Kid’s Dig Weekend!

While traveling is my favorite thing to do, having weekends at home is great too! I especially love weekends at home where we have a lot of fun things planned πŸ™‚ I stay at home pretty much all the time during the week so I enjoyed spending family time together doing fun things on the weekends whenever possible! We rarely have a “lazy Saturday” at our house!

On the weekend of September 21st we had a great family weekend! It kicked off with a date night for Zach and I! We went to Chick-Fil-A to support Casey’s school student government group that she’s the head of and met up with all the family there to eat. Zach was sneaky and asked Jolee about babysitting for us that next night. She had homecoming that Saturday and we traded a spray tan for babysitting duties πŸ˜‰ 

It was SO sweet of Zach to plan something for us together! We ate dinner with the kids then went to see a movie at the dollar theater and had The Mix! We saw World War Z and both really liked it. We rarely get to go on date nights and especially rarely get to go to the movies. It was a fun, relaxed evening and a chance for me to help Zach learn the tricks of his new Iphone πŸ˜‰ I love that we both have emoticons now haha. Emoticons are like my JAM!

When we got home that night we had our first ever “poor behavior report.” It was so, so disappointing. Kye got upset with Jolee because she didn’t do things exactly the same way we usually do them. He’s also used to being quite spoiled by our typical childcare (being G-Mama mostly!) so I think Jolee being hardcore probably shocked him. I appreciate her so much for telling us everything that went on. He got very worked up and upset with her and had to get a spanking that next morning as well as write her an apology letter. 

I believe in disciplining for poor behavior, bad choices, direct disobedience etc. But I also believe strongly in taking those times to reevaluate my parenting. Is there anything I can do differently in the way I parent to help prevent such behavior in the future? To help guide and direct my children to make better choices in such situations? After her report with us I have worked on “mixing things up” with Kye. Yes, we still do all the same routine at night but we will do it in different order. We will play the game sitting in different ways. Take different turns saying prayers or favorite things. By doing this we are helping him to not have such issues with small changes in the future. So far, so good and we haven’t had another “poor behavior report” yet!

On Saturday morning we went out to Zach’s parent’s house for a special breakfast and so Zach could help Mr. Rusty cut down a dead tree on their property. While the guys were busy with the tree Mrs. Charlotte and I took the kids to a local community event called Kid’s Dig It! I think 4-H hosted it? Kye had gone a few years ago with my mom but I have never been to it before and thought it would be a fun thing to check out.

The negative was how much it cost to get in. I mean it was pricy. Because of that I think I looked at the experience with a more critical eye. You expect more when you pay more, ya know? But overall it helped a good cause and the kids had a BLAST so it was worth it! Will we do it next year? Probably not. But I can for sure see us doing it again someday down the road! 

There were a TON of activities and games for the kids. They won lots of little prizes and were able to do all kinds of neat things. I especially enjoyed looking at one project a student put together about SIDS prevention. She had a cousin die of SIDS and felt passionate about spreading awareness. Duh, you know I stopped and talked to her for a good chunk of time. As did Mrs. Charlotte! I talked to her a lot about the mattress covers as I know they aren’t a widely known preventative measure. It was great to get to talk to someone who was so passionate about such an important cause. If you’ve never read my post about SIDS prevention, please do!

Zach would have enjoyed seeing how many baskets Kye made!

There were TONS of local businesses there with different activities. Lowe’s even had a build and grow thing going on. I wasn’t about to attempt it with the kids that day so they let us take a couple home for Zach to build with them later πŸ™‚ Kye especially enjoyed getting to sit in a lot of the vehicles. Tractors and even a semi! 

Yes, Kye’s hair is some STRANGE funky style. He and his daddy thought it was awesome…I said it’s a “weekend” look only πŸ˜‰

I don’t know much about Bob the Builder? I think he’s based off a tv show? Is it even on anymore? Anyways Bob was there in his full glory. Kye, as usual, raced up to him and was all smiles. Britt, as usual, freaked out. Once she saw Kye go up to him she was okay with it, as long as I was holding her. But as soon as we got close she wanted to get away. You’d naturally think she wouldn’t be a big “Bob” fan after that…but child was ALL about some Bob! She kept saying his name over and over and has even mentioned him sense then! SO RANDOM. I might have even hunted Ebay and found her a little Bob for Christmas πŸ˜‰

The big ticket item was getting to pick up and dump dirt on one of the big construction type vehicles (ask Kye what it’s called…he knows all about that stuff from Mighty Machines but I have no clue!). Unfortunately there was only ONE of the dirt dumper things and a TON of kids who wanted a turn to ride it. So the line was long. I waited in line for awhile and Mrs. Charlotte took the kids around to look at more things. When she got back we let them play in the sand for a bit. This sandbox was CRAWLING with ants. I tried to get the kids to get out of it but they really wanted to play and didn’t mind getting bitten I guess? I was covered in them and it HURT. Britt’s little feet were all scabbed up with bites and it shocked me that neither child was bothered by them while they played? Usually Kye is hardcore anti ants!

Kye’s turn to ride!

After the construction vehicle ride we rode the hay ride and Britt LOVED it. It was really the only “ride” type thing she enjoyed. She had zero interest in any of the construction/tractor/truck stuff. (that’s my girl! haha). We sang some songs on the hay ride and it was precious to see my sweet babies with their G-Mama! I enjoyed having some girl time with her and the kids together! Usually either she’s babysitting the kids for us so we’re not there or it’s ALL the family together!

On our way out we stopped to see some small airplanes some guys had out! Then these tired babies got home and got in the BED (and no, I wasn’t a cool mom…they didn’t eat that candy!) It was a good time and I think anyone with a SON would probably enjoy it. A daughter? Not as much…but it’s nice that our community puts on events like these!

That evening FSU played and it wasn’t on TV so Zach couldn’t record it to watch after bedtime. We have an apple TV so he was able to stream the internet onto our tv in the living room but the game started right at dinner time. It is rare that I have an opportunity to be BOTH a cool mom and a cool wife at the same time. I embraced this chance while I had it πŸ˜‰ I suggested that we let the kids eat dinner in the living room and watch the game while they ate. I know: CRAZINESS!!! Everyone in my house was super pumped about this idea πŸ™‚ It was a big success for sure! 

Hahah she doesn’t look to sure about this whole football thing πŸ˜‰


Our Sweet Seminoles!

We had a wonderful little weekend as a family making memories together and that’s what life is all about πŸ™‚

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  1. Juli Skelton
    November 13, 2013 / 8:25 pm

    Its called a trackhoe. My husband has had several.

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