Kye Artwork and Progress Report ~ Spring 2012

When I sent Kye off on his first day of school a couple weeks ago it hit me that I never posted his artwork pics from the Spring and I never posted his progress report either!!!

You can def see growth from his artwork from Fall 2011 to now (these are all in random order)…

Upside down 😉

Some of this stuff is stuff he colored at home but wanted to take pictures of too

Obviously not done by Kye…Bo Peep was by me and the pirate was done by Daddy

He colored this for Payton for her birthday 🙂

You can look back at his fall progress report here. They give each category either a N/I for not introduced, B for beginning, D for developing and M for mastered. 

In the identifies colors category Kye is developing red, yellow, blue and green (he’s now mastered them so maybe I did actually teach him a few things over the summer haha). He has mastered identifying circles but is still developing identifying triangles, squares and rectangles. He has mastered singing the alphabet. He is developing the ability to identify numbers 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 but has mastered identifying the number 3. He can count up to 13. 

He has mastered counting objects including all numbers 1-10. He has mastered showing the numbers 1,2,3, and 5 on his fingers but is still developing the ability to show 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 on his fingers. 

He has mastered all of the fine motor skills including: holding crayon correctly, coloring in the lines, following directions (essential to us!), building a tower of cubes, and stringing beads. He has also masters all of the large motor skills including: running without falling, walking up steps, kicking a ball forwards without falling, jumping on both feet off ground, jumping forward and balancing on one foot. 

Kye has mastered all of the social and language skills including: following directions the first time, shares and takes turns, works quietly, accepts responsibility for behavior, knows name, knows birth month, uses complex speech when playing with friends, knows first name of a friend. He has also mastered all of the self help skills including: removing his jacket, washing hands without help, pulling down pants without help, pulling up pants without help, hanging jacket on a hook, hanging backpack on correct hook.

The comment from his teacher for the Spring progress report was: “Kye is such a sweet gentleman. We have really enjoyed having him in our class. I am sure he will succeed and flourish in the three year class next year.”

I could NOT be more proud of Kye! I’m so, so thankful for our decision for him to start school at 2 1/2 years old. I think this school year really helped him be prepared for three year old school and gave him a PLACE to call HIS. If we hadn’t had a baby during this time I don’t know if we would have put in him school. My main reason for doing it was to give him something to look forward to, a fun place with his own friends and experiences, and to help him adjust to life with a sibling. I feel that school fulfilled every hope I had for it! He was blessed with AMAZING teachers. I’m thankful his first year was with women who were so patient, and loving, and sweet. It was a great fit for us and our family and we will most likely put Brittlynn in school at the same age we did Kye. 

It’s so rewarding to see our hard work paying off already and reading such wonderful comments about our son is such a blessing. Seeing all those “Ms” on his report card helps remind me that I’m doing a pretty decent job at this whole “Mom” thing. The most important thing is that Kye is growing into his own individual person and that even when he’s away from Mommy and Daddy’s watch he continues to make good choices and lets his light shine for the Lord!

I’m excited for all the fun things he’ll be learning this year!!!

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