Kye Monthly Summary: March 2018

All about Kye’s March!

Kye got SLAMMED with sickness at the end of February and we were SO thankful that he started feeling better a couple days before his birthday party. He wasn’t 100% but he was fever free and able to go back to school!

But not before a little lunch date with Daddy

Of course I was envious of Daddy’s lunch date so I took him for a little McD ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Finally back to school!

He went back to school and was better but not truly good. His tummy really wasn’t back to feeling well and he lost a good bit of weight and just wasn’t into eating. He called me from school one day and I had to pick him up then another day he just couldn’t handle going at all and was miserable. He threw up and had bad diarrhea and I wasn’t sure if it was an unrelated stomach virus or side effect from the flu. I’m super thankful to Mrs Charlotte for taking him into the dr for me. I just didn’t feel comfortable with how long his symptoms had been lingering and it being combined with the flu. He was so pitiful and wanted to just lay on the floor near the bathroom!

Tessie was SO sweet wanting to read to him to make him feel better!

When he got back from the dr with G-Mama he had several meds to use and a STOOL SAMPLE KIT that they said I’d need to use if he didn’t improve quickly. Thankful we didn’t have to use it but he was struggling! 

I’m so thankful he was feeling good enough to celebrate his birthday! He had a BLAST at his Star Wars Party! 

Growing up my dad and I enjoyed seeing movies together and then dissecting them after. I loved those talks and have such great memories of doing this together. I’ve been SO excited to start this tradition with Kye especially because he is getting older and it’s harder and harder for us to have things in common. We read A Wrinkle in Time on our own and then went to see the movie! We LOVED it and had THE best time and I’m all about finding another book to read together that’s also becoming a kid friendly movie ๐Ÿ™‚ 

If you’re considering seeing the movie with a child be warned that it’s SCARY. Like it went VERY dark! Kye did fine with it but we agreed Britt would not have liked it at alllll.  

Kye had two field trips this month! The first was with his Discovery class to go fishing. Parents were only invited if they could lure some bait…so I was out for that one haha! 

It’s hilarious b/c I ALWAYS tell my kids that I have spies everywhere ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s kinda a running joke but then my friend Meghan happened to be on the field trip and got some pics of Kye for me and he was like “dang mom you DO have spies!” haha!

Pick up from the field trip was a little tricky. I had to go to his school early and feed Spear in the car and arrange for Britt to wait for me at the school! 

His second field trip this month was to the Jacksonville Zoo! I was allll about making sure I could go to that one! 

I first had to drop him off at the school super early and then just wait around for the buses to leave so I could follow them. Total newbie move. In the future…I’m not waiting for the buses! Not only did they take forever to leave but they literally went 65 mph the ENTIRE 2 hour drive to Jacksonville and we weren’t supposed to pass them. Glad I had a treat for the ride!

This was my first MAJOR field trip but I have to say I was a bit bothered by how it was organized. I had envisioned the entire class staying together the whole day with chaperones and parents there making sure it ran smoothly. Nope. We got there and the assigned chaperones had three kids in their group and were just told what time to meet back up. No plans or agendas or even a map! It was a lot on the chaperones and I was SUPER thankful I was there!!!

Our three!

On a field trip with his entire third grade class and still wanted to hold my hand! 

The coolest thing at the zoo was the stingray tank! They were AWESOME and loved interacting with us and would swim up to our hands and rub against us. I really, really get pumped about hands on activities! 

We haven’t visited the Jax Zoo in several years. It was actually our first trip as a family of 4 back when Britt was just a few months old. On that trip we lost Kye. It was one of THE scariest moments of my mom life! It brought back a lot of those feelings when we went to the playground area. And even with him being older it was STILL easy to lose him. It’s just not a very well planned playground as it has SEVERAL ways to enter and exit and all of the parents agreed we wanted to move on quickly because it gave us anxiety!

