Kye and Britt Monthly Summary: May 2018

May didn’t have enough fluff for Kye to come close to justifying an entire monthly summary for him. Of course he had a GREAT month…and made THE most decision of his LIFE that month πŸ™‚ 

So I’m just sticking a few things about him in this post and then mostly covering Britt’s May! 

Kye ALWAYS makes so, so much fun of us (meaning Britt and I) about unicorns and how we believe they were/are real. It was hilarious this month because he used my phone and asked Siri about it and here’s how she answered:

Kid loves some Star Wars πŸ˜‰ 

They have a super fun tradition at the local elementary schools where the seniors at the high schools do a walk through at the elementary schools and all the kids go in the halls and cheer them on. It’s SO cool to me b/c how fun for the seniors to relive those memories πŸ™‚ We have several seniors at church and Carla snapped this pic with Kye when he was cheering on her daughter!

Kye is still censoring his books πŸ™‚ I love it. 

I love going through his school work together!

He. Always. Wins.

Kye tried teaching Britt chess πŸ™‚ 

Now onto Britt who did have a pretty full month of activities!

Britt is SUPER passionate about gymnastics still and just LOVES it. She was SO thrilled to participate in an exhibition again this year. Zach and I discussed it and made the decision to have Tess quit gymnastics. It’s notttt a cheap sport and since Britt LOVES it we’d rather spend our money on Britt than having Tess do it too and having to have them take time off in order to afford it. 

She practices all the time at home!

Here are videos from her exhibition:



Cheering section πŸ™‚ 

Getting ready for her favorite part…the floor!

So glad for all of our sweet family who comes out to support! Courtney was a huge help keeping Spear asleep πŸ™‚ 

Her time to SHINE!

G-Mama brought her flowers

SO proud of our girl! It makes my heart sooooo happy seeing her doing something she LOVES!

We are all so proud of our Britt!

(and Tess wasn’t the least bit sad at ALL about stopping gymnastics, we will re-explore again if/when she ever imitates an interest on her own). 

Britt also had her kindergarten “graduation” ceremony this month. I’ve mentioned many times that Zach and I aren’t huge fans of the whole “graduation” thing from every single grade. When we were kids we had awards banquets every year and only the kids receiving awards would be invited and that’s it. I don’t get why that can’t be a thing still? Why the “graduation” element? Even just do a little end of the year celebration with a few songs or something?

Britt cracks me up at stuff like this…she’s SO SERIOUS and FOCUSED.

Here are the videos from her morning:

“This Land”

Walking across the stage

“You’re Gonna Miss This”

She loved watching her sister!

Britt is ALL about her school friends!

After the ceremony we headed to her classroom for a little get together with snacks and such. 

Britt’s teacher has been so sweet this year with allowing Tess to feel “part of” whenever we visit!

I knew G-Mama was coming but Big Papa was a surprise πŸ™‚ 

So proud of my sweet girl! 

Leading up to the day she wouldn’t tell me what songs they were singing but kept saying “you’re going to cry Mom!” I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to cry. Buttt then I totally did! I mean “you’re gonna miss this” how could I not cry?!?!

Britt’s fan club!

Y’all. The day prior to the last day of school THIS happened: So frustrating to have to wake up Spear and Tess and go UP to the school to get Britt (and got Kye too) to only get home and have her not even have a temp:

She def didn’t feel well but she could have made it home from the bus, easily! 

Speaking of end of school..def need to get her a new lunchbox for fall. 

She felt FINE the next day but with the last day being a half day I just let her and Kye both stay home. It must have been some sort of little bug because all three kids ended up having a day with a super high temp, no other symptoms and then were fine the following day!

Something Britt struggles with is her outlook on the world. She tends to be a glass half empty type person so it’s something I’m very mindful of and try hard to work with her through it. One big thing she said that helps her is wearing a positive message on her shirt πŸ™‚ 

As a toddler Britt had busted lips ALL THE TIME. Constantly! It was like a flashback moment when she had a busted lip this month from a pillow fight. 

Sometimes I’m so used to the kids being super independent and able to do things on their own and forget that even simple things need to be learned…like how to peel a banana!

Something I want to work on regarding independence is getting Britt to be able to shower. Kye was her age when he started showering and I know it’s harder with girls with the hair rinsing etc but I’m hopeful to get her rolling with it as Spear is about to be ready to bathe with Tess and it’d be easier on our nightly routine to have Kye and Britt able to shower on their own.

Sweet girl loves her Bible Class! I was able to volunteer to help in her class one Wed night this month and loved seeing her in her element!

She’s such a great big sister and adores Tess and loves “parenting” her. 

So thankful for this sweet girl! I’m LOVING the age of 6 and how much she’s really coming into her own and working through some of those tougher moments! 

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