Kye Monthly Summary ~ March

Here’s what Kye was up to in March!

Bike: Kye really wanted a bike for Christmas but didn’t get one until his birthday. We were pumped about it but poor kid is too short for it still ๐Ÿ™ It doesn’t stop him from riding it though!!! He rides it in the house right now (I know most people probably wouldn’t allow that but we do…at least for now…) but we’ve tried it outside some too!

He also enjoys wearing his helmet ๐Ÿ˜‰

He was “working”

First time riding it outside!

Here’s a video ๐Ÿ™‚

Roller Skates: Zach and I got Kye some roller skates for his birthday. I wouldn’t have bought them but I had a ton of toysrus coupon things so I got them for free…so why not? Do kids even roller skate anymore??? Our local skating rink just converted into one of those bounce house places so we don’t even really have a place for them to skate. Kinda sad! I have such great memories of Sparkles skating rink back in the day ๐Ÿ˜‰ Zach and I took Kye out on the porch to test out his new skates. We haven’t done it sense but I do think if we made more of an effort to practice that he would start enjoying it!

Here’s a video of his first attempt…Once he fell he was done

looks like he loves it huh?

Try #2 we readjusted the skates so it worked much better…here’s a video!

Yard Work:  Zach and Kye do all the yard work together. This month the pool was still a little too chilly for legit swimming (Kye actually swam for the first time on March 18th!) so he used the water table a good bit. I’m glad they pulled it out and still used it as I worried once we had a pool in our backyard that this thing would never get used! One afternoon Britt was down for her nap and I had a break in cooking dinner so I went out to see what they were up to. Kye was hilarious. He had a little system down for watering the plants:

1. Water the plants

2. Clean off feet

Here’s a video!

3. Refill water can

4. start cycle over (he did this over and over and OVER)

Independence: One of my MAJOR goals of parenting is to create independent children. I think independence is one of the most valuable gifts I can give my children. Now that Kye has a little sister I am so thankful that he’s as independent and self-reliant as he is! He’s perfectly content to play on his own and allowing him to problem solve and create things without hoovering over him often allows him to achieve things I normally wouldn’t have thought possible! I found him one afternoon in the hallway all by himself reading some books, here’s a sneaky video I took!

He put together this train track 100% on his own while I nursed Britt

I found in him his room putting all these letters in their spots!

And I spied on him while he put this puzzle (like a legit puzzle-piece type puzzle) together completely on his own.

Nap Issues: Feb kinda started the nap issues. Kye would straight up not sleep during his nap. He would often read the books on his shelf by his bed and not fall asleep at all or not fall asleep until 3. He’s supposed to wake up at 3:30 but would often sleep until 5 or later if I let him! Misbehaving also started to happen around naptime. I often would have to give him a spanking so we started where if I spanked him at naptime then Daddy would also have to spank him when he got home. I’m just not strong enough anymore to make a real difference! When we switched Brittlynn to the four hour schedule we also moved back Kye’s night time. He had always gone to bed at 7:15 but now he goes to bed at 7:45. You wouldn’t think 30 min would make a big difference but oh my goodness does it ever! It took awhile for the adjustment to happen. He would often ask for a snack after nap and I told him that if he slept good for his nap without any yelling out or anything that he could get a snack. Here’s a video of him picking out his snack. I now don’t give him snacks anymore (unless he asks but usually he doesn’t) but he’s back to sleeping from 1-4! It’s WONDERFUL!!!

Crafts: Kye’s teachers have told me that he LOVES craft time at school. I’m not really a crafty type mom but I am working on giving him more of this creative time. Our typical routine is to allow him some craft time right when Britt goes down to her nap at 9. I eat my breakfast then so I can be in the kitchen with him then he goes up for independent playtime soon after.

I’ve been SO impressed with his coloring skills, this is the first time he really colored in the lines!

He LOVES his easel!

Playdough has been another big hit (any tips to NOT get the colors mixed?!?! You KNOW that hardcore stresses me out!)

He made snakes with Daddy

Big Boy: Now that Kye is three he insists that he is a big boy. If I say “I love my babies” or something like that he’s quick to let me know that he is not a baby. This goes hand in hand with the independence I was talking about. He does not like for me to help him which is a GOOD thing. He wants to do things on his own and prove to himself that he can do them. He’s always had great concentration and I continue to see this trait blossom in him. Ever since he was a baby he was tough to distract (whereas Brittlynn gets distracted SO easily! She’s my Zach while he’s more of Mommy in this area!!!) and works hard to see results.

He was SO proud of this block tower

And that he could put his underwear on all by himself

Yes, they are on backwards and inside out

He no longer uses a booster seat, a bib, or a sippy cup!!!
(I’m SO thankful I’ve horded all the kids meals Zaxy’s cups I have gotten through the years…they are PERFECT!)

