Kye Monthly Summary: July

I know the blog has been Tess overload here lately and it’ll probably be that way for awhile seeing as my world is pretty much revolved around her and her needs right now πŸ˜‰

Here is everything that happened with Kye in July! I was MEGA pregnant this month so there wasn’t a whole lot of stuff going on!

Date with Mommy: I really wanted to make sure to get a special date with each kid before the baby was born. For mine and Kye’s date we kicked things off by going to JCPenney. I randomly have started to really like JCP! You can get AWESOME deals. I let him pick out some clothes for “back to school” It’s hilarious what he ended up with. A tank top (with “85” on it of course) that is way too big and probably won’t be able to be worn for like two years, a yellow golf shirt, and matching socks. I ended up getting it all for only $8 total πŸ˜‰ Guess he has cheap taste like his mama!

After our shopping we went to Steak and Shake for dinner! We had some GREAT talks. I really wanted to have that alone time with him to be able to talk about feelings. I asked him how he felt about the new baby coming and also about school starting. He said he just felt SO HAPPY about the baby but that he was nervous for school. He was nervous about how hard it would be and all the extra work he’d have to do. It was a really good talk and I’m glad I was able to give him that special time. 

We got the special birthday milkshakes…YUM!

Who orders hot dogs at Steak and Shake?! And who doesn’t love cheese fries?!?!

I have to mention Kye’s tank top…Zach went with me and the kids shopping at Gap Outlet and whenever I go shopping with Zach I end up with some random stuff. I just think it’s sweet when he picks out clothes for the kids and I end up getting whatever he likes πŸ˜‰ He bought Kye three tank tops. THREE! And they were $7 each which I would never in a million years spend on one tank top…let alone buy three of them at that price. Of course when we went to have Kye wear it he didn’t like it! I wanted to return them but Zach really, really likes these dang tank tops haha so I made it fun and said we were having “tank top day!” I wore a tank top and so did Britt πŸ˜‰ It worked and made him like them!

Another tank top day πŸ˜‰

I loved my special date with my boy!

Even though we had milkshakes with our dinner…we still hit up The Mix!

Glad I was pregnant πŸ˜‰

Shell Necklaces: This month Kye finished making all the shell necklaces for everyone in our family πŸ™‚ He loves giving to others and loves doing crafts which I think it so neat. He’s got such a great mix of qualities…he LOVES to play sports, wrestle, and build things with Daddy but also enjoys doing crafts, helping me in the kitchen, and cuddling. He is gonna be an awesome husband someday!

“Man Shower” Kye had his first legit shower this month! He has taken them before but they’ve been with Zach. So this was his first solo shower and he really liked it! Once the new baby is big enough to be taking baths with the older kids I know they won’t all be able to take a bath together (hello, no space!) so it’d work out good if Kye could be showering by that point!

Homework: This month I made sure to give Kye “homework” to do in his room after naps. When his light would come on at 3 he would do some work at his desk. It’s a great way to prepare him for the homework he’ll have at school and he LOVED it! He wakes up, makes his bed, then gets to work πŸ™‚

Home Days: Once I got far enough in my pregnancy where I was just SO READY for the baby to come…we were kinda out of ideas for things to do haha. We got creative! We made up a game where we spread out all of Britt’s stuffed animals all over the downstairs of the house and then they raced and had to jump over the stuffed animals. They loved it!

We also got out some beads and they made up this game where they flick the beads and try to make it to the other persons tray. Yes, I’m still finding beads all over my house. Oops!

It got too hot for me to be outside very much so whenever Zach was home it was outside time πŸ˜‰ I love watching the kids play together and seeing the fun they have with each other made me so excited to be giving them another sibling!

Kye was SO helpful around the house leading up to the baby’s birth! He has chores to do every day and whenever he did something in his room or bathroom he’d ask me if he could do that same thing around the rest of the house. I def didn’t mind having such clean toilets πŸ˜‰

Other Stuff with Kye this Month:

The only other thing I have from the month is that Kye made up a song for me. Part of the words were “our mom is the best mom ever! Even if she can’t smell or walk or do anything” haha thanks Kye πŸ˜‰ 

I also have a couple videos! Kye was practicing a lot for the new baby and loved to swaddle Mickey…here’s a video of his swaddling skills! 

Also this month Kye mastered being able to dive ALL the way to the BOTTOM of our deep end of our pool! Here’s a video! 

My handsome big boy!

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