who is more sociable. Hope he gets over the easily embarrassed thing before he discovers that mama has been blogging about his every move his entire life! haha!!!

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