Special Mommy Treats: I have mentioned before about some of the traditions we have for when Zach is out of town. I’m SURE you mama’s have experienced this before but I have noticed that when Zach keeps the kids it’s “fun time.” Like Kye often gets hot dogs for dinner when Daddy has them. I have them every day so I’m more in charge of the schedule, the eating healthy, etc whereas Daddy doesn’t keep them as often so when he does things aren’t as structured. Don’t get me wrong, Zach does GREAT with the schedule but some things he isn’t as hardcore about as I am (food groups being one, cleaning up the playroom, and tv watching being allowed without having to do room time being others), So I have tried to incorporate some random Mommy type treats too. They don’t happen often, usually if Zach is out of town or is home late from work or is gone on a weekend. But they DO happen more often now! Kye is old enough to appreciate such treats ๐Ÿ™‚

We had somewhere to go so I let Kye eat an early lunch on a tv tray in the living room while I nursed Britt and we watched a Disney movie ๐Ÿ™‚

If I give Kye a bath (usually Daddy’s duty) then I always put bubbles in it!

Other random pics: These were from when we went to Kye’s urologist appointment. He was cracking me up being so serious about his magazine.

Daddy and Kye made pizza one night for dinner when I was going out for a girl’s night or something!

We had Zach’s parents and grandparents over for breakfast one Sat morning and I made this picture happen…when I made Kye’s slideshow I realized he didn’t have a single picture with Mr. Rusty last year!!! Now this year he does ๐Ÿ˜‰

Other Stuff Going on With Kye in March:

  • Kye started praying “thanks for the new playground with Colt and Payton.” Courtney took him to this playground with them soon after we had Britt but he continues to pray about it! Too funny! Here’s a video of him saying his prayers
  • He now not only colors in the lines (or at least tries to) but he also draws body parts on his pictures
  • He tells EVERYONE “I am three” and he has said “I am three, I am a man”
  • We switched Kye to fat free milk. I heard from Robyn at Lorelai’s three year appointment that they told her to switch and since Kye’s wasn’t until May I figured it would be fine to switch him too. It’s nice that we’re all able to drink the same type milk at least until Britt starts drinking whole!
  • He is VERY into time. Kye constantly ask me what time it is. I told him once that it’s night night time and his response was “it’s 23-oh-5 it’s not night night time” I guess he thinks in military time because if I ask him the time he always says it’s 20 something ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • FINALLY he’s made a lot of progress with his colors. He told me one morning “My pants are brown!” I praised him so much that he went to school that day and continued to tell everyone he saw about his brown pants ๐Ÿ˜‰ He knows any color you ask if you give him choices (Like “is the truck red or blue?”) but still has a hard time telling you the color off the top of his head. 
  • I mentioned the nap issues earlier…well one day he wasn’t sleeping AT ALL. But he was being hilarious. He was in the bed still but yelling out to me. He said “I am sleeping so good! I am being quiet, I am not getting up, I am not playing! I’m just being quiet! I didn’t do anything wrong, are you excited?!?!” After awhile of me not going in there or responding in any way he started calling out more saying “I’m really really sad right now. I’m really upset. Candler Emily Parker! Emily from Valdosta!!! Come here! Come here!!!”
  • He was smiling so I asked him “Why are you smiling Kye?” He said “Because I love you.”
  • Kye walked in when I was getting ready one morning and said “Mommy what are you wearing?” I told him a dress and he said “You look so pretty!” I asked what made him say that and he said “God did.” It was precious!
  • He will often tell me “Mommy don’t freak out!”
  • He’s gotten more molars in…we aren’t sure if he has them all yet or not! We know both the top ones are in for sure!
  • A LOT of his shirts are starting to be too short. I re-checked all of his sizes and he’s grown to a bigger size of clothing now (love how it’s after the kids sales where I bought him all of his current size!). He’s now wearing 3T clothes (can still wear 2T pants/shorts) and his shoe size is an 8.
  • He LOVES to match things and will constantly say “look this matches!” It’s a great game to play ๐Ÿ™‚
  • When something gets wet he says it’s “soapin wet”
  • I can TELL he’s gotten smarter. It’s like he turned three and BAM he’s taller, has bigger feet, and is smarter. He’s changed SO much so quickly!!!


  1. Kasey
    May 4, 2012 / 6:49 pm

    Hi.ย  I'm here from Kelly's Korner.ย  I live just south of Atlanta.ย  Nice to "meet" you.ย

  2. Rachael_Copponex
    May 4, 2012 / 8:59 pm

    I love that he and Macy do a lot of the same things! ย No tips on playdough girl you gotta let that go. ย HAHA

  3. Julia Sedgley
    May 22, 2012 / 7:14 pm

    When Anne was smaller and still in a crib, she would yell to my Anma (My mom's mom) "Alma Josephine Wilson!!! HELP!". That's when she wanted to get out of her crib,haha.

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