Kye Monthly Summary: February

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This is Kye’s summary from February – also his last month being 7!

Kye has done SO well with his reading. His school does AR (accelerated reader) testing which is so funny to me because I remember having the same thing when I was in school (of course I wasn’t competitive about it like Kye is!). I’m not sure if this is a nation wide thing or not but basically he earns points for the books he reads as well as how well he does on comprehension tests he takes after he finishes each book. We have a pretty solid system down. He reads quicker easier books each night but also works through a chapter book each night too and checks out a chapter book for the weekends. It’s really helping him rack up the points! 

He’s SUCH an outstanding reader. This month he accidentally got a book from the library that was a 6.6 reading level (meaning the level a 6th grader reads at a little over halfway through the 6th grade year). He’s allowed to get 5.5 level or lower, but didn’t realize he’d grabbed a 6.6 one. He still took the AR test on it that Monday and scored a 90! 

This month he got a letter from Valdosta State that he’s been recognized as one of the top readers at his school! Such a big honor! He was invited to attend VSU basketball games and be recognized during the game. It ended up falling on the same day as my Disney Solo Trip so Zach took all three kids solo (and even dressed them all in pink for the “pink out”). They had a blast and it really was the perfect daddy-solo time outing!

Man yall. Football just reigns supreme in this town and it’s HARD to find other valid options for sports for boys. I feel like there are several solid girl options (dance, gymnastics) but for boys? It’s lacking. Kye did tennis some but got very bored with it as he was one of only a couple kids who would show up and since it wasn’t an organized thing (it’s just at a local park and anyone can pay to join in each week) it was just very repetitive. So much of the sports options feel like babysitting more than learning the actual sport! We did golf at the club where we’re members but that was also usually only Kye showing up and the guy who gave the lessons was sporadic in actually having them. Recently I actually saw an ad on Instagram of all places for another junior golf lesson locally. It’s more expensive ($20 per time) so we talked with Kye and all agreed he’d go every other week and no longer do the other golf or tennis. He likes it SO much better because there are more kids and it’s better instruction time! YAY!!!! (if you are local it’s at Stone Creek and you don’t have to be a member to participate)

Kye had been playing football on the playground every day at school but there has been some ongoing drama with it and the school made a rule that no more football is allowed (it’s been an across the board issue, not with Kye specifically). He has really tried to come up with fun things to do with his friends at recess! One thing they enjoy doing is racing. Kye wanted to come up with some sort of prize for the winners of the races and I had a TON of stickers I bought from a deal awhile back (like several rolls of them totaling over 1,000 ha!) so I let him take a roll to school and it worked out great! But I did tell him no more because they went through the entire roll in that one day 😉

He has always enjoyed playing detective at home and started playing on the playground at school as well. He has a special jacket that he’s dubbed his “detective jacket” and has a notepad and magnifying glass he keeps in the pockets. It’s pretty adorable and I love that he wants to take it to school to wear without any worries of being embarrassed. I love that at this age everything is still cool 🙂

Telling me about his case 😉

I love what an adventurous eater Kye is! I’ve been making lots of new things and he’s always happy about trying them and typically likes them too!

We finally had our cotton candy date and both agreed that Disney Cotton Candy is THE BEST

Kye asked to use my phone to take pictures of these creations so he could remember them and recreate them because I told him he had to clean up 😉 If you’re looking for a good gift or want a solid investment toy for your kids then magnitiles are where it’s at!

Our jedi magnitile master 😉



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Hey Y’all, I’m Emily! I’m a stay at home mom and consider parenting to be my passion. Disney is my happiest place and I love making memories as a family together. I’m a big believer in transparency and share all of my real-life moments as a mother of four.

My work has been featured on Today Parenting and Babywise.Life. I’m also honored to be a member of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network.

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Kye Monthly Summary: February

I work with several companies and links to any products within posts are affiliate.

Kye’s last month as a 5 year old! This post is all about the random things he was up to during this month!

I keep reading that kids at a certain age stop wanting to do chores and be helpful. I’m not sure when that age will come? I am interested to see if it ever does with Kye. I truly think he is just a person with a servant heart. He LOVES helping and acts of service is FOR SURE his love language! I am really comfortable with him doing just about any chore in our home and he loves the responsibility…and I love the help!

