Kye Monthly Summary ~ August

Here’s everything Kye had going on during the month of August:

Strep: Kye has had strep three times in less than a year. That’s quite a few times. With the last time he had it his dr told me that they have to have it 5 times or more within a year to even be considered to remove the tonsils. Zach and Casey both had theirs removed and my “mommy gut” was telling me that maybe Kye needed his out too. I made an appointment with our ENT just to talk to him about it since he’s a specialist in that area. He said that Kye’s tonsils are the type that will possibly eventually need to be removed but that he’s not at the ideal age yet for it and that we don’t want to rush into a surgery if it’s not needed. I FULLY agree and would never want my child to have unnecessary surgery of any kind. He said to watch for him waking in the night due to not being able to breath and to listen for him snoring a lot in his sleep. Those would both be indicators of a medical issue! I’m still glad that we are now in their system and I plan to call them anytime he has strep in the future to keep a good solid record of it.

He loved getting to write on the clipboard and getting to sit in the “spaceship” chair

movie watching while sick!

Play: We played a LOT this month. Once school started up I just fully appreciate my “Kye time” more since I don’t get as much of it.

While I priced things for the kids sale he had fun lining the entire first floor of our house with hangers. So helpful.

This month Kye was really into rubber bands. He always wanted to wear them on his wrists and ankles. He also didn’t care AT ALL about them cutting off circulation. My job became the official tightness checker. I would stretch and stretch the rubber bands to make sure they weren’t too tight on him and I’d check to see if any were leaving red marks then remove them. I’ve hidden all my rubber bands in hopes that this phase will be over now πŸ˜‰

 He’s still very into playing “treasure box” especially now that school has started back. He loads up ALL of his bags with toys for us to pick a treasure out of!

 He will also have me come pick a treasure after roomtime is over

 He loves surprising me with his potatoe head creations after roomtime as well!

 making sure they look just right

Still loves to build cities and towers with his blocks!

Someone (who wishes to remain anonymous) baked this cake for Zach’s birthday. 

1) It was WAY tastier than it looked

2) Kye was CRUNK about the cake!!!

At one of the kids sales I happened to look through the costumes for Halloween ideas and saw this Lightning McQueen for only $3. While I personally think it’s kinda a silly costume (the point of Halloween costumes are to actually be the character…not just wear them?!?!) I knew Kye would LOVE it. He LOVES to run around the house like a crazy person and now he can “speed” around the house b/c he’s Lightning McQueen. I was right, it’s been a HUGE hit!

Haha he is SO good about taking pictures and smiles on demand but sometimes the smile isn’t super cute so I’ve started having him “act crazy” then smile and it tends to result in cuter pictures..I captured the “be crazy” moment πŸ˜‰

Rachael, Greg, Macy and Brady all made a stop through on their way home from Disney World. I was SO excited to visit with them all and Kye simply adores Macy. They had fun playing together and we totally wanted to hide her somewhere when they left so we could keep her πŸ˜‰

Play with Britt: As Brittlynn gets older, she and Kye are playing more and more together. He’s for sure the typical older child. He lets her play with things he doesn’t want but tends to snatch things from her when he wants them, he can be on the bossy side, and tends to play too rough at times. But he does it out of love and has never hurt her on purpose. We just have to keep a close eye on them together. I don’t think sibling alone time is going to be happening anytime soon for these two!!! Kye’s favorite thing is to play “chase” with her…where he basically just runs around like crazy and says she’s chasing him haha. Here’s a video! A modified version of this (and both kid’s favorite) is when Zach carries Brittlynn and they both chase Kye…here’s a video of that. Her face is too funny!

