I Love This Age!

A lot of people love babies. The ohh and aww whenever they see one…and always want to hold it! My mom is this way. When she sees a baby she just lights up! I, however, did not inherit that trait! I never asked to hold babies and actually kinda dreaded it when people would ask me to hold them. I think I held Colt twice before Kye was born, that’s it. I just wasn’t that into them. People would laugh and say that they couldn’t imagine me having a baby if I didn’t like them…but I knew I’d like my own! Just not other people’s 🙂 I think this trait has made me easier on strangers or even people we know when it comes to Kye. I NEVER expect people to want to hold him or play with him. I know that people don’t really care what new milestone he’s hit so I don’t brag at all about him unless asked (I know you’d think I did from reading this blog…but this is for ME and people who read it obviously must find this junk interesting on some level…I guess…).

(waving hi in the mirror)

(contemplating something?)

I used to always say that I wish I could give birth to a toddler and skip the baby phase. I wanted a HUMAN not a little baby that couldn’t do anything haha! Well now that I’m a mother I do, obviously, love having a baby. I even somewhat enjoy other people’s babies more too (only a select few, but at least now I don’t fear holding people’s babies!). I was pumped when Kye was a little baby. I truly enjoyed that stage and thought he was adorable, took pictures of every move he made, and smiled at my precious baby constantly. I remember Seth and Crissy talking about how boring the “baby” stage is and how much more fun they are once they are mobile. I couldn’t WAIT to get to experience Kye at that stage! Now it’s here!

(looking a little afraid after he woke up from a nap haha)

A lot of people dread when their babies become mobile. They like how sweet and innocent a little baby is and how easy it is to parent them (you set them down and they can’t go anywhere and you don’t even have to think about discipline or feeding them real food etc). I, however, LOVE this age!!! It’s sooo much more fun!!! Sure I look forward to having babies 2, 3, and 4 someday and will enjoy the sweet baby stage, but this one is way better!!! Kye is SO fun!

(“I’m going to get you Mommy!”)

Yes, it’s waaaaay more work…I am chasing him around constantly and having to say “no sir” almost as often as I breathe but it feels like it pays off more. I know that all the reading and talking I did when he was a little baby DID do stuff but it didn’t seem like he was learning anything. Now I can show him how to use his pointer finger to push a button on a toy and he understands and learns and then does it on his own. I can tell him “no sir” and he stops whatever he’s doing. I guess it’s selfish but I enjoy this stage in his life because I can finally tell that I make a difference 🙂

(Crazy boy Kye…)

(rockin’ his hood like Daddy)

Even though the past month was tough with Zach gone, I have to say that these past two months have been the BEST EVER of Kye’s life so far! I truly believe that it’ll only get better and better and more and more fun from here on out (well…at least until he hits high school…then it’ll probably start getting less and less fun haha). I took a lot of pictures during this time that just make me smile when I see them so I had to share them here! I also have two videos. The first video is my precious boy laughing and laughing. And the second video is a couple minutes of how CRAZY life is with a mobile baby. He’s always going from one thing to the next but I love every second of it!!!

(sweet baby, made happier by seeing Mommy)

(cheesin’ it up)

I don’t really look back at the pictures of Kye when he was newborn and think “I miss that age.” But I DO think I’ll look back at the pictures I take now and I will think about how much I miss this age! I’m doing my best to enjoy it to the fullest 🙂

(my favorite picture EVER…makes me just wanna kiss him!)


  1. Elizabeth
    December 18, 2009 / 9:10 pm

    I completely agree with you! I was never interested in babies until my nephew Jake was born. I don't want to hold other people's babies, but I can hold mine and my nieces and nephew all day long (I think it is different with them because they are my sisters kids and not my sister in laws). Kye is just going to get more and more fun. You are going to think that every age from now on is the best. It is so fun to be able to talk with Damian and hear the hilarious things that come out of his mouth. You have a TON of fun things to look forward to.

  2. Crissy Megow
    December 20, 2009 / 3:31 am

    Having 2, one at the walking/talking/funny age and one who is at the sweet, just lay there and look at you age, I can see first hand the perks to both. Neela never does anything to make me mad or test the boundaries, she loves to snuggle and never gets bored at just looking at my face, Stevie on the other hand is way fun and silly. She is honestly sooo entertaining that I really do miss her when she is asleep sometimes 🙂 by the way, not sure if you have seen yet or not, but we are having another one in (due in August). So looking forward to the baby, toddler, and bigger toddler all-in-one days coming soon 🙂

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