Kye Monthly Summary – May

Here is Kye’s summary from May!

Chores: I have been debating about chores for awhile now. I’ve seen TONS of cute ideas for chore charts floating around Pinterest but decided to just keep it simple. Now that Kye has moved upstairs I think its more than time for him to have responsibilities each day. I put together a notebook for him and printed off two chore sheets per week. One sheet has each day of the week and all the chores he needs to do on a daily basis. The other sheet has a list of the days of the week and a list of chores that only need to be done once a week. So each day he selects one of the chores he wants to do for that day! It has worked out GREAT. He loves marking off the sheets and truly loves doing the chores! I plan to go ahead and do one for Britt too. I mean obviously hers will be less things, but why not start ’em young? And, no, we don’t do any type of reward for doing chores. We all live in our house…we all contribute to make it run smoothly. This whole chore thing is def going to make my life easier and I wish I’d started it sooner!

I made SUPER simple chore charts but if you want to use them for yourself you can find files for both the daily and weekly chores here

Kye vacuumed for the first time this month and LOVED it! I only had on the chart for him to vacuum his room but he ended up vacuuming the whole upstairs including the playroom, guest room, his room, and the hallway! 

Zach and Kye planted a garden this year for the first time…it honestly is not doing so great haha. But Kye loves to tend to it and takes his job very seriously about watering it on a regular basis. Maybe they will actually grow something someday πŸ˜‰

Work: Kye loves to “work” and draw and color all. the. time. His lamp in his room comes on at 3 each day which lets him know he can get out of the bed. I’ve been having him have “room time” from 3-4 (his lamp turns off at 4). He can choose an activity to do in his room and play quietly during that time. One of his most often chosen things to do is work at his desk! He loves it! 

And I love the little notes he is always making for me πŸ™‚

He made this for us while we were in Ireland

And he totally shocked me one day and wrote his numbers from 0-106! I didn’t even know he could count that high!!!

Of course he circled 85 b/c, as he said “it’s the best number”

Preparing for Baby: Not only do I think Kye will be an excellent helper once Leo arrives…but he has ALREADY been a huge help!!! He has done so well with the idea of the baby having his old room. It has not been an issue at all and he’s helped with each step of the process. We had to remove all the golf balls from his old room and he loved getting to use the hair dryer to help loosen the decals for removal. And then he also loved getting to help paint the room!

Both kids have been VERY helpful with preparing meals for me to freeze! They both love to cook and help and have also enjoyed the taste testing process πŸ™‚

We made muffins to eat and then to freeze!

Speaking of food…this month I made the kids one of my favorites…peanut butter, bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches. I like mine on bagels but they got a sandwich version and they both LOVED it. People always look at me strange for placing that order but it’s legit good!

Play: As I get more and more pregnant, we spend more and more time playing at home. I’m SO thankful I started independent playtime from such a young age with both of the kids! They play super well alone and I have not one time heard “I’m bored!” Kye takes his block building very seriously!!!

Kye gets upset in the mornings when he comes down to find one of his block masterpieces messed up so I took a picture of Zeke as proof that Zach and I didn’t knock it over haha

Kye is very creative with the games he makes up. He likes to gather all the living room pillows and then have a “sale” and sell them to us. Total future Aflac agent!

Whenever I find things around the house I always try to think if it’d be a good source of entertainment for the kids. Old hotel room keys? Always a hit! Disney maps? Hello! Perfect thing for them to enjoy! They both had fun pointing out where all the rides are πŸ™‚

Kye has always enjoyed puzzles but now that Britt loves them so much he is enjoying them even more! 

I had a dr appt one day so Mrs. Charlotte and Casey had all the kids at the park to play! They had so much fun together and I appreciate Casey sending me these pics πŸ™‚

Robes: The Easter Bunny brought the kids robes for Easter and they have been a big hit around here. Every night after bath they put on their robes and run around a play for a bit. I am not overly concerned about nudity in our home. The kids still bathe together and it’s yet to be an issue. But I do think Kye is old enough now where it’s not appropriate for him to run around naked. Robes solve that problem and they are fun!

More From This Month:

  • I had one of my most proud parenting moments with Kye this month! He came home from school one day and told me the movie they had watched was not a good movie. I am not typically the type of parent to say anything about it but he was concerned about the inappropriate movie so I told him I’d contact his teacher and ask her if he feels uncomfortable if he can opt out of the movie and do some puzzles or something instead. I wrote her about it and the next day he came home and told me that he had talked to the WHOLE class about how bad that movie was and how they shouldn’t be watching it and that his teacher told him she watched it that night before and did agree that it wasn’t a good movie and that they will no longer be showing it!!! I have no clue what movie it was or what the content was that wasn’t appropriate (Kye said something about guns?!? Which surprised me?!?!) but I am SO proud of him for taking a stand and not being ashamed to say when something wasn’t right!!!
  • Kye is starting to get more picky about his clothes. We had a baby-sitter come one night and Kye came downstairs after nap in a random (non-matching) dressy outfit. He said he wanted to look nice for his new friend and that the clothes he had worn to school that day were “too silly”
  • He is also more picky about his hair and will literally shed tears when we fix it and do it more spikey! He is so particular about how he wants to wear it!!!
  • Kye said to me and Britt “Britt you are so skinny, you are going to be a skinny mommy…but Mommy…you are fat” haha
  • Mrs. Liz (from our church) went to chapel one day with Kye and told me she talked to the school director and thanked her for teaching the kids to pray so well. The director told her that Kye came to school praying that way and that she should thank his parents πŸ™‚ 
  • Kye asked if he could walk Britt into school with him because she looked so cute he wanted everyone to see her
  • He asked me how to we wish on stars and if we have to somehow get to the top of the star in order to make a wish. I talked to him about birthdays and how we can make wishes before blowing out our candles too and he said he couldn’t remember what he’d wished for his birthday but that he wishes I could live with him forever
  • Kye still LOVES the Mighty Machine movies and really has learned SO MUCH by watching them!
  • Kye is starting to really listen to everything we say and will ask us what certain words mean. I love how much he loves to learn!
  • One night Kye played Memory with Casey and Jordan and he lost. The next day he asked me if he could take the game up to his room. He played it solo for over an hour because he said he wanted to practice and get better at it!
  • I overheard him one morning while I was making breakfast…he was by himself and was praying out loud to God and thanking him for the day He gave us πŸ™‚

Few more pics of my sweet boy!

Haha his poses!

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  1. Rachel Lee
    July 14, 2014 / 8:28 pm

    I would love to see the chore chart that you come up with for Britt. My oldest daughter is around her age.

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