Yay for a petting zoo (which I’m also leery of post-Face Gate haha)

Three nine year olds and they were all obsessed with playing with water in the fountain!

Kimono Dragon is always a fav of mine!

Conquering the dragon!

Baby tigers!!!

It was a great chance for me to see Kye in his school environment. How he interacts with his peers, how they interact with him. 

It made me VERY proud. The kids in our group kept looking to him to make decisions and lead them and kept calling him “Captain Kye.” He also didn’t succumb to any peer pressures I witnessed. Like when one child would run off he wouldn’t be tempted to follow suit, he didn’t copy some of the language (nothing awful but like words like “shut up” he didn’t repeat). It was a proud mom moment!

I also realized Kye is a stickler for timing and rule following to wear it seemed to almost stress him out and take away from his ability to have FUN. He was VERY concerned about the meet up time and kept asking over and over what time it was and kept saying we needed to hurry or should go ahead and get to the meet up location. 

He also isn’t super into animals and said he was wishing he could go home at like noon ha!

We had a lot of fun together and I’m so thankful I was able to attend with him and even more thankful that he could ride home with me so I didn’t have to follow the dang buses again ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Kye thanked me over and over again for coming which was just so sweet and genuine and reminded me that I always WANT to go on these events whenever possible for as long as he wants me there!

Kye brought home some of his artwork this month…where the heck do yall put this stuff?!?! I have the kids “display” it in their rooms?

For his birthday Aunt Katie got him a slime game kit and the kids have LOVED it!

The big kids are in a bit of a race when it comes to losing teeth! Kye hasn’t lost ANY in quite awhile but lost #6 this month…Britt is trailing with 5 total lost so far!

Kye is VERY frugal and does such a great job managing and saving his money. This year was the first year he really got any money as birthday gifts and he got quite a bit as well as some Target gift cards. While the girls had gymnastics I took the boys to Target so Kye could do some shopping. He was so funny because a typical 9 year old boy would go buy some random, expensive “cool” toy. Not Kye. He wanted to check all the prices and debated heavily on what to get. 

He ended up getting a plug-in tv game that is an Atari, a couple cheap dvds, and a toy on clearance. Then he had some left over to get some gum too! 

When we were there looking a Target employee pointed out that he could get a Nintendo DS. He decided against it because he wanted to make that money stretch but once we got home and he started thinking on it more and we discussed it more he did decide he wanted to use his leftover money to purchase a DS. He’s wanted one for a LONG time and it was a very good price and came with a game. Now it opens the door for us to purchase additional games as gifts for him. Since he is an older kid it’s tricky to find good gift ideas for him!

I know it sounds silly to say I was proud of him for spending money but I was haha! He always saves and saves and it was NICE to see him spend money on something he truly LOVES!

On top of two field trips he also had field day this month! Mama loves field trips but she don’t do field day ๐Ÿ˜‰ Daddy stopped by and hung with the kids a bit and got some pics!

Boy was HUNGRY after field day and wanted a second lunch ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

In so many ways Kye is SO GROWNY. Then he has these moments where he’s just such a little boy and so sweet and just silly and I love it. He prepared an entire show for us and had us all come watch it. It was a circus and it was a moment where my little boy was really shining through the big kid he’s become!

Here’s a couple of videos from his show: one and two!

The girls LOVED it!

Kye loves board games and he played Scrabble at school and asked about us playing it together. Omg we had SO MUCH FUN. And we balled OUT! We used EVERY SINGLE LETTER in the entire game except for ONE! 

If yall need a good gift idea…Magnatiles are where it’s at!!! Kye STILL loves them!!!

It was such a busy month for Kye! I’m just SO thankful he fully recovered from all of his sickness crud. It’s the sickest I’ve ever had one of my children be and it was so sad and just such a tough thing for him to get through. I’m thankful none of the rest of us got any of it and just hope he gets a nice long break from any other crud to come! 

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