I remind him with the music table to let Brittlynn pick the songs/hit the buttons. So he will guide her to what she should pick…

 Here’s a video

 I love this! He got out some hats and had them both wear them and “play chase”

Here’s a video of them playing chase

 A favorite game is to get out every single toy that Britt owns

 He also likes for me to have the baby gate around them when they play so they can have their secret hideout πŸ™‚

More that Kye was up to this month:

  • He told me “Mommy you are so smart with letters”
  • At church they have a memory verse…his teacher told me (and it was also printed in our bullitian) that as she read the verse out loud for the children that Kye was SO excited. She said “God” and he yelled out “you are great!!!” Which is true, God is great πŸ™‚
  • Kye is on a BIG Mommy kick lately…he insists that he is going to marry me. He will banter with Zach about it (they will both say “no she’s MY WIFE”) and even told me that he told Kailyn that he’s going to marry Mommy first, than her and that she didn’t like that haha. 
  • The day after Zach was admitted to the hospital I was having a rough day. I told him I was having a bad day and he said “No Mommy it’s a good day. Daddy is just a little sick and Mommy is just a little tired” I loved his positive outlook and it helped me to feel so much better!
  • Kye got to watch parts of the Olympics and he told us that he now wants to be a swimmer and a daddy when he grows up
  • After seeing the swimmers on tv during the Olympics Kye started trying to use his arms while swimming and said he does it b/c “that’s how the swimmers go fast” We plan to sign him up to learn stroke this winter so he’ll learn how to do it correctly!
  • He calls Zach “DadTEE” rather than “Daddy” and says “Mom” quite often when talking about me
  • Whenever we’re in the car he only wants to hear “man songs” which are songs where men are singing…I have no clue why he thinks these are more manly songs???
  • When he had strep he kept saying “I’m very old and sick” It was so funny…he must have gotten it from I Love You Forever.
  • Kye hasn’t seen my dad in MONTHS. And hasn’t seen my dad’s truck even further back than that. Yet we were driving and saw an avalanche (which is what my dad drives) and he yelled out “Grandpa’s truck!”
  • We were talking one day about how he’ll hopefully get to be a big brother many more times and he said I’m going to have lots of babies in my tummy. He said the first one I will have will be named Zach then the next one will be Jack then smallest will be Isis and there will be a big one named Peach. We won’t like Peach very much because she’ll have big teeth. Hahaha
  • Kye is a nose picker. Which I don’t really have an issue with. As long as it’s not in public who cares…we all do it on occasion right???? One night at 9ish he woke up crying. Zach went in his room and he said he had picked his nose a bunch of times and it wasn’t working. Zach helped him blow his nose to get out the boogers then he said “I’m gonna pick my nose alll the time when I go nite nites”
  • He REALLY knows his letters and letter sounds. He told me “A says ah for ant!” He also is doing great with letter recognition
  • He can also count backwards from 5
  • When I wear my hair curly he said “ew Mommy your hair is NASTY!”
  • He constantly says “Here’s the deal”
  • We like to play games together…I love it b/c he calls Cootie “cutie”
  • I told him my three favorite people in the world are him, Britt and Daddy. I asked him who his three favorite people are and he said “Colt, Payton, and G-Mama” I asked what about Mommy, Daddy and Britt and he said “no ma’am, Colt, Payton, and G-Mama”
  • He is a sweaty kid which he comes by honest…both Zach and I sweat hardcore. He complains about being sweaty and does not like it. I’ve started running the overhead fan in his room to help keep him cool
  • While Kye adores me and insists on marrying me…he also struggled this month with hurting my feelings. He’ll sometimes bust out some nasty things for no reason. Like one day he ran into the hall and randomly said “You’re not the best mommy.” He also told me on a night we planned for him and I to have some alone time out to eat that he didn’t want to go with me and wanted to go with Daddy instead. I don’t let him say this stuff with no discussion. I explain to him how it hurts Mommy and try to have him think about how it would make him feel. I’m reading Shephearding a Childs Heart this month and think it really helps apply to this situation…training his HEART!!! 

Here’s some more pics of Kye this month:

 And some of Kye with Mommy and Daddy:

After having Mexican for the first time in Lawrenceville we had a Mexican night out just our little family!

Making faces while we waited for our food πŸ™‚

 Had to hit up our fav family spot for dessert!

 Zach wearing his birthday suit hahaha

 Handsome guys!

 I wanted one of us together too πŸ™‚

A shorter monthly post than normal, but I think that’s b/c it was SUCH a full month that we weren’t hanging out at home too often πŸ™‚

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