Kye Monthly Summary: November 2017

Kye truly marches to the beat of his own drum. He wanted to do “trolls hair” and then wore it to school. Which is awesome to me! I’m glad he can do things he thinks are cool and doesn’t worry what others may say. Rock it kid 😉 

I read Wonder for book club and Kye’s class also read parts of it and I let him use my copy to finish it. SUCH a great book!

Made is own “marble run”

I tend to always focus on Britt helping me in the kitchen…not because she’s a girl but because she really loves cooking/baking. I was glad for some “Kye kitchen time” too!

Loves his mama’s cooking!

Getting closer!

Kye’s favorite solo activity is walking around the store picking out items to put on his wishlist 😉 

Since Tab took longer to arrive than we’d expected I wanted to spend quality time with the kids as much as I could before his birth. Kye and I had a coffee date and had THE best time. I love our alone time together and our talks! 

Hid a rock!

I only embarrass him a little 🙂

Hard to believe he’s going to be a big brother for the third time! So thankful he’s our first and the leader of our kid crew 😉

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