Kye Monthly Summary: February 2016

Here’s a review of Kye’s month of February! His last month of being 6!

Zach and I had a “date day” where we spent the day getting adult things done like paying taxes, updating our wills, and getting our conceal and carry licenses. Ya know, fun stuff πŸ˜‰ It worked out where Kye’s class had their Valentine’s Day party the same day and we were able to attend. Kye was SO happy to have us both there and we loved getting to visit with his precious classmates. Kye had sent a special Valentine gram to the girl in his class he considers his “girl friend” and it was cute to see her excited about it. I truly can’t imagine being a teacher. When I visit his class and so many of the kids seek out my attention it breaks my heart because I know they are hungry for that attention as so many kids aren’t getting enough at home. I know teachers see SO MUCH and I just can’t even imagine! I’d be trying to take all the kids home with me!!!

Sweet friends!

He has some killer room moms in his class (nope, not me!) and they got to decorate cupcakes. YUM!

The event fell on a Friday and I’ve heard before about the Fun Friday stuff they do. Kye led the class in their Friday Song. Hilarious! Here’s a video!

After the party we were able to go and meet with his Discovery teacher. She actually taught Zach when he was in school, isn’t that awesome? It was good to meet with her a talk to her about Kye and have a better feel for what he’s experiencing in Discovery. He’s come SO FAR with how much he enjoys it! 

We still got home earlier than we needed to for getting the girls from Zach’s mom so we hit up McD for a little treat and some quality solo time with our big boy πŸ™‚ So thankful he’s ours!

This month Kye recited The Lord’s Prayer at church and earned a certificate as well as lots of “Bible Bucks.” He was upset I missed it and I felt SO BAD! I didn’t realize I needed to go up to the kids area that morning to watch! I’m so proud of how much Kye loves the Lord and loves to learn His word!

Kye was selected to be the Star Student this month. In his class they devote an entire week to it with different things on each day (such as one day he would share his favorite book, a favorite item from home, etc). His week fell the same week we went to Disney and he missed most of the week. His teacher was super sweet to work with us and he had his week when we got back! Kye and I had fun going through LOTS of pics on my computer and choosing which ones he wanted for his poster boards. He decided to do one poster board for his Star Student stuff and another for the day he was supposed to bring in family photos. I think he may like pics as much as I do πŸ˜‰ He chose all the photos himself and made the boards on his own. I love seeing which photos mean the most to him and hearing about some of HIS favorite memories!

The week he was Star Student also happened to be the week of his birthday AND the week of Dr Suess dress up days. It was animal day and Kye wanted to be a Zebra πŸ˜‰

This month Tess and Britt started swim (posts to come) and Kye went with us for Tess’s first two days of lessons. He’s such an encourager and wanted to be there to cheer her on but then couldn’t handle it! As soon as she started crying HE got super, super upset and said he couldn’t be there anymore. I let him go inside so he didn’t have to be there to witness it. Bless his heart! It was SO precious and sweet though! Of course Britt immediately said that she too couldn’t handle it πŸ˜‰ I know she really just wanted to hang out with her brother though haha!

I feel like the day is soon approaching where Kye will want to play sports. He says he wants to play now but just wants to skip the practices and practice at home haha He really loves football but will also play basketball a good bit in the backyard. Zach hasn’t been able to play golf in AGES due to back issues (thanks to a car wreck that wasn’t his fault back in 2014…) and Kye has also said many times how he misses getting to play too. I love my husband for many reasons but one of them is that he doesn’t let his pain stop him from playing with his kids. He hurts, a lot, but will push through if it means they get to make a memory! When Kye asked him to play football he wasn’t about to say no…even if it meant icing his back a good bit that night πŸ˜‰

Fierce πŸ˜‰

Every player needs an end zone dance!

Kye is the typical first born. He loves to be in charge of his sisters and loves to teach them things. He tries again and again to get Britt to enjoy playing school. It hasn’t really taken off yet but it doesn’t stop him from trying πŸ˜‰

I remember when we lived in Satellite Beach that we CONSTANTLY had little tiny frogs that would get into our house. In our home now our animal invasion is lady bugs. I don’t really mind them? I don’t think they cause any harm do they? I feel like I heard somewhere that they are sign of good luck or something and I’m rolling with that. The kids get pumped when they find one!

“Mom come look at my Christmas tree” Haha! He took random things from outside and hung them from a bush πŸ˜‰ 

First Fun Dip experience!

Kye said he wanted to “cook a snack” for me. I let him go for it because, why not? And this is what he brought me…Ritz crackers with peanut butter and m&ms and chocolate chips. Interesting choice…

When we built our house we kept it simple and basic with the plans to always be updating it. The next “big project” is an outdoor kitchen area. With Zach’s back issues he’s been taking it very slow and easy and wearing a brace the whole time but is still doing a phenomenal job with it! I love that Kye gets to help build things that will be a forever part of our home πŸ™‚

More About Kye:

  • He had a mild case of the tummy bug this month which was pretty pitiful. Kye has a really strong immune system and I’ve been shocked he’s yet to miss a day of school this year due to illness. I really think he’s more of a “carrier” and he brings the crud from school home and then Tess gets it!
  • Zach leads a little pre-worship service thing for the kids at church called Pew Packers. They sing songs and he asks them questions about their studies in Bible Class. It’s to help encourage kids to want to come to Sunday night services and it’s been a big hit! During Pew Packers one night Zach got up and Kye REALLY loudly said “What’s Up Zach?” Which was SO funny b/c he was the only kid that said it and I guess it’s something they had said before!
  • We had some cake and Kye said it was pure delicious and then said “so pure”
  • When I drop Kye off at school in the mornings I just want to savor the moment he gets out of the car. He ALWAYS walks beside the car smiling and waving and looking for me. I know that it won’t last long and it makes me smile SO BIG every single time!
  • Katie was over one night and Kye said to her “did you know my dad is kinda famous? B/c his number (85) is on a LOT of things”
  • One night I overheard Zach’s nightly bible study with Kye. They were discussing the importance of being knowledgable about God’s word. Zach said “Let’s talk about knowledge. Like I played football for a long time so I can say I’m knowledgable about football. What’s something you are knowledgable about?” Kye said “Math!” Zach said “That’s great! What’s something Mommy is knowledgeable about?” Kye said “…laundry?” hahahaha


I love every minute of being his Mommy and can’t believe it’s been SEVEN YEARS!!!

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