Kennesaw Visit

I knew with Danielle’s upcoming wedding that I’d be making a couple trips up to Atlanta so I talked to Casey about staying with her in Kennesaw. Last Friday morning I drove up early and we had a FUN girl’s day. I feel really, really bad that I didn’t take any pictures. We were both not feeling our cutest so maybe that’s why? But I still want to tell you guys about it so I can look back and remember what a GREAT time I had!

We went to lunch at Red Lobster then shopped around her mall in Kennesaw for what felt like AGES! For me, that was an awesome mall. We have no selection in Valdosta so I enjoyed getting to browse in tons of cute stores we don’t have 🙂 I was proud of myself though…I was there on a mission for jewelry to wear with my new rehearsal dinner dress and that’s all I bought (hey, we’re building a house every penny helps right now!). I did get a couple Christmas gifts for Zach and some great deals on books for Kye. I’m glad Casey got to buy a few things though as shopping isn’t as fun unless someone is buying stuff ya know? Casey has what I call “magazine style.” While I ALWAYS match my outfits, jewelry, accessories, shoes and bags – she never does. Her style is very eclectic/bohemian and it suits her. I could NEVER pull it off but I respect her for doing it and it made shopping with her fun (it makes shopping for her IMPOSSIBLE though b/c I can’t help but buy things that match…it hurts me to not do that!).

After a FULL day of shopping we hung out for a bit at her apartment then we met up with Jordan for a movie. It was the new one with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long? Not really my style but it was fitting because it was all about a long distance relationship and how they don’t work and how one person ends up sacrificing in order to be with the other one. Jordan plans to move to Valdosta in the future so I think he and Casey could relate! haha It did have it’s funny moments but the funniest part to me was how much JORDAN was cracking up OUT LOUD during a CHICK FLICK (yes, I just called him out).

Following the movie we hit up IHop and stayed there long enough where our table got cleared, cleaned, and we got asked by a new server if someone had taken our order. We talked and talked and talked and I loved it! I’m so glad all our crap is in the past and that we could just relax and be ourselves together. I adore both Casey and Jordan so I had a great time. Jordan is just super cool and relaxed and I really like that. We even rode together in the car just the two of us and it wasn’t awkward at all. I think it’s good for he and I to bond as he’ll join the fam someday and it’s good for him to know that someone else has been in his shoes (us “out-laws” gotta stick together haha).

Back at the apartment we hung out with her roommates and one of their boyfriends (who was named Hap…isn’t that a cool name? I really liked it!!!). We all had a good time and even after we went to bed Casey and I stayed up until almost 2 just talking and bonding. After this short little visit I can 100% say I have a SISTER. Sure, we’ve been related for 3 years now and have known each other for 6 but it took us awhile to really bond. I’m not sure what changed and made things FINALLY click with us. But I’m thankful that it has and I honestly, truly enjoyed myself. I don’t have ONE negative or bad thing to say about it and that’s a GREAT feeling!!!

Casey is moving back to Valdosta in December to finish up her student teaching here (isn’t it cool that they’ll let her do that?) so I think our timing is PERFECT on our friendship! Once she gets here that’s one more friend for me and once Jordan does (which will hopefully be SOON) that’s another couple for Zach and I to hang with! Yay!

Sorry for the lack of pictures…next time there will be some, I promise 🙂

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