Kids Clothing Sales

Last year I remember Crissy sending me a text asking if I wanted to go to a kids sale with her on the same day that I actually went into labor! While I didn’t make it to that clothing sale, I have now become a pro at them! We have two different sales here in Valdosta and both of them have sales twice a year. I went to the ones in the fall last year and this year I decided to put some stuff in them just so I could go to the preview sales haha!

Duh, I plan on having 3 more children so I keep 90% of Kye’s things in order to pass down to the next baby or the next son! There are always things to get rid of though! Hand-me-downs from others that just weren’t my style, stuff Kye outgrew before he wore (and that I got so cheap it makes more sense to sell it and make more off of it!), stuff Kye wore that I didn’t like, or random gifts we got that we didn’t like! But I still had enough to enter and that allowed me to get in to the pre-view sales! Yay for me 🙂

Robyn also entered the first sale so we went together to the preview sale and we were SHOCKED at the turnout! We got there 15 min early anticipating a little line but it was out the door through the parking lot!!! This lady was even coming around telling people not to push and shove and to not get hurt going in. Um…a little hardcore don’t you think? They also were passing out trash bags to fill and people were carrying laundry baskets and tubs to use as shopping bags! I couldn’t believe it! I mean do these people realize that you can buy kids clothes in stores and online?!?

Both sales work the same way: you hang up all your stuff (or put it in bags depending); fill out note cards with your id number, item info, and pricing; then pin the note cards to the items (or tape to the bags). Both of the sales take 30% of your profits plus a $5 entry fee. I thought that was kinda steep considering that we did most of the work! But it’s easier than Ebay and you make more money than a garage sale so I figured why not? At the first sale I made $110!!! And at the second one (I used my leftovers from the first) I made $37! Pretty awesome huh? I made sure to price my stuff a little on the high side b/c they have a discount day at the end of the sale where they sell what’s left for half price and I wanted to make sure that my good stuff sold for a decent amount. I still have some stuff left over that didn’t sell that I’ll just save for the next sale!

When shopping at the first sale, I realized WHY everyone had the baskets. It was an insane amount of people just grabbing everything they could get their hands on and piling it high then finding a corner and going through it all to pick out what they really wanted. I was a “newbie” for sure but still ended up spending $40 and got some great quality toys as well as several cute clothing pieces. For the second sale, I was more prepared. I brought my own basket too and I headed straight for the high traffic areas (shoes then clothes). I piled my basket to the ceiling and spent over 2 HOURS going through it all! I ended up getting 25 pieces for $90 (I got a couple things for Colt that Mrs. Charlotte paid me back for) and it was ALL brand name, top quality stuff that I made actual OUTFITS out of! Everything I bought had matching shorts or shirts etc. I even found some cute ties! I was super pumped and my child seriously has about 10 pairs of cute plaid shorts (which are about the only cute boy thing you can find!) and matching golf shirts for the summer 🙂 I got all that plus the $40 worth of stuff from the first one and I STILL made a profit! Isn’t that awesome? I totally plan on entering both of the sales every season (they do a Spring and a Fall one) b/c now I’m addicted!!!

 my basket full of goodies!


  1. Danielle
    March 22, 2010 / 5:18 am

    I racked up on a consignment sale like that last year and then my child stopped growing so all shorts from last summer still fit! I love spending $4 on gap shorts and shirt combo for 2 summers!! We are similar in our clothing opinions, I think it will be interesting to see how we act with a girl..go crazy to make up for the lack of clothes with the boys or be minimalist b/c we know we can get by on slim pickins!

  2. Buchta Base
    March 22, 2010 / 2:33 pm

    You are hilarious! Hey so I've been wanting to get together like at your house maybe or you guys can come here and you can school me a little on blogging…my page/skills needs some serious polishing:) how is your uncle?

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