Kye Monthly Summary: April 2017

FSU’s Spring Game was this month so Zach and Kye made a day of it and drove to Tallahassee that morning. They went to a fun zone type place and Kye got to play laser tag for the first time (and LOVED it) and they also played putt-putt. Both the guys love some BBQ so they found a place for lunch and then went to the game. They had AWESOME seats and had a blast, even though Kye did end up getting a little bored since it wasn’t a legit game. 

Sweet father son memories!

Love this…I love that Kye has such BIG goals!

I came across these from when Kye was an itty bitty baby and about died! I literally can’t remember him being this tiny!!!

Kye’s school had testing this month (not his grade) so his lunch got moved earlier and it was SO nice because it worked where Tess and I could go eat with him one morning! She was cracking us up because she kept begging him for food and kept smiling this smile like “I know I’m spoiled” I love getting time with two kids together, the dynamic is def so different with one on one than all three siblings together!

Big brother time is ALWAYS silly time!

Kye is like me in SO many ways. He loves sugary type candy (neither of us are big chocolate fans) and he likes to SAVE stuff. He has been slowly eating this sucker he bought at Disney for 2 months!

For Easter he got a kite and has been enjoying trying to get it to fly. We’ve been watching the weather for good winds 😉

He’s my sweetheart who knows how to cheer me up! He played with my hair for almost 45 min 🙂 

I legit bought this shirt from Old Navy in high school and wore it regularly! It was from the boys section of the store and now Kye can enjoy it!

He loves working on his blog 😉 

Kye is a huge helper. When we eat out he’s always busy gathering up everything everyone needs. 

And he helps with decor decisions 😉

He has great work ethic and never forgets to do his homework right after school!

I mentioned this stuff in another post but y’all. If you’re dealing with molluscum then this is a MUST BUY. I wish I’d done before and after pictures. But these spots look very much like pimples. They are raised and sometimes have white heads. Almost like an ant bite! It’s temping to pick at them but don’t b/c they spread very easily. I started using ZymaDerm on Kye’s spots and they started clearing up instantly and were completely gone within a few weeks! 

He loves golf and has really enjoyed this junior camp! It ends in May and we don’t really have plans to find another option as I’m hoping he’ll be able to go with Zach some! 


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