Kye Monthly Summary October 2017

We had a C-RAZY October so monthly posts will be short and sweet 🙂 

Kye earned Honor Roll! He got all A’s on his very first legit report card (up until now grades haven’t really been given!). So proud of him!

He’s a self proclaimed “book nerd” and ALWAYS has a book on hand. We dropped the girls at gymnastics and I thought we’d have some quality time together but instead he read the whole time in the car…

and even while walking through the store haha!

I love that smile 🙂 

Our church had the kids in bible class paint rocks to hide around town and to spread the love of Christ to others. What an AWESOME way to evangelize and get the kids involved!

Kye has been FOR SURE the most excited kid about our new baby coming!

Quality time whenever I can get it!

Silly boy 😉 

Kye is truly becoming that “preteen” where he has silly moments but is mostly just VERY mature! I love seeing him grow up and am so honored to be his mama!


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