Kye Monthly Summary – December

December was a BUSY month…as you can tell by the fact that it’s taken me SO long to get through it all πŸ™‚ With a busy month I tend to have less to post in the kid’s monthly entries because I pretty much cover everything in other posts from the month! But here’s other stuff Kye was up to in December:

Helper: Kye was SUCH a big helper with all the activities this month. He helped me make decorations and sweet treats for Britt’s party, all the Christmas goodies, and even a Birthday Cake for G-Mama! I love having his company in the kitchen and love that he ENJOYS it!!!

 Making the cake

 Like the ghetto candle numbers? We happened to have them and Zach thought it’d be funny for them not to match

Big Boy Bedding: Kye is now sleeping with his “big boy” blankets and pillow. He still actually sleeps ON the “friends pillow” and has “his blanket” as his first blanket but I figure it’s all a step in the right direction. I’m not sure at what age to push the transition? I figured as long as his friends stay in the bed then I don’t really care how long he sleeps with them? We had a talk about how I got sick of always having to look for them at nap and bedtime so he AGREED that it’s time for them to stay in the bed. It seriously was NO ISSUE at all!!! Shocked me! Sometimes he’ll forget and bring them out but I’ll just say “oops! Monkey stays in your bed remember?” And he runs and puts him back. He will still get them for movie time but I get it and would want to cuddle up and be snuggly too if I got to have movie time πŸ˜‰

Football Obsessed: So. The time has come. I mean I kinda figured it was inevitable. But didn’t expect it THIS young! Kye has become hardcore obsessed with football. He loves it. Zach and I agreed when he was born that we would never pressure him with any sports…he has chosen football all on his own. But, he’s also super exposed to it. I mean he’s watched Zach’s highlight film enough times to where anytime football is on he’ll ask where Daddy is on the field πŸ˜‰ Whatever your kid is exposed to, that’s what they are more likely to choose on their own. I embrace it…just like I said I would. I cheer him on (Britt likes to cheer too!) as he “runs his routes” and just cross my fingers that it’s a phase he’ll outgrow πŸ˜‰ It is super cute to watch him and Zach play together and I know how proud it makes him! Here’s a video of Kye’s awesome moves!

 He likes to tackle haha

 Zach found his old chin strap and rigged it up on Kye’s helmet for him

 He decided his football name is “Kye FLASH Parker” b/c he’s so fast πŸ˜‰

Last year he wouldn’t even wear these pjs b/c they are fleece (he had a thing about fabrics for a bit) but now he’s OBSESSED with them because they have footballs on them and because it says Daddy’s football number. 

Good Choices on Own: As a parent one of my goals is for my children to make good decisions on their OWN. Not just when they are told what to do. And not just when I’m around. We had a TON of toys out over Christmas break and just were very lazy (and messy) and enjoyed free play a LOT. I took a picture of Kye’s massive set up. Britt was napping and Kye had well over 75 army men and little Disney figurines all set up all over the dining and living rooms. I thought it was cute how they all were set up in little stations.

I had to get some stuff done (laundry? cooking? who knows?) and awhile later I came back out to check on him and ALL of the little toys were gone. I asked them what he did with them and he said “well, I was done playing so I cleaned them up!” I couldn’t believe it! He had picked up EVERY single little toy AND put it back in it’s proper container and put the containers back where they went in the closet. It made me SO proud because he made those choices 100% on his OWN!!!

Sick: Kye has such a strong immune system…it’s a blessing but also a curse. Like Zach he will be icky feeling longer because he rarely actually gets HARDCORE sick. Over Christmas he had a fever for a day then would break it and be fine then get it again..on and off for about a week. He barely ate much and was just very lazy. I didn’t bother taking him in because he never really kept the fever so I just treated it with over the counter meds (Tylenol and Motrin) and had him drink juice constantly (which he didn’t mind since juice is a rare treat in our house!). He finally got a bit of an appetite and had this big craving for apple slices and peanut butter so I let him eat them while watching Mighty Machines. He loved it! Thankfully he got over the junk and got back to his normal self!

Pretty Weather: We spent a good bit of time outside this month. It was SO pretty!!! Kye LOVES to eat outside and I love that our back porch is so easily accessible from the kitchen. One day over the break Zach and Kye picked up subs and we had a little picnic lunch on the back porch πŸ™‚ Kye was so sweet and asked to go eat his own lunch at his picnic table on the playground (way across the yard). He enjoyed eating all by himself while the rest of us stayed at the table on the porch! I love his independence!

New Toys: As usual Kye got a TON of new stuff for Christmas and had SO much fun playing with everything! A lot of the little toys he got are just too small for Britt to play with and he gets annoyed with her constantly knocking things over while he’s playing. We came up with a good solution…we put our big gate around Kye. That way he could play with all of his toys and wouldn’t have to worry about Britt intruding! It was such a clever idea and worked great! 

