Kye Monthly Summary December

I don’t have a ton of stuff for either Kye’s or Britt’s monthly posts for December! December is always a crazy month anyway, but for us this year it was especially crazy!!! 

Here is what Kye was up to during that month!

Playroom: By the end of the month the new playroom was finished enough to be able to play in! Pretty exciting! I’m waiting until it’s completely done to do a post on it but this gives you a sneak peak. The kids LOVE it!!!

New carpet in a big empty room – best thing ever πŸ™‚

Superman: I’m not a big fan of temporary tattoos. Shocked? I’m sure you’re not! I just really don’t like the look of them at all. I think Kye has had two of them his whole life? I’m not sure where he got this Superman one from but Zach thought it was funny to put it on Kye’s chest. Which I didn’t mind b/c no one could see it there πŸ™‚ Kid LOVED it and it legit stayed for like three weeks!

Sickness: Bless his heart. Mrs. Charlotte called me when Zach and I were boarding the plane to Valdosta from Atlanta and told me Kye had a fever. I ended up meeting her at the walkin clinic that next morning and he was SO SICK. His throat was very red and spotted but he tested negative for strep. But they treated him for strep anyway. I wish I’d asked them to do a flu test. I was exhausted from the late flight in and early pregnancy and wasn’t on my A-game. Honestly, I’m shocked they didn’t automatically test him for it? Anyway he was super sick. And didn’t respond to the antibiotics. He’s never had a fever for so long. It’d spike and then he’d break it and then it’d spike and he’d break it. He was miserable and pitiful and it was so sad. Then, of course, I got super sick too and I assumed I had strep so I also go on strep meds which I also did not respond to. Finally I went to the walk in clinic myself and tested positive for the flu. So I assume he also had it. And we gave it to like everyone else! 

Sick as can be but always smiles!

Britt was around both Kye and I while we were sick and she somehow never got it!

Hermey: The highlight of the month was the daily visits from our Elf on the Shelf, Hermey. Kye was PRECIOUS each morning when he would find Hermey. He truly loves him and really enjoyed the new tradition! Here he is playing with some toys Hermey brought for the kids! Even throughout the day I would find Kye just staring at Hermey πŸ™‚

Writing Books: I tend to buy stuff when it’s on super clearance and then when my kids get to the appropriate ages to enjoy it, I’ve forgotten I have it! I had these dry erase books up in Kye’s closet since he was an infant. Seriously! I pulled them down and he LOVES them!!! Should have saved them for a Christmas present πŸ˜‰

Coloring: I love that Kye enjoys crafts. I think it’s rare for a boy at this age to be so into it and to take it so seriously. I especially love the way it has gotten Britt to also enjoy sitting still (and calmly!) and focusing on a task! Here they colored pictures for Grandpa’s birthday with the coloring books he and Grammie mailed them!


Other Things From This Month:

  • He brushed my hair one night and said “whew, this better look pretty because you look like a MAN!” hahaha
  • Kye truly has such a servant heart and WANTS to help with everything. He helped me wrap majority of my gifts and even knew pretty much everything Britt was getting and never told her!
  • He told Zach he wants to marry Kailyn because he always wants to be around her
  • We put a timer on Kye’s lamp in his bedroom that turns on when it’s time for him to wake up from nap and time for him to wake up in the morning. We want to start training him to get himself up for when he moves upstairs, so far the lamp is great! We also set it to stay on for an hour so in the mornings he has light to get dressed for school!
  • He started saying “way to go holly joe” to us haha
  • When it was time to take down the Christmas decorations Kye got very sad and said he will just miss Hermey so much
  • I asked what he loved most about this Christmas and he said what he loves most is being excited about next Christmas πŸ˜‰
  • He is in this annoying stage (please be a stage) where he annoys Britt on purpose. He will get toys and such and hide them behind her? I don’t get why he does this but it drives her nuts.
  • Kye likes to write and one afternoon he wrote the word “cat” all on his own and spelled it by himself!
  • The most EXCITING thing this month (and the only positive thing about him being sick) was when we went to the walk in clinic. They measured him and said he is 42 inches tall. Y’all. He has grown THREE INCHES from April – Dec! That’s HUGE!!! Makes me feel very positive going into his growth specialist appointment πŸ™‚
  • Let’s end with a beautiful song by Kye:

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