Introducing…A Guy Named Kye

I adore my children and love that they are each so unique and have their own interests and talents. Kye came to me over a year ago and told me he wanted to develop his own app. Obviously this is something I’m completely clueless about (although I have heard there is actually an app development camp over the summer we will be looking into for him!)…but I do know a good bit about blogging. I told him he could do a blog if he wanted but we set up some guidelines and restrictions: comments are turned off and he cannot talk about personal things. This has been a fun hobby for him and something he’s enjoyed doing and has helped him with his writing and typing skills too! 

He has had a private, personal, blog for over a year now but has also started up his public blog with posts that he’s written about God, tips for other kids around his age, and things he’s found interesting. He’s also making his own images for his posts too! I’m truly hands-off and this is totally and completely his work! Today I’m sharing that blog with all of you and encourage you to check it out: His blog is A Guy Named Kye. Here’s a bit about it from Kye himself:

My name is Kye. I am Emily Parker’s son. I am 8 years old. I was born on March 4th. I have a blog that is called A Guy Named Kye. I have some posts that will give you some tips and other things. My blog also has kid friendly posts, so tell your kids! I am very excited about blogging and hope to help other people. Someday I even want to be President, so vote for Kye!

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