This month Kye and I had to prepare food for his Kenya project. This experience was a big moment for Kye for a couple reasons. The first? He didn’t need a stool to help me!!! He told me he could reach and I totally didn’t believe him at first…but yup, he can. 

The second “big moment” was when I told him he could have a glass of sweet tea for the first time ever! Yes. He was a couple weeks away from turning 6 and hadn’t ever tried sweet tea. He also still hasn’t tried chocolate milk. Why start drinking something that isn’t good for you? It’s easier to eat healthy when you don’t crave the junk food! 

He tried the tea and said he liked it okay, he did drink a little more at the party at his class but it’s not something we will be offering to him and he hasn’t ever asked to have any again (although we don’t drink tea too often either so it’s not like he’s even seen it very much!). 

I don’t want y’all to think I’m some un-fun mom…but when it comes to drink options our kids can choose white milk or water. Kye is also allowed to choose lemonade as a “fun drink” choice and occasionally they will both have juice (v8 fusion mixed with Naked Juice Green Machine and water!). They have never complained or even asked to have anything else! I’m interested to see how long I can keep it going 😉

Kye really enjoys building things and comes inside from the storage shed with all sorts of creations. This one he made for me and it is still sitting on my desk. He told me it’s a paper clip holder. He actually set it up for me at my desk and got all my paperclips out and put them on the hook. So if I ever need a paper clip I have it handy 😉 It makes him so happy to see when I use the paper clips. He takes a TON of pride in his work and I love that Zach is raising him to be a handy husband. When I married Zach I had NO CLUE he’d have such a handy side to him and I LOVE IT and am always so thankful for it! 

As part of Kye’s love for service to others…he enjoys “fixing” things around the house. One of his favorite things to do “for Tess” is to take a ton of her toy links and attach them all to her play mat and hang a ton of toys from it. It’s a bit of a disaster to dissemble and it’s actually made us use the playmat less haha!

Kye licks his lips A LOT and gets chapped lips easily. This winter we kept having some really WARM days followed by SUPER cold ones. My lips got super chapped too! Kye ended up having this spot on his lip that looked AWFUL. I immediately assumed it was a fever blister as Zachs family members get them often. We got some (expensive!) fever blister medicine to put on it and it helped some. I still sent him to school and everything because it’s not like it’s contagious as long as he wasn’t kissing people…which he shouldn’t be at school anyway! I felt bad for him, but thankfully he’s not at the easily embarrassed age yet. 

When Zach took the girls to Tess’s 6 month visit he took this picture with him to ask our pediatrician about Kye’s lip and they actually said it’s NOT a fever blister. It’s from that area being so chapped that it eventually got infected. We now have prevention lip ointment and another ointment to help clear it up if it ever happens again! 

This month it finally happened. Kye pulled a clip! He went the entire school year last year without pulling one. He pulled one this year early in the year but wasn’t punished for it (he pulled the clip for cheating and the note home said he was looking at the teacher’s paper? He’s in kindergarten so we just felt like it wasn’t a punish at home type offense…). But he finally pulled a clip for a legit punishable reason: talking. 

I knew by the look on his face when I picked him up that the time had arrived. He was SO upset. We have told our children that if they get in trouble at school then they will also get in trouble at home. We talked about it and I talked to Zach about it and we all agreed that it was a punish at home type of situation. He knew better than to be talking during instruction time. On top of the discipline (we spank) he also wrote a note to his teacher to apologize. 

School, other than the clip incident, is still going well for Kye. He doesn’t love it, but I don’t think Zach ever loved school either. I am surprised to see a switch in Kye recently. I used to think he was JUST like me but he’s becoming more and more like his daddy. His school work was coming home with missing sections or sections where he didn’t follow instructions. He’s in such a rush to finish that he misses parts of his work! We started having him redo all the missed sections and when it happened again he had to miss his Mario Kart night for the week. It was a great punishment as it hasn’t happened since!

Kye has a tote for his school bag and he wanted to decorate it 🙂 

Kye is reading more and more and coming home with some LONG books to read aloud to us. Britt loves listening to him read and it’s so awesome to see how far he’s come so quickly!

