Kye Monthly Summary: July

This post is a summary of Kye’s month of July!

Kye really started taking off with his reading abilities in the last half of the school year so I wanted to foster that as much as possible during the summer. He LOVES to read! I remember being his age and meeting my childhood bff for the first time. She was moving in three houses down from me and I read her Bernstein Bears Moving Day on my front porch. It’s precious to me to see Kye reading the Bernstein Bears too!

Kye also very much enjoys making up songs and preaching. Ever since he was a little boy we used to talk about how we could see him being a preacher with the way he talks and carries himself. He does a great job teaching us Bible Story lessons!

I feel like his reading skills came about overnight and I also feel like his drawing abilities have suddenly advanced too. He went from drawing blobs with legs to drawing legit people finally!

Kye has also entered the “boys rule, girls drool” phase and gets pretty tired of being with his little sister all the time. I found this note hanging on a lanyard on his doorknob it says “Keep out. Only Mom and Dad”

He also put this note in my room for me that says “Watch out for Britt. She can get loose. Get away from her she is dangerous. Go tell the police.”

I am a reaaaaaally indecisive person. I’m sure it drives my friends nuts how many screenshots I send them when debating what we should wear for family pics, what I should wear to an outing, or what I should buy when debating a purchase. I was stressing about getting Kye the perfect school lunch box and couldn’t make up my mind on what to get. I ordered and canceled and then order again haha. Pottery Barn Kids was having a really good sale and I didn’t want to miss out on the deal but I also wasn’t sure what lunch box would work best for what I was wanting. Sometimes my indecisiveness is an issue, but sometimes it’s an asset. I went to cancel my lunch box order (again) and order a different one instead and they couldn’t cancel it because it had already gone to the next step. I called and they were awesome and ended up giving me a credit on my card to cover the charge….so I got the lunch box for free 😉 I honestly haven’t even used the free lunch box so I AM glad at my decision to cancel that order because it wouldn’t have worked for what I was wanting! (Kye uses the gray one every day for school along with the water bottle which is awesome!)

I made a recipe this month that required red wine vinegar. As I’m pretty sure everyone knows, we don’t drink alcohol and our kids haven’t ever been around it. Kye saw the bottle and said to me “MOM! You have wine?!?! I know what wine is! It is what people drink at parties who worship idols!” haha

Kye was born around the same time as a TON of other babies at our church. It’s been SO neat seeing him grow up with such a great group of kids. I dread the day when they are all in high school but I pray that they will all be a close group and help each other during that stage of life!

Kye loves to set up a restaurant in the playroom

I love how he always gets dressed for the different occasions…this is his “spy gear” haha the hat is from when he was a toddler!

He still lovesssss to play checkers 🙂

In my party prep for Tess’s party Kye was very interested in making things with me! I let him have at it and he put together a little “party night” just for him and I while Zach was out of town working one night. He decorated the living room, we watched a Mickey’s Mouse Clubhouse (I have a few on DVR that the kids love!), enjoyed some hot choc and a little treat,  and then we exchanged little gifts. He made me a special bookmark and I typed him a letter. I always want him to know how appreciated he is and I love that he takes the time to make others feel special!

Kye has become alllll about photography lately. In many posts you will see pics that he’s taken with my camera. I love that he likes to take pics as I think having photos are so important! It’s how we remember things! I want my children to pass that along with their children and so far I think it’s happening 😉 

Kye caught a pincher bug and a spider this month and kept them in an old butter container I had. He was all about checking on them to make sure they were still alive and found grass and flowers for them to eat. Easy pet 😉

I love what a strong work ethic Kye has and how he is such a doer. It’s a trait Zach has that makes him an awesome husband and father and I love that Kye has those traits as well! He noticed his Cozy Coupe was dirty so he sat outside and cleaned it off 😉

One afternoon it was raining and Kye asked if he could just go play in the rain. DUH he could! 

Going along with his work ethic, Kye will just see a job that needs to be done and do it without having to be asked. He told me after nap one day that he needed to go pick up sticks in the yard so he went and did it all on his own! I did laugh at his outfit choice in 100 degree weather haha

Even though in many ways Kye is very serious and more mature for his age, I love that he can still be silly and have fun. I LOVE having him at home during the summer with me! 

I also love this new “cool dude” face babahaha

More About Kye This Month:

  • The Gap outlet I always shop at was closing down and I was pretty upset about it when I first found out. A good bit of time after that initial news I was just having a bad day. You know, the kind where the kids are all just wearing you down! I put my head in my hands for a minute and Kye noticed and came over to me. He said “what’s wrong mommy? is it about Gap closing?” And then he said a prayer “please Lord help Gap not close because it’s where my Mommy gets all her shirts” bahaha
  • Kye is VERY concerned about idol worship. It’s so precious to me because anything we ever talk about he always brings up idols and idol worship. I know at church he learns a lot of the Old Testament stories which do discuss idols a lot and I try to explain to him that we DO still have idol worship today…money, our phones, etc are all idols in society now. 
  • He has gotten SO good at boogie boarding and truly LOVES it! He told me to watch him boogie board and then go write sentences about it on my computer so he can be the champion of boogie boarding and make lots of money…I don’t think he quite understands what blogging is all about 😉
  • He is very friendly towards others and will talk and talk and talk and tells LOTS of detailed stories
  • Kye really has an entrepreneurial spirit which I want to foster but it’s hard because he’s so young! He told me he wanted to have a sale and sell some of his stuff I kept putting him off b/c no one is going to drive by and want to buy some matchbox cars! He said “Mom. I can sell after naps in the yard. If you don’t want me to have a sale then you can just give me $20. It’s your choice” Clever kid huh? 😉 (side note: he didn’t have the sale and did the watermelon sale instead)
  • When he gets upset about making a poor choice he says he just wishes Adam and Eve never had eaten the fruit. Which is funny b/c I myself get SO crunk mad at Eve every month when my Aunt Flo arrives. I mean why Eve whhhhhyyyyy
  • Kye is very humble which is something that is important to me. I don’t want him to brag or be boastful. I think confidence is important but there is a way to be both confidence yet humble. I only know what KYE tells me most of the time and since he is very humble I don’t know if he’s good at stuff or not. Since I wasn’t able to go watch him at golf camp I only heard how he did from him and he is tough on himself. He just told me he didn’t play that good so I assumed he wasn’t playing very well! Others who watched (and when Zach talked to the coaches) said he did excellent and was one of the best out there and it made me MORE proud that he was so humble about it than it did hearing that he was “good.”
  • Kye is a very deep thinker. We talk in bed at night just us and he confided in me and told me that sometimes he feels like maybe the Bible is just a big made up story and that it isn’t true. This blew me away because it’s something I myself have struggled with before, even as an adult! I mean sometimes it’s hard to have that faith and believe! I’m interested to see when Kye approaches us about baptism as I have a feeling he will be on the younger end of that spectrum with the way he interprets things and is already developing that deeper faith. I encourage him to question things like that and to share those thoughts with me because that’s how we learn and grow!
  • Kye talked to Casey at breakfast when we were in Atlanta and told her that it’s important to eat all the healthy foods on your plate first. Just like its important to put God first in our lives so we don’t run out of room for Him or for the healthy foods 🙂 


I am always so thankful to be a mommy, especially to such amazing children. I tell each of my kids how special they are to me and Kye knows he’s special b/c he was the first one to ever make me a mom. I’m so thankful he came first as he’s such a great example and leader to his siblings and I know his little sisters are so blessed to have him as their big brother!

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