Kye Monthly Summary: November 2016

Kye is always such a bright light in any tough spot. He steps up when he needs to. If we have a new baby he is right there ready to help. He’s understanding when plans have to be changed. He is a huge helper around the house and just happy face whenever anyone is feeling down. We noticed a shift in Kye with Zach’s news. He was much more emotional and quicker to get upset. We wanted to be upfront and honest with the kids and I don’t regret doing that, but it was good that both Zach and I saw the changes in Kye and did our best to make sure we were there for him through it!

Kye and I had our very first (prob not last!) Starbucks date! I’m new to the cake pop world and am IN LOVE

He got a peppermint hot chocolate and it was a poor choice b/c he did NOT like it haha

We also stopped by the dollar store and got a little bonus treat (Yes, I’m like a 5 year old but these are AMAZING)

Kye didn’t like his “coffee” so he passed it off to Britt who drank it all down in like 5 seconds!

Kye and Zach took an afternoon and went to watch VSU play in the play-offs. It was some great father-son bonding time πŸ™‚ 

A friend text me this picture she caught of them together. SO precious to me πŸ™‚

I’m impressed that the school system caught onto Kye’s giftedness when they did because it was LONG before Zach or I noticed anything out of the norm with him or his thinking process. He def has such an awesome mind and I hope we properly foster it! This was a BIG month for him with growth in that area. And it brought about concerns Zach and I have. Smart kids…love to learn…often struggle with faith. The world pushes Satan’s agenda and it’s so hard to counteract that anyway but especially in a kid who is so bright and such a deep thinker! 

I mean this was just for fun…he made his own graphing paper and had some pattern plotting thing I had to follow to find out the design he had planned. And he was upset in this picture because it didn’t turn out the exact way he’d hoped. 

Kye was very into the election and has now decided his future career will be being President πŸ™‚ 

And when he’s President he says everyone will have to believe in God πŸ˜‰

He is doing coding for his Discover class and created a character and then made it move and such, he thinks I’m so dumb b/c I don’t have a clue what he’s doing hahaha

This month I let him have a go at packing his own lunch. I’m not really sure the appropriate age to expect this on his own every day? I’m thinking 3rd grade??? He LOVED doing it but it took SO LONG b/c I had to help with so many things. 

Our big spiritual vs science issue came this month with dinosaurs. Kye got this book from the library for his AR test and we had to have a big talk about it because, naturally, it focused on the scientific theory of a meteor hitting the earth. I’m not saying that’s WRONG to think that, but my goal as a parent is to ALWAYS direct my children to God’s Word in ALL things. I personally have avoided dinosaurs. Like legit have tried not to have him really be interested in them haha I never really understood where dinosaurs fit into the whole Bible situation so I just kinda avoided the topic. 

Well. Now I know a WHOLE LOT MORE!

Sometimes I feel like I’m at a disadvantage having not grown up a Christian but there are many times that I do think it’s a GOOD thing that I don’t “have all the answers” because I am not afraid to ask people who may know better where to find them and I love getting to learn alongside my children. It helps us both grow! 

I talked to the wise women in my wed night class as well as Mr Rusty. A SUPER sweet member at our church actually wrote up an entire lesson on dinosaurs for me to give to Zach and he and Kye worked through the whole lesson (which had verses etc to go with it) and Mr Rusty spoke to his preacher who had an entire book on dinosaurs from the Bible standpoint. It’s been AWESOME to see Kye learn and he’s loved reading the dinosaur books from the library and pointing out ways in which they may be teaching false things. 

He now says when he is President that he will fire all the scientists who are lying hahaha

Kye is becoming quite the Bible scholar. He has completely finished his very first SOLO devo book (Devotions for Boys) and loves talking about God’s Word with others…especially his sisters πŸ™‚

My most proud mom moment EVER so far was when Kye came downstairs one morning with a list of verses to take to school. They had been reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at school and somehow the topic of “being saved” came up. Several people said that all you have to do is ask Jesus into your heart and you will be saved. Kye said that you also have to be baptized and came home and discussed it with me. It was a tough topic for me to discuss, of course! But one night when he was doing his Bible Reading Marathon the verses happened to be ones that have to do with baptism. What it is and why it’s essential as well as all of the steps to salvation. Zach and I didn’t read it with him (he reads it after we tuck him in) and COMPLETELY on his own he made the connection of those verses to the topic they had discussed at school and took it upon himself to write down all the verses. He came down very, very excited the next morning and we discussed the best way to approach the situation (a 7 year old’s first thought to say is “you were WRONG!” haha! It’s important to Zach and I to teach our children to approach all things in love . Zach often struggled with a harsher approach that can sometimes push people away so we’re hoping to help guide our children to be mindful of how they approach others). In the end he decided to give the list of verses and simply ask those he had talked with to look them up when they could. 

I was nervous for him! I was SO glad when I got THE sweetest text from his teacher. Whew! It all went over okay and you just never know who he may have been an influence on that day! I am so proud of Kye for digging deep into the Word, finding answers to tough questions and being bold enough to share them. I struggle with the sharing part. I hate to offend others so I tend to lead by example rather than truly come to them in Christian love and show them what God’s Word says. I’m thankful that our son is such an inspiration to ME! I posted the pic of him with the verses up on IG and FB and am posting it here as well and hope you too will look up the verses!  

We attended the soup kitchen at our church and Kye LOVES to help! He’s so great at taking up the tickets from people and isn’t shy about making sure people hand over their ticket haha!

I help Britt with the dessert table and love watching him from across the room as he does his thing πŸ™‚

Kye used some of his Bible Bucks to eat lunch with Ms. Liz (who is a SAINT) and her husband as well as a friend one day after church. Britt and I went too but sat separately (Zach stayed home with Tess). He had SO much fun getting to eat pizza and play games!

We were ALL so pumped for Disney!!!

And Kye had SO MUCH HOMEWORK. I let his teacher know in advance that he’d be missing 4 days so we could get all the work before Thanksgiving break and have that week to knock it out. I’m SUPER thankful I did that b/c I can’t imagine him trying to handle it all after the trip! 

This was hilarious haha

Our grand plans for golf have been disappointing as half the time the guy isn’t there or cancels. I’m thankful I found a NEW golf league for him to join in February but was thankful I was able to go out and watch him a bit in November! 

Kye doesn’t always LOVE doing his chores, but he loves payday πŸ˜‰

Whew, that missing tooth look!

Kye needed a hair cut SO BAD! I took him to Sportsclips for the first time and had a GREAT experience. For some reason I had thought they were a Hooters for haircuts? Thankfully I was wrong πŸ˜‰ It was VERY kid friendly (actually everyone I saw in there was getting their sons’ cut) and they did a great job! Plus their hours are SO great! They are open in the evenings and even on Mondays! 

It’s funny how in someways we are all just like our parents haha! I picked out Kye’s clothes for school and when he came down Zach said “OMG you have to send a pic to your dad b/c he looks just like a mini Dave-Sedgley” bahaha! It is totally a look my dad would rock and Kye rocks it well πŸ˜‰

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