This month the kids had a couple days off school so Titus came over to hang out. It’s so fun seeing Kye get to hang with a BOY for a change! I did have to get on to the boys for not including Britt and I think it hurts her feelings to not be Kye’s #1 but Titus gels so great with our family and it’s true what everyone says: once you have 3 it doesn’t make a difference how many you add to the bunch! When he’s over I really don’t notice any change to our day or to my stress levels!

Speaking of friends… tell me these two aren’t SO adorable! We stayed after church one Sunday for lunch and Kye loved getting to spend time with Kailyn and they were even coordinated 😉 They have passed a couple notes and Kye has the note she wrote him on his dresser. So precious!

I am REALLY trying to cherish the school days I have left with Kye being in half day school. It can be stressful in the mornings to get the kids dropped off and can be a rush to get them picked up on time, but I’m trying to savior these car rides and the time I have with my big boy. Next year I’m hoping he will be able to be dropped off in the mornings by either Zach or I but he will most likely have to ride the bus home in the afternoons because pick up time conflicts with the girls naps. And honestly I just feel guilty forcing poor Tess to be in the car that much every day! Dropping him off, dropping Britt off, picking Britt up. That’s already a lot of time in the car! Picking him up would not only be right in the middle of her nap but also would be probably another hour in the car. I’m MEGA nervous about the bus and am hoping to maybe find someone willing to car pool or something in our neighborhood! We will see! For now though I’m thankful for these days with my baby boy and am not in anyyyyy rush for next school year to arrive!

We always get Tess out of the car seat while we wait in the drop off line. I feel guilt having her have to spend majority of her awake time in the car seat! Kye loves entertaining her while we wait 🙂

Kye loves music and loves to make up songs and perform songs he already knows. I’m just waiting for him to ask for some music lessons! 

Other Stuff From This Month:

  • Kye told me that he and this little girl in his class, Emma, smile at each other a lot and then look away. He told me it’s called “shy love” 
  • Kye’s favorite toys are his cars and trains
  • Most days after naps he wants to do arts and crafts
  • Zach has been playing in the backyard with him a good bit with sports stuff and Kye really doesn’t like instruction a lot. He gets frustrated and just wants to give up when there is a lot of criticism (I am the same way)
  • He’s getting pretty bossy with Britt…I need to look up some tips on how to work on that
  • When we hear Kye say “ugh oh what’s wrong?” when Britt is crying then we KNOW that he did something to cause her to cry! It’s the dead giveaway
  • I mentioned something about my agenda book and he said “ohhh I thought that was your vacation book because it’s where you always write down our vacations” Can you tell his mama loves to plan some vacas? 😉

Videos from this month:

Just for kicks I thought I’d include Kye’s daily schedule at 5 years old:

7:10 his day starts and he knows he can get up when his lamp turns on
He gets dressed on his own and then comes downstairs
Eats breakfast, brushes teeth, has some playtime before leaving for school
7:55-8:05 we leave for school
8:30 drop off starts
12:10 picked up from school
We rush home and they eat lunch
1:00 down for nap…I put the girls down first and then tuck him in (he typically doesn’t sleep but is allowed to read during this time)
2:45 his lamp comes on to let him know he can get up
He has free play to himself until Britt gets up (anywhere from 3-5 depending on how long she sleeps!)
We often play outside or some other activity together (crafts etc) once Britt is up and Tess is done nursing.
5ish typically Zach gets home and I make dinner while the kids enjoy Daddy
6:00 we eat as a family
6:30ish kids take a bath
7:00 story time and prayer time then the kids play a game with Zach while I nurse Tess
7:45 Kye goes to bed and if I’m done nursing we will then read some of a chapter book together, lights are out by 8!

My handsome, handsome boy!

Emily Parker

Hey Y’all, I’m Emily! I’m a stay at home mom and consider parenting to be my passion. Disney is my happiest place and I love making memories as a family together. I’m a big believer in transparency and share all of my real-life moments as a mother of four.

My work has been featured on Today Parenting and Babywise.Life. I’m also honored to be a member of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network.

You can read more about our family on my About Me page. Also be sure to follow along with me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

Find me on: Web | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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Kye Monthly Summary – February

I work with several companies and links to any products within posts are affiliate.

