Kye Monthly Summary: July 2017

July was SUCH a fun filled month for our family! I just love summer and especially as the kids get older that quality time together is even more precious. We kicked off July in St Augustine. Kye is at an age where he’s less pumped about things and it made me SO happy to see him SO excited at the pirate museum! It was def his fav! 

He is such a sweet, thoughtful boy and really took his time signing the guest book 🙂 

At church the kids are able to redeem their Bible Bucks to eat lunch with friends and Kye was chosen this month to go with one of his friends to their favorite spot: The Mill! I love that our kids are growing up around so many other great christian families!

Kye finally built his k’nex gun from Christmas. Y’all this K’Nex stuff is REALLY awesome! If you have a boy on your list to buy for, these kits make wonderful gifts. 

In Zach’s storage shed Kye has his own area where he’s kept all of his Lowe’s Build and Grow stuff (so sad that those days are over booooo) He likes to work out there and it was so cute that this month Tess kept asking to go out to the work shed to “do work” too 😉 

Sometimes during naps I’d let Kye swim while I laid out and he was hilarious about the water and how good it felt baha!

Kye is a HUGE helper. He truly wanted to help with every aspect of Tess’s party and I love the pride he took in it!

I’m also impressed with his coloring skills. I mean he doesn’t color all that often anymore and it’s like I feel like he should still be scribbling!!!

Kye is also randomly SUPER skilled at the etch a sketch?!?!

Zach and I have an inside joke about parents who brag about their kids eating a lot of food. You know the type…”My kid can put back two Happy Meals!” Um cool? Like you do realize Happy Meals aren’t healthy and that we live in an overly obese society right? So when Kye ate two double cheeseburgers I had to take a picture haha

We really, really noticed this month just how much Kye is not very excited about, well, anything. He says everything is “pretty good.” He says “pretty good” so often that we joked about it a little too much with him where he got self conscious about it so we’re trying not to tease about it so much! I’m not an overly excitable person so he gets it honest and it’s not a negative thing, we just want so much for him to have fun and sometimes it’s hard to get a read on him if he’s truly having a good time or enjoying things that we do. 

This was his first year where he wasn’t super excited over the annual fire station visit. Once we got there though, I was happy to see him get into it 😉 He kept raising his hand to answer and ask questions and wanted a picture with the fireman at the end. My little boy is still in there 😉 

Kye’s love language is for sure quality time as he enjoys spending time together, especially playing games. He is SUPER good at checkers! It shocks me how good he is…or maybe I’m just terrible. It was so funny b/c I posted this story on IG about how I couldn’t make a move and then after I posted it I saw my move and he said “instagram fail” bahaha

One of my favorite memories from college is when I would babysit. Kye’s first name is Candler after the little boy I kept every afternoon after school. I loved afternoons with Madeline and Candler and we loved to play Blink together. It’s a very simple, fast card game and playing it with MY Candler brings back such special memories! 

The kids all LOVED VBS at a local congregation this month! 

We also visited our local retirement home to spend some time with some members at our church. I let the kids each pick out a plant to take with us and Kye was SO funny about it. We visited two men from church and he said he wanted “manly plants.” He ended up picking a plant with no flowers because it looked the most “manly” ha!

I’m back in a groove of monthly grocery shopping and Kye went with me this month. I thought it was good for him to see how much things cost and how much time and effort it takes for me to do that shopping. He was pretty shocked at the total!!!

He may be GROWN but he loves his Mama. He will get in my bed at naps and ask me to come cuddle and talk. He’s always rubbing on my back and playing with my hair. I love our talks and our snuggles and every minute we spend together!

I had to share this sweet video of Kye holding Cam at the hospital! He is going to be SO PRECIOUS with sweet Tab!!!

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