Kye Monthly Summary: March 2017

This post is all about Kye from March (his first month being 8!)

This month Kye had a field trip to Raisin’ Cane. He had one last year too, as did Britt. So I’ve been out there a good bit! It was a tad bit of an insane situation because the school called me as soon as I arrived at the field trip to tell me that Tess had a high temp. I felt so bad turning around and leaving Kye but was stuck in the middle of needing to get Tess to the dr too. Mrs. Charlotte (woman is a LIFE SAVER) took Tess as she was closer to the school than I was (Raisin’ Cane is a pretty solid 20 min or so out) and got her to the dr then I stayed at the field trip for long enough for him to enjoy my company then I headed to get Tess and her meds. 

Kye’s best buddy at school!

SO glad I was smart enough to wear the duck boots πŸ˜‰ 

Kye also had a really cool BMX bike show at school this month that the whole school earned due to fundraising efforts. Can you find Kye?

And the month ended with Kye’s favorite day of the school year: FIELD DAY.

Y’all. The thought of field day still makes me cringe. I never ever liked it and was totally that kid who would try to skip that day if possible. Ha! Kye LOVES it and it’s def an event where I ask Daddy to attend. Mommy loves field trips…but not field day. πŸ˜‰ 

Speaking of school I smile every time I walk into Britt and Tess’s school and see this pic of Kye still hanging up. My sweet little boy!!!

I feel like we were at this stage with him YESTERDAY!

Kye has been an awesome leader for our church’s Bible Reading Marathon. This month ended the marathon and each of the boys who were leaders were asked to speak. Kye has such a GIFT y’all. He was SO excited to get up in front of our entire congregation. He wasn’t the least bit nervous and he loved every second of it. You can watch his whole speech here (it’s short and very clear so you can really tell everything he’s saying). We are very, very proud of Kye!

I know it’s blurry but I love his excitement and pride!

All the awesome Bible Reading Marathon leaders!!!

Mr. John and Mrs. Liz took them all to lunch and they had a BLAST!

Of course our biggest celebration this month was our Disney trip for Kye’s Birthday!

He got so many awesome gifts for his birthday. Clue Jr has quickly become a family favorite!

G-Mama got him a plug in Pac Man and it’s really great!

Thankful we bought him a knock-off fit bit.

This sweet boy has been dying to go through his baby clothes for Tab. We made a night of it and I was shocked by 1) how good of shape everything was still in and 2) that really none of it seems “out of style” (benefit of boys…everything is pretty basic!)

Kye is so dedicated to his school work. Every day he gets off the bus with his head in a book and he is always asking to “just finish this page”

He also really enjoys any school related apps (they send home stuff about doing them for practice). It’s funny to hear him mumbling answers out loud!

I love our quality time together but dude murders me at checkers!

And apparently rock paper scissors too

When we went to Disney Springs Kye saw the Lego Death Star and fell in LOVE. He said he will be asking for it from Santa. Which is a good thing since no way can Mommy and Daddy get it with that $500 price tag. #yikes. We had a long talk about it and I explained to him that I don’t even think it’s a good Santa gift because it’s ages 14 and up. And while Mommy and Daddy think he can probably handle it, Santa won’t buy toys that are way over on the age recommendations like that πŸ™‚

I know this may be a controversial topic to discuss and I may devote an entire post to it at some point but Zach and I were raised VERY differently in many ways, but especially when it came to “the talk.” It’s important to me to handle such an important conversation with our kids as biblically as possible. I found this book (simply titled “The Talk”) and wanted to go through it with Kye. I know 8 may sound young for such a discussion but he’s very mature and we feel he’s capable to not only handle it but also not to tell others about it. He is within the suggested age range for the discussion. And my main goal was to talk to him about it before he heard about it from another source. I want him to learn about such topics from US as the way you first learn about things is what you use as your frame of reference about it! We aren’t completely through it yet but we’ve been very impressed both with the book and Kye’s understandings of it. You can learn more about the book and purchase it here!

On Kye’s skip school day I totally let him watch Star Wars during naps and work on eating the lollipop he bought at Disney Springs πŸ˜‰ 


Kye loves to shoot hoops πŸ™‚ and go on walks and basically be outside! He’s so funny b/c we found some capes we made AGES ago and he totally wanted to wear it on our walk. I love that he hasn’t reached the age of embarrassment yet πŸ˜‰ 

Sweet note from his teacher on his report card!

As always we’re so proud of Kye! I read somewhere that 7 is the “golden age” of childhood but I say 8 will be just as amazing as 7 was with this kid!

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