Here is the summary from February for Kye! His last month being THREE! For some reason I didn’t take NEARLY as many pictures as usual that month? I guess we just didn’t do much? Don’t worry b/c March will totally be making up for it 😉

Daddy’s Helper: As usual Kye’s favorite activity is helping Daddy work 🙂 They spent a LOT of time outside (in the cold!) working on projects this month. Zach actually made a new dining room table for our back porch (post to come!) and Kye got to help. How special is that? What’s even MORE special is the wood they used came from Big Daddy’s farm. And was actually used as fencing around his yard many years ago…Zach’s dad actually helped put the fence up. So much history!

Scissors: I had some child scissors up in the cabinet and was cleaning it out and found them so I let Kye try them out. Is it a totally bad parent thing that I have NO clue if they are using scissors at school or not?!?! I figured I’d just let him cut up some paper and he did great with it. It took him a minute or two to get into the groove of how to hold them then he was good to go. He said he was cutting up wrapping paper for us (makes logical sense b/c the only time he sees me cut stuff is when I’m wrapping gifts for people). It kept him happily entertained for a LONG time! Here’s a video!

Silverware: I have mentioned this before but finally took a picture of it 😉 I think having “jobs” around the house is SO important for our children. We are a family. We ALL play a role in the success of our home. Kye has many little “jobs” and we add to the list as we see fit. He always clears his stuff from the table but now I am having him get his and Britt’s silverware before each meal. I moved all of their stuff into a box and put the box in a lower cabinet in the kitchen. Kye can open and shut it with ease and can pick out the silverware without any problems then shut the door again 🙂 It has also made it easy for BOTH kids to help put the dishes away when the are clean. They both (yes, even Britt who is 16 months old!) know where the forks and spoons go and can put them away.  Kye takes SO much pride in his “jobs” and I love having the extra help!

Running: A foot update on me is on its way soon…but after the second cortisone shot I was feeling pretty good! Zach went on a golf trip with his dad for several days and I didn’t want to keep the kids cooped up the entire time. So we went on a walk to the playground. A HUGE deal for me. I’ve had foot issues for 6 MONTHS now and have been very limited in my walking abilities. It was nice to get out, get some fresh air, and just enjoy my sweet babies. On the way back Kye said he wanted to RUN. He got out of the stroller and ended up running the ENTIRE way home. Pretty impressive! It is such a blessing to have such a well behaved child who obeys me so well. I can trust him completely! I let him run ahead of us and would yell ahead to him what his next “stop and wait” point would be. He stopped every time without question or hesitation 🙂 

 Stopping and waiting for us to catch up!

Playing: Of course we did a lot of playing! We always do, right? 😉 Kye has started to “wise up” and realize that anything he plays with, Britt will also want to play with. He will try to make her stay away from his stuff but I have set a firm rule: we all SHARE our house. Anything he has in the living areas of our home (living room, dining room, playroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc) are COMMON property and she has equal right to play with them. If he wants to take toys into his room he can close the door and play by himself without her interruptions however he will be by himself. Sometimes he chooses to do that and that’s fine. I am a firm believer in each kid having their own space that is theirs and sometimes we all need time alone to decompress. However, most of the time Kye chooses to be with the family and plays with his toys in the living areas and has figured out ways to keep Britt from messing up his set ups. He’ll give her some of his toys to play with but put them in a separate area so she’ll stay away or he’ll just let her play with him and I may have to go help him re-fix things as she accidentally messes them up. Sometimes she gets on his nerves but I just remind him that it’s HIS choice to play in the living area or he can go into his room to play. So far, it’s a great system!

We also play in Britt’s room a LOT and I do have to remind Kye that it is HER room. Just like his room is his place, her room is hers and if she wants to play with something he must let her in her own room. Even if it means things get “messed up.” I also remind him that the toys in her room are HERS. And how nice it is of her to share all of her things with him. This month we had a LOT of “parties” in Britt’s room. On this particular day it was Mickey’s and Goofy’s birthday party 🙂

This month G-Mama’s dream FINALLY came true and she got a playground at her house for the grand kids! It will be used a lot more by Colt and Payton obviously since they are over there every day but Kye was still super thrilled about it! Zach and Kye went over there to help finish building it one Saturday then we all met up there that afternoon and had a big family dinner and let the kids break it in! They were SO pumped!!!

