Justin Timberlake Concert (Finally!)

Early in 2013 Justin Timberlake announced he was going on tour. I new I HAD to go see him. I used to be quite the concert junkie. My first concert was Brooks and Dunn when I was like 10 years old and I just loved live music and loved the feeling you get at a concert. I love the crowd and the energy. It’s just so fun! I went to see Alanis Morissette many times with my dad and then saw a bazillion people in concert throughout high school. Once I went to college and lived in Tallahassee (and then in Valdosta) it got harder to see people because there just wasn’t the venues that Atlanta had. Zach does not like live music at all so my concert days have basically been done for awhile now. 

I saw Justin when he toured with Christina Aguilera in 2003 (Black Eyed Peas opened). It was AMAZING. He was (is!) THE best performer I’d ever seen. I truly believe he’s the Elvis of our generation! When I heard he was going on tour again I knew I had to be there! Jordan and Casey got tickets and Robyn and her sister, Laura, got tickets as well. The concert was in Dec of 2013. And Kye got the flu the day before the show. I was able to sell my ticket at full price but I wasn’t able to go ๐Ÿ™ I was BUMMED. But I was also newly pregnant and came down with the flu myself soooo it probably worked out for the best. 

Michelle and I heading to our first JT concert

(don’t lie…we look awesome)

I couldn’t believe my luck (or was it fate?) when Justin announced he was coming back to Atlanta in Dec of 2014. Robyn is a mega JT fan. Like I love him but she’s in love with him. He’s totally her “free pass” celebrity haha! (Side note: He just doesn’t do it for me? I think he’s adorable but more in that little brother type way? Not sexy!) When I found out he was coming through again she was down to go with me! How sweet of a friend is that?!?! 

This time NO kids were sick ๐Ÿ™‚ And it actually worked out better than the previous show. It was on a Saturday and it was at Gwinnett Arena. No downtown Atlanta traffic and Robyn’s sister lives just minutes from the Arena. We drove up and stayed with her and had a GREAT time. 

It was my first time leaving Zach with all 3 kids. I was for less than 24 hours but at least he got a little taste of it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Still though I don’t think it’s possible for dads to really understand what we do all day. Even when he keeps the kids (which don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and it’s great that he’s the kind of dad who doesn’t even hesitate about it) he’s not doing nearly as much as I’m doing on a daily basis! It’s more “fun time” b/c it’s “Daddy time” ya know? 

SO excited!

We Robyn was nervous about potential traffic issues so we left mega early and ended up getting there in like 15 min ๐Ÿ˜‰ But it worked out because we just hung out in the car and I pumped before we went in (and I heard some new-to-me music…Disney is all I hear now-a-days!). Even though the concert “started” at 8, he didn’t actually come on until almost 9. So we had time to kill and we were both feeling sluggish. I regretted not sparking it up later in the day!

Robyn decided to get a Mountain Dew and I, of course, resisted b/c they were $4.50! It was super funny b/c the guy gave Robyn the “hook up” by letting her keep her top to her bottle (some rule now where they don’t let you have the top…I guess people throw them? People are DUMB) so I decided to buy one and asked for the hook up too, meaning a top. The guy thought I meant a legit hook up I guess b/c he not only gave me the top but also handed me $1? So random but you know I took that junk!

Ready and waiting!

I took several pictures as well as several videos of the show! Here’s the videos: 

Rock Your Body, JT hitting some high notes,

TKO, Talking to the crowd and playing pain,

Cry Me a River, Dancing with the Stage Moving,

More of the stage moving, What Goes Around,

What Goes Around More, Super Close to Us!

Sexy Back and lastly Mirrors

We got upgraded seats and they were fabulous. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been to many concerts…but I’ve actually never desired floor seats. I don’t get why you’d want to pay so much to not be able to see anything?!?! I’m so short that I need the incline of the stadium seats to see! They also had a VIP section and I didn’t get why people wanted to be down there either? The only time they had a good view was when he moved to that area which was only for a little bit of time during the show. I thought our seats were great! We had good views of both stages and he came SO close to us when the stage moved! Like, legit, looked us in the eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stole this from a friend’s instagram! (Thanks Sarah!) But it was AWESOME when he had everyone hold up their phones. 

Stage Moving

When I couldn’t go see him last year I was disappointed but I knew I made the right decision. Then Robyn blogged about the concert and talked about how he sang Elvis. And then I was SUPER down about not being there! I grew up listening to Elvis and getting to hear “the king” of our generation singing a song done by the legit King would just be awesome! It was my favorite part of the show for sure! Here’s a video of Justin singing Heartbreak Hotel!

Selfie with JT ๐Ÿ˜‰

The back up dancers were cracking me up. This guy was so into it and was like grinding on the poles while we passed by us haha. 

It was WELL worth the LONG wait to finally get to go to the concert! He was, as expected, amazing. I liked his new stuff ok prior to the show but now I like love every song after seeing him perform them live! I will say though that out of the two times I’ve seen him, I think the 2003 experience was a better show overall. He’s SO big now and has SO many songs and SUCH a big budget that it’s just a huge production now! Back then he only had one solo album so it was neat hearing him talk a lot more and spend more time interacting with the audience and it gave him more freedom to showcase more of his raw talent. I loved seeing him play piano this time and it just always amazes me how talented he is! 

We both had a great time and I’m so glad I got to experience it with Robyn. I wish I could have gone last year with them all but it worked out great this year to get to go and I really needed some quality girl time and we had a BLAST. Just there drive there and back and spending the night together was so fun! Little get-aways with friends like that are important and I’m thankful it all worked out. And we will for sure be seeing him again next time he’s on tour! 

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