For Christmas each year my dad sends each of his kids pictures of himself throughout the year for us to keep in a photo album. His dad passed away when my dad was pretty young and he always wishes he had more pictures of him. This way he knows we’ll have lots and lots to remember him by! I LOVE the tradition and enjoyed looking through all the photos he sent us. Kye did too! He kept describing what was happening in each picture!

While Kye enjoyed all of HIS new toys…he also enjoyed Britt’s. He said that her baby is his daughter and he loves to pretend to be the daddy. If you’re wondering…Zach doesn’t mind this at all. I mean Kye’s not going to have any of his own baby dolls but it’s okay to play with Britt’s and pretend to be Daddy! It’s good practice!!!

One thing I do NOT understand about boy toys…why the heck do so many of them “squirt water”??? Where are you supposed to allow your kid to squirt it??? I came up with the idea to let Kye take his fire truck in the bathtub…I filled the truck with water and told him he could only squirt it inside the tub. To my surprise, it kept him super entertained. He loved it!!! I guess when it’s nicer out he could squirt outside???

“Dr Seuss”: Britt got a baby doll doctor kit for Christmas and Kye has had a dr kit for a long time. They are ADORABLE when they play “Dr Seuss” (as Kye calls it) together!!! It’s seriously SO precious and I love that they have the same toys but in different colors πŸ™‚ They share very well and take it very seriously! Here’s a video of them playing together!

In the Band: For Christmas Kye asked for a new drum so I thought Britt would like one too and I put it on her wishlist. I’m SO glad they both got one! It’s so fun to watch them play and see them interact together. Britt caught on SO fast!!! Here’s a video of them playing the drums!

 He is beyond patient with her

 Of course the hats and guitar always come out too! He is so cute when he sings…his favorite song is “Life is a Highway” from Cars πŸ™‚ Here is a video of him singing it!

In our little stockings I got Kye a couple of crafts to make over Christmas break too. What’s the point of kids crafts in they only require a glue gun? He sat and WATCHED me hot glue the pieces on this snowman door hanger! So dumb! 

 “Dates”: Zach and I both had quality alone time with the kids this month! Zach took this when he and Kye went out to lunch one day!

 And I took these when we went out to get The Mix! 

This picture totally doesn’t belong in this post but I don’t really have anywhere else to put it πŸ˜‰ Casey and Jordan bought their first home this month!!! SO thrilled for them! We all helped them move one afternoon and I love this pic of us getting slushies πŸ™‚ Their house is so cute and I love how close we live now too! I’ll have to do a post sometime showing it off…Casey has done a lot of adorable things that I know yall would want to copy! 

Other Stuff Kye was Up to This Month:

  • I had a few rough days myself this month. I try my best not to break down in front of my kids whenever I’m upset (heck, I try not to do it in front of Zach either! Me and the bathroom fan are good friends haha) but Kye looked into my eyes one day and asked me if I was upset. He said “Mommy, your eyes look sad”
  • Instead of “foggy” Kye says “froggy”
  • This month was the Sandy Hook shooting…I didn’t plan to say anything to Kye about it but he asked why the American flag was lowered down. I believe in being honest with my children and answering any questions that have…but also keeping it as SIMPLE as an answer as possible. So I told him that it was lowered b/c some people got hurt and our country is sad. He asked who got hurt and what happened. I told him a very mean man hurt some children. He then asked if they got just hurt or if they were killed. I explained that the children did go pass away and that they get to live in Heaven now. He said that the man made VERY bad choices by doing that and he was a little upset about it. He said “Mommy. We gotta pray RIGHT NOW!” And he said a prayer right then. He said “thank you God for the children” After he prayed he said “Man, I’m freaked out” So we talked about Heaven. What we think it might be like…he asked a lot about things dying. If our pets will die, our houses, if we can take our toy cars with us to Heaven. I did make sure to tell him that if ANYTHING ever happens to listen to his teachers and do whatever they tell him. I mean this world is CRAZY. Sure, he goes to a wonderful school…but you never know, ya know? I kinda regretted starting the conversation with him but am so impressed by his majority in his thought process and how quickly he went to prayer!
  • Every year Zach and I hang mistletoe in our house and this year it was so fun because the kids got to be involved with it. Zach hung it from our kitchen light and we’d constantly use it as an excuse for some kisses! Here’s a video of Kye playing the mistletoe game πŸ™‚
  • We play games every night before bed (for about 20 min between Britt’s bedtime and Kye’s) and he is SO good at Memory. Legit! He got NINE matches in a row!!!
  • When Britt stopped nursing Kye stopped running out after bath to show me his hooded towel each night. Sure, it was mildly annoying when he did it but it was also PRECIOUS and I miss little things like that!
  • When I ask him what his FAVORITE presents are from Christmas he says they are ALL his favorites πŸ™‚

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