Checkers: As a kid growing up we had one of these checkers sets…I think they are from Cracker Barrel? When I saw it on sale at one of the kid’s sales I go to I had to grab it! It was only $3 and actually had DOUBLE the amount of checkers with it…score 🙂 For our game time with Kye one night we busted it out and I was surprised by how much he actually enjoyed it. Of course we did a simplified version where he got to “jump” a lot of my checkers…but it was a good way to introduce a classic game. I can’t wait until he and Britt can play it together the same way my brother and I did when we were kids 🙂 

Tattoo: At his Valentine’s Day celebration at school someone gave out tattoos as party of their Valentine’s and Kye was so excited. He thought the Spiderman tattoo would turn him into Spiderman. Which is funny in itself as he’s never seen anything about Spiderman before. All of his superhero knowledge comes from school and his classmates and I guess Spiderman must be a popular one? Because it’s the one he will talk about the most! We let him pick a spot for the tattoo and he picked on his ribs. SO RANDOM. I kept telling him it was a FAKE tattoo and would wash away and he didn’t believe me. He kept cracking up and telling me that I was kidding with him and that it would be there forever. I guess he totally forgot about it because it faded/washed away within a couple days and he’s never mentioned it again!

Super Bowl: The Super Bowl always starts pretty early so this year we let Kye watch a little of the game with Zach. I’m SO thankful for DVR as we were able to skip through all the commercials. On our way home from church Zach wanted a “Super Bowl Treat” so we drove through Taco Bell. Kye shared some of Zach’s tacos with him while they watched. True American Guy Time at it’s finest, right? They were both completely zoned out haha

Ironing: I have NEVER been a fan of ironing. I avoid it at all costs. Zach has always done his own ironing and will often even iron my stuff for me if it really needs it. When we upgraded our washer and dryer a few years ago we purposefully bought one with a dryer setting to use to get wrinkles out of clothes. It works well so most of the time I can avoid ironing all together. It’s not that I really MIND ironing, it’s that it takes up SO much time AND I feel like I’m just not good at it? Like I’ll get done and there will be new creases in places that aren’t supposed to have creases haha. Having a boy who wears a TON of golf shirts and dress shirts means that ironing is a must. No dryer setting can make those shirt collars lay perfectly! Instead of ironing as he wears things I instead do ALL of his stuff at one time. I like to do it while watching tv and typically can get away with only doing it a couple times a year. If he wears a dress shirt and doesn’t get dirty then I just hang it up and have him re-wear it again. So far it’s a good system that works for me. I ironed all of these shirts during an episode of The Bachelor. Yes, there are over 40 of them. It’s ridiculous how many shirts this kid owns. What’s even worse is that when I took them all out of his closet to iron them it didn’t even make his closet look empty! He has a LOT of clothes but I consider it an investment since we won’t have to buy much of anything when we have another son someday, right? 🙂

 Other Stuff Kye was up to This Month:

  • Kye woke up one morning and told me all about his bad dream where spiders and their webs (hello Spiderman talks from school…) were chasing him and he had oranges in his shoes that kept falling out and then they started chasing him too (not sure why the fear of oranges? haha)
  • One night before bed Kye said his prayers and prayed “I don’t like when Daddy toots” 
  • We were passing by some railroad tracks and there was a choo choo on the tracks with a tractor on top of it. I’d never seen that before and we were talking about it and Kye explained to me all about what they were doing and why the tractor was there. And he was right! We drove by again a few days later and sure enough they had put out new rocks
  • We’ve been in hardcore birthday party planning mode and Kye def takes after his mama with planning things. He’s already decided he wants his 5th birthday party to be Lightning McQueen and his 6th to be Pirates 🙂
  • He learned about Cain and Able at Bible Class and says “Cainand Able” instead of Cain AND Able 
  • He says things are “slicy” instead of “spicy”
  • We passed by a cemetery and he asked what it was. I explained to him that it’s where bodies go after we die b/c when we go to Heaven we don’t take anything from Earth with us. He kept asking how do we put our bodies back together in Heaven? I told him God will give us new bodies that won’t get sick or hurt or anything like that. I try to be as honest as I can with him when he asks questions but there are SO many things about Heaven that I don’t know either so I just tell him that I’ve haven’t been to Heaven yet but won’t it be so cool to find out that stuff someday?
  • When we went to a birthday party at the park for Adia (his friend from school) he asked me “Mommy, does Adia live here?”
  • We went to the mall playground with Colt and Payton and I didn’t see Kye for a bit so I went to look for him. When I found him he was sitting with a little girl and I heard him say “so…how old are you?” haha He’s got game already 😉
  • He’s wearing all 4t sized clothes. His 3t pants are all too short but 4t is still big in the waste. He can still wear his 3t shirts though
  • We were at Zaxby’s and Kye saw a picture of a Coke and said “Mommy, that stuff is BAD for you”
  • When we were at the beach he was playing with the hotel room phone and said “Mommy you take care of the children and handle all the texting stuff.” Pretty much sums up my life hahahaha
  • His favorite phrases this month have been “no way!” and “are you kidding me???”
  • He likes to ask me a lot about my childhood. He will ask me if I did such and such when I was a little girl and it’s usually about the most random stuff. Like “Mommy did you roll your sleeves up when you were eating when you were a little girl?”
  • He has a reoccurring nightmare (which I used to get SO bad when I was a girl) about some itchy thing. I have NO CLUE what the itchy thing is and when I guess I’m always wrong!
  • At lunch one day he picked up his carrot stick and said “Mommy, I need to check and see if these carrots are legit”
  • He said he is stronger than me because he is a boy and boys are stronger than girls, He showed me his muscles and said he has bigger rocks in there than I do 🙂
  • We had a bible study with Jordan and Casey one night and we made a list of our priorities on a notecard. We included Kye in the study and he had a notecard too. The first thing we all wrote down was what we think is the most important to us. He said praying to God is his most important thing 🙂 So precious!
  • While setting up his train track he was singing a song he made up that went “change change what a pain” I asked him where he heard that song from and he said “from 100 years ago”
  • He LOVES Britt and cheers her on in everything he does. He gives her such big hugs and says “I’m so proud of you sweet girl!”
  • He is also figuring out that being the older sibling has some advantages. He’s started to teach her how to clean up his toys for him!
  • He said “your crazy dawg” and I have NO CLUE where he got that from b/c we do not say that!
  • I was out one night before he went to bed and when I went to wake him up the next morning he woke up with this HUGE grin on his face. I asked him why he was smiling so big and he said “B/c you’re home!!!”
  • Kye is becoming quite the jokester…he is so proud of the “voices” he can do. Here’s a video of him doing his Aflac Duck, Wall-E, and Eva voices 😉 
  • We talk a lot about Heaven and he said he is SO excited to see David when he gets to Heaven but that David’s brothers will not be in Heaven b/c they made bad choices and did not say sorry for them. I asked him where they will be if they aren’t in Heaven (b/c I’ve never talked to him about Hell…kinda waiting on that concept!) and he said they will live in sand?
  • On Feb 27th Kye told me he can no longer marry me when he grows up. He said that Kailyn told him he could only marry one person and that he wants to marry her. Sad day, but smart boy 😉
  • Also on Feb 27th he dressed himself completely from head to toe for the first time!
  • One day after nap he called out that he had to tell me something. When I went in to get him he said “I’m Kye annnnn Lightning McQueen. My new name is Kye Flash Parker Lightning McQueen”

Kye asked me to take this picture of him looking “funny”

 Cool bird on our back fence…a hawk? I know NOTHING about birds 😉

I love that Kye is at such a sweet, loving stage right now. He truly loves his mama so much and I take full advantage of it. I’m not sure how long his sweet hands will stay this chubby or how long he’ll continue to let me hold his hand in mine but I’m just savoring every precious moment right now 🙂 I can’t believe my baby is getting ready to be FOUR!

Emily Parker

Hey Y’all, I’m Emily! I’m a stay at home mom and consider parenting to be my passion. Disney is my happiest place and I love making memories as a family together. I’m a big believer in transparency and share all of my real-life moments as a mother of four.

My work has been featured on Today Parenting and Babywise.Life. I’m also honored to be a member of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network.

You can read more about our family on my About Me page. Also be sure to follow along with me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

Find me on: Web | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


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